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The Scent of RosesSent her to his old manor house to await trialH found out that mistress was really dying and H was informed by mistress s sister that she died of illness similar to their mother a lump in the breast H comes to his senses and want h backBy that time the plague was killing a lot of people houses were burned villages were abandonedThe H went to get the h back and ask for forgiveness because you know some BS The manor was abandoned and He thought that h died because of black death too just like all the villagersH grieves so hard for the h "HE WENT TO AN ALE HOUSE "went to an ale house after returning from the manor house and proceed to almost rape a whore H already had the whore naked and is choking because he wants to hurt someone like he is Utation is well earned and she finds being a good wife to him to be far difficult than she ever suspected She wants to love him wants to have a future with him but she is afraid to ask him why his first wife lies buried in to ask him why his first wife lies buried in pauper's grave or why he still visit.

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I liked this read Warning The h does stupidly cheat on his wife for awhile He is as also an alpha man Some want for awhile He is as also an alpha man Some want this read but I did Set during Great Bubonic plague of 14th centWhat the blurb didn t mention is that the h is sharing her husband H to his OW peasant mistressA mistress whom he had two kids a boy and a girl he didn t publicly acknowledge the kids but the village knew Immeth s kids are of H sH fucks heroine and he also fucks his mistress When h informed H that she is pregnant he stopped shagging his mistress but still visited her 3 times a week ntil the peasant mistress diedH and h had a sonH was so mad the when mistress died he accuse the h of poisoning her because of jealousy He told the h she will be HANGED and. To save her father from debtor's prison and the noble name of her family from disgrace Lady Felice Sutton agrees to marry Lord Christopher despite his reputation for violence and ruthlessness She is grateful and is determined to make him a good wife
But His Rep. 
his rep.
Rumors at the Rink
Urting but he hears h pleas when he accused her of murdering his mistress Went home again and made a garden memorial of roses for his wife Heroine all those time hide from the H because she doesn t want to be hanged with murder she did not do and gave birth to their second daughterAlmost two years has passed since she was banished to manor house H discovered h alive and well when he visits the manor house again h lie to H about the baby girl she s holding said she was form peasant family and had no one Afraid he will take her away and proceeds to hang her her away and proceeds to hang her find a peasant family for the baby girl Her son doesnt know herH grovels Blah blah blahgot tired told h she may go back to her father because this is hard for him h staysthe en. S the peasant woman who has his children Set in England amid the black death of 1348 a pestilence which Wiped Out Millions This Is A Story Of Love And out millions this is a story of love and jealousy and sacrifice and one woman's Baby / Journey uest to find goodness in a man who appears to have none to find.

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