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Facts Well organized and easy to research a topic of interes. ve of the of Ve overview of the family in Africa from the famous and popular African parks with their celebrated safari friendly felids to the few remaining places on the continent uninhabited by people where a wild cat may spend its entire life without feeling the effects of the human presence Unfortunately such untrammelled freedom is rare The challenges facing cats in Africa are profound Only one the ubiuitous domestic cat does not reuire dedicated conservation Activity To Ensure Its to ensure its for the next century More than at any time in history the fate of Africa's wild cats is in our hand. If you are going to Africa wildlife viewing this is a fascin. There is nowhere on Earth like Africa For Observing Wild Cats A Week Spent In The Superb observing wild cats A week spent in the superb parks and game reserves produces almost guaranteed sightings of the three most spectacular and sought after species lions cheetahs and leopards Yet alongside the big three Africa is home to a further seven species of cat far less conspicuous than their larger cousins Of these the caracal serval and African wildcat are marginally better nown while few people have seen the remaining four the black footed cat African golden cat jungle cat And Sand Cat Rarely Observed And Little sand cat Rarely observed and little

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Ating and informative book FULL OF INTERESTING AND SURPRISING. OST HAVE NEVER OF INTERESTING AND SURPRISING. OST HAVE NEVER interesting and surprising. Ost have never been focus of dedicated scientific research This book covers all 10 species Inevitably the bias is towards the large well studied cats but it includes all that is nown about the smaller species including observations and data from their Asian range or from captivity to fill in some gaps Chapters deal with evolution and anatomy predation social systems reproduction and survival competition and conflict and conservation and include the most current research findings from around the continent Supported by a wealth of dramatic and beautiful images this is a comprehensi. Cats of Africa