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T was Colton s story For The Most Part Since the most part since was so much he still had to let go of although it blended perfectly into their story in the ndThere are so many moments in this book that Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas ensured that I was anmotional disaster for The Magic Rolling Pin every fractured part of my heart that was healed there was a new crack forming It was two steps forward and one step back for about 60% of this book An utterly fantastic symphony of highs and lows thatnsured that very moment was felt deep into your bones I can t say much about this journey without spoiling the really fantastic moments or the really crappy ones let s just say Tawny stars in most of those moments so I will let you discover these on your own What I will say is that my hat is off to Kristy Bromberg With the first two books being so successful Crashed had a lot to live up to and she pulled it off By far this was my favorite of the seriesColton was the perfect broken bad boy that you can t help but love But he wasn t just a little broken he was shattered completely There was barely dust when he completely broke it was beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time I love the fact that although

When I First Read Driven 
I first read Driven few of the corny racing one liners that they shared made me roll my yes now after finishing Crashed those same lines had me smiling like a loon That is something that you can only accomplish when you can get your readers to connect to the characters and there is not one piece of this Not Without a Fight entire cast with thexception of Tawny that I did not loveBecks was always there to push Colton when he needed it and was so supportive of Rylee Haddie kept you Garden Bouquets and Beyond entertained with her off the wall comments Shit the only reason to kick a man like him out of bed would be to fuck him on the floor I had a smile on my face for the last 30% of this story that was so big that my face hurt And not only do we get a fantasticpilogue we get a bonus one that was just icing on the cake and brought us back to the very start of this story in so many ways This series started off with such a bang and had the great bad boy good girl romance but where K took us in this veered completely off the path and gave us so much in the nd I cannot wait for Beck Had s story but I am nowhere near ready to let these two go Kristy Bromberg has wowed me as a reader with her talent through her words and has impressed me as person by her grace I implore you to read this series if you have not yet it is 100% worth it image rror this reminds me of Colton Rylee FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED A perfect The Management Bible ending to a fantastic series Crashed was an intensemotional riveting ri. To hold on to Colton has healed and completed me stolen my heart and made me realize our love's not predictable nor perfect it's bent And bent's okay But when outside factors put our relationship to the test what lengths will I have to go to prove to him that he's worth the fight Whoever said love is patient and love is kind never met the two of us We know our love is worth it have acknowledged that we were meant to be but when our pasts crash into our future will the repercussions make us stronger or break us apar. 5 NEVER inconseuential stars Remember life isn t about how you survive the storm but rather how you dance in the rain For Colton Donavan and Rylee Thomasthe journey through the storm of their lives was brutal it was sexy and most of all it was beautiful when that checkered flag was finally taken foreverAfter the Crashlife stoppedthen it began slowly cautiously and with pit stops all around Never have two characters fought themselves or the lements to make it K Bromberg has catapulted this series to the top of my listfrom broken bones to a soul my listFrom broken bones to a soul was shattered Colton s character was xisting in his world of arrangements but just one crashing momentRylee Thomas got to Colton like no other I love who you are and what you make me I love that your spark has stopped the blur That you wanted to race with me That I don t need the superheroes any because I need you insteadFinally Colton understands the chaos inside his heart He faces his past and he finds verything he never knew he wanted or needed Yes He RACES Ryleeas never knew he wanted or needed Yes He RACES Ryleeas truly LOVES her he finally understands itwhich is truly a great thing since now it is time for Rylee to need him like never before Are they worth it is what they have real or is it just between the sheetsRelationships aren t asy They re hard and can be brutal at times but those are the times you learn the most about yourselfColton Donavan has captivated me and he now owns me completely This read was full of uotable sections that I want to re read