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What can I say Tomb raider 21 Yeah that s pretty close Good people tombs full of secrets treasure unters faithful friends and a traitor Just replace Lara with Sam and Remi change the continent and you got The Eye of Heaven Started this book after carefully calculating time constraints oping to finish by 31 DECEMBER WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW 3 DAYS WAS Well what do you know 3 days was to finish 389 pages I almost got fooled with the Vikings and the long ship at the beginning But alas no such luck to roam the seas with red beards and skull splitting axes Instead I got this overly loving couple and a edonist treasure smuggler playing Tom and Jerry around the world There s lot of bollocks and lot of conversation that wasn t necessary But it s so fast phased and uite enjoyable if u know ow to omit chunks of it from your mind There s very few to be remembered It s one of those books one can live without I m just glad I m done with it after looking at it sitting on the shelves for two years I really enjoyed reading this book I loved the archaeological aspect Vikings in Mexico a viking was actually uenzalcoatl the Fargo characters which of course mean adventure treasure in Mexico a viking was actually uenzalcoatl the Fargo characters which of course mean adventure treasure people pursuing them and life and death moments Unputdownable Worst Fargo adventure yet The dialogue was orribly cheesy and the authors spent a weird amount of time describing what the fargos ateI normally like this series but this book was pretty bad I ve been reading Cussler books for years and never The Thing About December had one that I really disliked Thereave been a few in which is co writer got too bogged down in the details bu. Baffin Island Husband and wife team Sami and Remi Fargo are on a climate control expedition in the Arctic when to their astonishment they discover a Viking ship in the ice perfectly preserved and filled with pre–Columbian artifacts from MexicoHow can that.

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The Eye of HeavenToo much for what little it really added to the story Not the best of the Fargo books Seems like several of their actions were un Fargo like view spoilerStarting with going to Cuba noticing a tail and thinking we must ave been sold out by a one of our staff utterly discounting the bureaucratic t trite staff utterly discounting the bureaucratic t Trite written too stodgy for an adventure novel This book though an improvement on Cussler s earlier Fargo adventure still isn t up to the mark we readers ave come to expect of Now Is the Hour him When compared to the past and present offerings related to NUMA both Pitt and Austin Oregon Files serie OK this is absolutely my last Clive Cussler book He s going in the pile with Patricia Cornwell Jeffrey Archer James Patterson et al whoave become so formulaic and obviously for commercial consumption Sixth in the Fargo Adventure archeology suspense series and revolving around Sam and Remi Fargo The focus is on a Mexican treasureMy TakeI ve bee I ve read all the previous Fargo adventures and this is so unlike any of the previous novels I was disappointed to say the least It was trite disjointed the Fargo characters were so annoying arrogant Too much detail in what they ate the fashion This was the worst Fargo so called adventure by far I was shocked there was very little adventure I doubt Cussler Londons Glory (Bryant May, had very little input into this novel leaving the writing tois co author I will not be reading another novel with this partnership again Maybe Cussler should stop churning the books out in such Jingle Bells high volume go back to the uality integrity that made us all readim in the first plac. Os find themselves on the run through jungles temples and secret tombs caught between treasure unters crime cartels and those with a far personal motivation for stopping them At the end of the road will be the solution to a thousand year old mystery or dea.

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T usually the story won out in the endThis book owever I considered rating it a one star for Dislike owever I do like endThis book owever I considered rating it a one star for Dislike owever I do like Fargo Characters so I gave it a 2 star out of fan loyaltyI was very disappointed in this book It took me longer to finish than usual and at times reading it felt like a choreBelow are spoilersThe plot seemed very weak at *bestThe Cuba story line felt like filler material and the trip *Cuba story line felt like filler material and the trip Laos was simply a waste of reading time The Kendra red erring felt contrived from the get go and about Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, half way the co writer seemed to be bored withimselfIf this was a person s first Fargo book they d be very confused about Janus and Nature Cure his motivation for everything There was no explanation forow The Bookshop on the Corner he came to meet up with them in the early part of the storyAt the end of the story 2 years into the Future that whole Ark of the Covenant prank that Sam planned to play on Janus yawnThe female who betrayed them in the final chapters afterelping them all along That was too obvious and I was not shocked at all It felt like the typical betrayal from the old Doc Savage Pulps Zolton is a felt like the typical betrayal from the old Doc Savage Pulps Zolton is a addition to the series yet The Fixer (The Fixer, he just seems to be filler material I do wishe d become integral to the story His scenes were boring and felt unnecessary Yeah we get it they One of Your Own have a dog patim on the Nina head next scene This is an animal with smarts and skills How ise not traveling with them To digress to the Cuba scenes I remember thinking to myself that it just felt like an odd story line and the whole we need to break into a Cuban Fort and take pictures then escape was too weird. Be As they plunge into their research tantalizing clues about a link between the Vikings and the legendary Toltec feathered serpent god uetzalcoatl and a fabled object known as the Eye of Heaven begin to emerge But so do many dangerous people Soon the Farg.

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