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It was almost a nostalgic experience to read Mr Hilliard s book of short stories I say that not to uestion his originality but to sanction His Writing Style In Several writing style in several It was refreshing to "read a book of horror stories that in my mind was not suffused with graphic violence sex "a book of horror stories that in my mind was not suffused with graphic violence sex inappropriate language Instead of providing the horror through those crude methods he accomplished it with a twist of the tale a sudden surprise a psychological aura or a readed moment Many of the tales left the reader horrified in thinking what would happen Rather Than Dumbing Down The than Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm dumbingown the by spelling it out in explicit Whispers Of The Heart detailIn addition the stories were such that I couldn t put themown If I started one I had to see what would happen The author accomplished this by in most cases grabbing the readers attention immediately. Rst appear in this well turned collection of shadows but each story elivers with grim satisfaction So get comfortable and prepare to enjoy a fearful buffet served by a natural storyteller Just be sure and leave the lights on.

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Ghosts Monsters and MadmenThe best anthology I ve read in a very long "Time A Great Collection Of Short Stories If You Re "A great collection of short stories if you re tales that give you a case of the willies Very good short stories fill this collection The stories are interesting entertaining and they have bite to them Thus far having read Spiderstalk and this collection by D Nathan Hilliard I must say that I will willingly grab anything that he writes as soon as it hits the shelves Each story compels me to read anotherThe intensity of this book is at some points overpowering and just plain terrifying This now happens to be one of my new favorite horror books and I look forward to work by this author 5 stars just isn t enough I really liked this book I love a good horror story and this was several I loved everyone Wow this one blew me away Usually these collections are D Nathan Hilliard returns with thirteen journeys into arkness Within this book you will meet the malevolent Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, dead creatures with a hunger for human flesh and men with hearts hardened by guilt vengeance and betrayal Spirits ra. Mixed bag with some good stories and some so good but this collectionidn t have a Let Go dud in the bunch While Iid have good but this collection Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition didn t have aud in the bunch While I id have favorites every story was pretty greatHonestly this is the collection I wish I had written BECAUSE HE HITS ON ALL OF MY FAVORITE THEMES he hits on all of my favorite themes ghosts and monsters I love how his monster stories leave you wondering in that we see people ealing with monsters but have no idea of the origin of the monsters Sometimes things like that are just annoying but in these stories it works and just makes the stories that much creepier There s some twists on the old ghost story urban legends and plenty of totally original ideas as wellThis was a great Halloween read and I am now a D Nathan Hilliard fan and will be checking out some of his other work This one gets my highest possible recommendation. Ce on moonlit highways judges find themselves on the other end of justice ay trippers end up on the wrong end of the food chain and a cat stands between his family and a primeval fiendand much Things are often not as they fi. ,

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