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Well hello there And welcome to today s episode of I really need to be Picky About My Netgalley Reuests No But Seriously I Really about my Netgalley reuests No but seriously I really need to be picky because the ones that only sound mildly *intere I iked part of the approach of Peters book which was provided in an e galley from NetGalleycom in * I iked part of the approach of Peters book which was provided in an e galley from NetGalleycom in for an honest reviewLiked The narrative approach Peters used which Animal Babies let the reader get to know some of the key players personally definitely made the history real and accessibleess dry and pedantic I applaud this part of her writing style for younger readers Disliked For all of the valid interesting accurate information in the text I was put off as a reader by the choice of illustrations for the text These illustrations were in my opinion too cutesy The book s content was serious and scientific but I felt the clip art y cartoony illustrations of cells kids and flasks undermined the content This book would have been accessible to younger readers with serious illustrations And UnfortunatelyThe timing of this book s publication couldn t be helped But its section on Ebola was promptly rendered out of date by the developments of Offenders and Detainees late 2014 and 2015 While not a fault it is worth noting and should be taken into account by readers I m really into books about diseases and this one is perfect for middle school kids It focuses on the branch of disease research called epidemiology the science of understanding how diseases spread One of the pieces of the puzzle is figuring out the first person to get sick otherwise known as Patient Zero The diseases discussed are Bubonic Plague Cholera Typhoid Fever Yellow Fever Spanish Flu Ebola and AIDS All of these diseases caused major epidemics Patient Zero is an interesting and fun read suitable not only for children but all ages Ioved the simple but fact filled way that each story was written and think that many kids would be fascinated by this book The illustrations were cute and at times humorousThe only thing I had a problem with was the format of the arc which was atrocious and made it very hard to read however. Engrossing true stories of the pioneers of epidemiology who risked their qasas-ul-quran lives to find the source of deadly diseases Throughout history people have died in disease epidemics than in wars or other disasters The courageous trail blazing defenders against these diseases faced a terrifying personal gamble Often they were ignoredau. Patient Zero

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Dible and useful in a classroomOverallDespite its flaws I found this book fascinating I felt it engaged the reader and gave them a ot of good information about the field of epidemiology I highly recommend this book to students who Dead-End Road Mysteries like science and are interested in medicine or who justike history The book had plenty of facts and they are presented in a way that isn t dry or boring Cautions for Sensitive ReadersViolence NoneSex None Drugs NoneLanguage None 1 Very interesting read2 I Hear the Wolves liked theittle tidbits of information throughout3 There is s good bibliography in the back for further reading4 I Valors Measure learned aot about history as well as epidemics I kept making my husband BFI Film Classics listen to what I wasearning5 I found one typo Just sayin 6 This book definitely makes me want to Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan learn It is written for adolescents I would recommend this book to any science teacher especially a middle school teacher Engaging and very interesting The pages are beautiful and colorful it certainly isn t your typical book I don t usually enjoy non fiction but this is a page turner Iiked the ayout and stories that added to the factual information I only read the chapters that most interested me but that s allowed when reading non fiction right You know I could ve sworn I d read this book before but apparently I
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t It s short history of epidemiology told through the stories of seven diseases that have plagued humanity and aimed at Patient Zero is an excellent introduction for middle grade kids all ages really to epidemics in general the seven specific illnesses covered historically here and the field of epidemiology As an adult I found there was a ot to earn in most areas While I did know a fair bit about some of the areas covered I did still Find Myself Learning Little Bits Of Info myself earning Voice of Conscience little bits of info The writing is fun and engaging The book is well put togetherAfter this I would happily read from Marilee Peters and I definitely want toearn about some of the epidemics I didn t know much about I would definitely recommend this book for basically anyone over the age of ten. Nd events to tell the gripping tale of how each of seven diseases spread The result is spine chilling as Peters follows the scientists who solved the intricate mystery of the killer epidemics Patient Zero reminds us that millions of people owe their ives to the work of these pioneer epidemiologists work that continues to this That has no bearing in my ratingOverall I think this children book definitely has the cool factor and would make a great addition to any ibraryBuy Borrow or Bin factor and would make a great addition to any school ibraryBuy Borrow or Buy Borrow for anyone over the age of 14 but for the intended audience still a BuyNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review Summary Patient Zero is a history of the field of epidemiology or the study of diseases in a population It takes the reader through seven different epidemics in history and details the disease the scientists tracking and attempting to cure the disease and gives the reader an introduction to a possible patient zero the first person to get the disease The seven epidemics include the plague cholera yellow fever typhoid Spanish influenza ebola and AIDSReviewFirst Marvins Room let me start off by saying that the information in this book is very interesting Peters does an impressive job introducing us to each of these epidemics and giving the reader facts about causes and potential causes for the epidemics She highlights the scientist who begin tracking diseases in new ways and how their contributions helped expand the field of epidemiology I found each of the histories interesting and she humanizes the book by giving the reader examples of who patient zero might have been While the topic and the information was very interesting I found the format of the book terribly distracting You would be reading about the disease and then in the middle of a sentence when you turn the page you find yourself at an information side bar The side bar is related and yes interesting but when you finish reading it you have to go back and re read what you had been reading so you can continue when youeft off I found the placements of these to be poorly designedMy other criticism of the book is that all of the illustrations are very cartoony Since this is a book about science it would have been nice if they had included actual pictures For example pictures of the scientists if available pictures of the viruses under a microscope etc It would have made the book cre. Ghed at or even fired from their jobs But they kept hunting for answers putting the pieces of the epidemic puzzle together As they Roberto to the Dark Tower Came looked for clues to the origin of a disease scientists searched for the unknown “patient zero” the first person to have contracted it Patient Zero brilliantly brings toife the main characters

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