forever I loved the passionate intimacy and the raw lust that Colton and Rylee had for one another Not only were they intense but reading their scenes felt like breathing them in I am a believer in Happy ver after but never when it occurs without struggle Thank you to this author for this conclusion and the caution laps that kept the race off pacefor meCRASHED was verthingA to F ng Z 6 A to MotherFucking Z FEELING Stars I ve been away this past week and only just getting to my laptop so slightly late on the review front Anyway here are my thoughts and feelings LOVE Some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring relationships have shit to deal with the hardest of hardships are the most beautiful meaningful reads Here we have a gifted beautiful man that is soooo swoon worthy that he needs compassion and unconditional love He gets it in all directions ven at points he doesn t see it for himself His DadA true hero gosh the love and devotion he has for his boy will pull your heart and is bittersweet in that you will cry and smile at the same time I ll be frank when I first met Andy in driven I didn t understand the kind. When life crashes down around us how hard are we willing to fight for the one thing we can't live without ach other Life is full of moments Big moments Little moments And none of them are inconseuential Every single moment prepares you for that one instance that defines your life You must overcome all your fears confront the demons that chase you and cleanse the poison that clings to your soul or you risk the chance of losing verything Mine started the minute Rylee fell out of that damn storage closet She made me. ,
Crashed AUTHOR K. BrombergOf man he was here here we have a beautiful father that loves his boy unconditionally blood is NOT thicker than water here He knows what buttons to press and he will deliver he will protect he will strive to heal him and put Colton above ALL lse when his happiness means to him than breathing I say again SUPERHERO The small gestures the unconditional love There should be a novella on him ALONE sigh he s as swoon worthy as Colton is JustSaying This book to me was an Yummy Supper epilogue of sorts because of the raw yet healingmotions THEY BOTH went through I d say it s a rollercoaster and will hit you for 6 at times but oh my the beauty of the how they lean on ach other was just so ffortless I d though say this story was a book about possibilities and about gaining a future TOGETHER This was a book about two people who let go of the grief the hurt the pain of their pasts and moving forward with FEELING their futures Above all I have LOVED ADORED EVERY DAMN Tear laugh Deep Listening emotion friendship raw intense Colton to devoted lover To feisty Rylee who fought to the bitternd to a selfless soul who put all in front of herself For those who haven t read this pic beautiful series you really need to try it Enjoy the RideFor reviews and blog posts update 21032014Review to come OH MY FUCKING GODWHYWHY DO YOU DO THIS TO MEWHAT THE FUCKWoman you really are trying to kill me I love it and hate it at the same time what is wrong with meGOD DAMMIT Hurry the fuck up I NEED this book This is pure tortureupdate 21122013HELL YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS OMG OMG OMG WE HAVE A RELEASE HAVE A RELEASE SWEET BABY JESUS IM SO EXCITED It will be my birthday giftON 03032014 WE LL G 5 is simply not nough starsNote minor spoilers for those who have not read the first two booksWe begin Crashed right were Fueled left off A fireball of destruction that left our mouths gaping open our pulse racing and tears in our yes Hearts around the world faltered in that moment As the smoke clears and the medical staff rushes in Colton has a moment A pure and beautiful
Moment That Holds Such A 
that holds such a meaning than I ver imagined it would But that is not the Lara and the Gray Mare (Hoofbeats: Lara and the Gray Mare, end of the pain we must suffer through He has to recover he has to survive Rylee is facing her worst fear reliving a nightmare she barelyscaped from the first time As she waits for Colton to return to her to remember the words that he spoke to her moments before the crash her world stopsWe ve had two books to get to know these two and to fall utterly in love with them Where Driven gave us such a perfect glimpse into who Rylee was Fueled gave us Colton and all his broken glory Crashed felt like Feel Made me whole when all I thought I could Trajan ever be was incomplete Became the lifeline I never knew I needed Hell yes she's worth the fightbut how do you fight for someone you know you don't deserve Love is full of ups and downs Heart stopping highs Soul shattering lows And none of them are insignificant Love is a racecourse of unexpected twists and turns that must be negotiated You have to break down walls learn to trust and heal from your past in order to win But sometimes it's thexpected that's the hardest.