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We read this book multiple times a year even when it s not Halloween It wouldn t be Halloween without it either Our copy is a 1972 printing but this year we picked up the 2018 deluxe edition Both editions are wonderful and this is a Charles Schulz childhood favorite It s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is all about Linus and his belief in the Great Pumpkin He ives up trick or treating to wait for the Great Pumpkin on Halloween night and just about the only person who believes he might be on to something is S Even though the book was adapted for the television classic both are classics as far I m concerned Adorable Linus with his faithful blankie ive up trick concerned Adorable Linus with his faithful blankie ive up trick treating to sit in the pumpkin patch waiting for The Great Pumpkin In the meantime Chairlie Brown is having wardrobe malfunctions with his costume Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and I adore all books that bring out the child in us during this time of year I also totally relate to Linus and his desire to see the Great Pumplin There is Santa Claus Leprechauns the Easter Bunnywhy don t we ever see the Great Pumplin Oh well there s always next year I read this book every year for Halloweenalways puts a smile on my face I am still waiting in my pumpkin patchnext year will be the year it all pays off I keep telling myself If I can already review a Christmas mystery I can certainly review a Halloween book The actual title is It s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown The Making of a Television Classic by Lee Mendelson with Reminiscences by Bill Melendez Almost five decades after the television special first aired it s still a family favorite drawing seven million viewers Now executive producer Lee Mendelson joins with the original Peanuts animator BILL MELENDEZ TO TELL STORIES ABOUT Melendez to tell stories about Charles M Schulz and the making of the specialDid you realize these three men created fifty prime time network specials during 38 years And they almost didn t happen Despite the fact that the first two specials A Charlie Brown Christmas and Charlie Brown s All Stars were number one and number two in the ratings the network still wasn t convinced They told Mendelson they wanted a blockbuster third show or they wouldn t pick up the op. Adapted for the first time since the late 1960s this 35th anniversary tie in to the Peanu. ,

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

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For so long I have long adored the TV special this is based on I have to admit I like the TV special better That s why this isn t 5 stars This book follows the show accept it leaves out the dance seuence they always have The characters did seem to be wearing different clothes in this The TV show is fleshed out Still it is a The Billionaires Runaway Bride great storyI do wonder how Linusot the idea of the Great Pumpkin He just made this up and believes it so much he is willing to sit and wait each year in a pumpkin patch which I m surprised there are pumpkins left Now I want to see the TV show Poor Charlie brown and his rocks The kids love the TV special too and so they were Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover glad to be able to have an experience of it since we don t own it We talked about the show while reading the book and it brought backood memories They Caught on Camera with the CEO gave it 5 stars I think it s the nostalgia at play Ah NostalgiaThe book left out a lot of the story from the cartoon like most of the Snoopy stuff It still had enough to be fun and entertaining Anyone and everyone should be familiar with the names Charles M Schulz Lee Mendelson and Bill Melendez Instantly when you hear these names you think of Charlie Brown Yes the loveableuy that everyone can remember and held out hope that one day Charlie would actually kick that football that Lucy was always holding for him I can remember watching the television special of The Great Pumpkin with Charlie Brown and the ang It was entertaining Although I can not blame Linus for being scared I had such an enjoyable time reading this book and etting to learn how whole Halloween special came to be Also Becoming Familiar With The Voices And Having Faces To becoming with the voices and having faces to was cool I savored every moment If anything after reading voices and having faces to was cool I savored every moment If anything after reading book it made me want to re watch this Halloween special There is nothing classic than Charlie Brown and the rest of the Arabian Nights gang This book would make areat Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place gift or table top book In this book Linus persists on his uest to wait for the Great Pumpkin to come on Halloween toive Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss gifts to all of theood irls and boys His sister Lucy carries him home from the pumpkin patch after finding him asleep This is a fun book for Halloween to show how differently people interpret holiday. Await the arrival of the Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch Full color illustrations 500. .
Tion for the fourth one But Schulz Mendelson and Melendez collaborated to bring us the story of Snoopy the Flying Ace and the Red Baron Lucy Melendez collaborated to bring us the story of Snoopy the Flying Ace and the Red Baron Lucy Brown and the football Halloween with Charlie Brown receiving rocks when he oes trick or treating and of course Linus and Sally sitting in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin They are all storylines that we ve rown to know and loveBut the book is so much It s the story of the music for all the specials And it s fascinating to read about the casting of the kids who played the CHARACTERS KNOWING THEY WOULD EVENTUALLY GROW knowing they would eventually row of the roles It s a book that s filled with over 150 Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, gorgeous illustrations and memories for all of us whorew up watching the Charlie Brown specialsIt s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was first shown in 1966 Generations of us have now Lucy Carmichael grown up with this special It s a treat to read the reminiscences by Lee Mendelson and Bill Melendez two of the three men who created an American memory It s a show that has become part of our culture with its message of hope and disappointment Thisorgeous treatment of a beloved television classic would be a treasure for anyone who loves Charlie Brown This book is excellent very beautiful and vibrant pictures This is loves Charlie Brown This book is excellent very beautiful and vibrant pictures This is Schulz art at it s finest if you are a fan of Charles Schulz art and The Peanuts Gang you need to add this series of books to your collection It would also make a treasured book for children as this is what it s meant to be and certainly brings the magic of the season alive A pretty nearly yearly read in this house and a classic of course featuring the somewhat confused Linus who writes a letter to the Great Pumpkin fully expecting him to arrive with presents It won t be me to tell him the truth having kept secrets about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny from my own children for years WBut who could deny the adoring younger sister Sally the opportunity to sit in the most sincere pumpkin patch with her sweet brother Linus Who would dare call them clueless And of course Charlie Brown sorry spoiler ets a rock in his trick or treat bag in spite of that he is still there to comfort Linus in the end I didn t realize the book has been around. Ts' classic television special features Linus iving up trick or treating on Halloween to. .