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I liked ur H and hIt s probably best to read the Highland Dream 1 first I didn t and I think the book might have been enjoyable if I had Okay my bad I should know better than to try to read romance fiction but in the past I ve stumbled bviously by lucky error r happy chance ver novels that were uite readable This isn t ne Death by Inferior Design of them In fact it sne f a very small handful f books I ve abandoned because they are frankly too ridiculous to continue with I ll give this Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 one star because Tess Mallory finished it Right To The End and Dorchester Love Spell the publisher s name should have tipped meff I must be getting slow put a very nice ver n it which caught my eyeWhy would I pick it up Because I m watching Highlander n dvd right now and I ve caught the Duncan MacLeod bug tall dark and handsome swords tartan and heather are about my speed right now and this idiotic novel looked promising It proves ut the A Philosophy of Cinematic Art old adage don t judge a book by its cover In the casef Highland Fling the cover is the The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified only good thing about the novel Rolls eyesOn pagene I knew I wasn t going to get what I wanted we begin with the hero hiding under a bed before he leaps astride his horse and begin with the hero hiding under a bed before he leaps astride his horse and a runner I beg your pardon Persevered while the plot leapfrogs backwards and sideways through time in disjointed loosely connected passages that try White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs one s patience before page 20 Stuck around long enough to choke down a hero named Griffin which is not a Christian name in Scotland and never has been who calls his horse Firestorm and that s wery wery tacky indeed and after all the leapfrogging around we run smack into a present day flashback to yesterday Gory all hiswn First he kissed her senseless then he destroyed the television gallantly vowing to protect her from the miniature barbarians in the boxBreathless with confusion r was it desire Chelsea found herself wrapped not nly in his arms but in the past Transported to a place wher. The second book in Tess Mallory s time travel series Highland Dream This was a cute and entertaining read but didn t uite make it s potential Still it was fun An endearing read A grand adventure and guaranteed to please hopeless romantics who love time travel This was a wonderful time travel Chelsea meets Griffin in the modern worldStarts ut in Scotland 1605 then goes to Scotland present day So I have to say I liked the first book better I am not a huge fan f the ld west have to say I liked the first book better I am not a huge fan f the Indo No Kao old west I mean comen a highlander turned cowboy While west and I mean come n a highlander turned cowboy While book did have its funny moments this ne did just not do it for me I hope that the next book is better Oy At first I couldn t even read past the first chapter I mean what female physicist working Giant Peach Yodel on her PhD is BORING I seriously can t stand it when romance authors put physicists in their books when they have never even met a single physicist in real life Do your fracking research This girl should have been crazy intelligent but instead turnedut to be a ditz Yuck yuck YUCK Probably Sinai and Zion onef the hardest books I ever forced myself to read Almost threw it down several times Don t mind time travel but it left me yearning for The title led me to think at least a part f the book would take place back to the 1600 s Perhaps the fact that it never is what made this ne f my least favorite books But no doubt thers would enjoy it Ok It s been a while since I read Highland Dreams so I had to refresh my memory a bit as to who was who Fortunately I figured it This was an kay read but something was missing I m not sure what I found the hero s issue silly and the time travelling to the West contrived But. LOVE'S COURAGEChelsea Brown had never had much luck with men until she bumped heads with Griffin Campbell a Highlander who set her head spinning and her heart racing Visiting the wilds f Scotland the Texan scientist had expected a different breed f man but Griffin proved to be in a cate. Here Mallory calls the main female character s lunch date Lord Bothingwort Bothingwort isn t even a name If you Google it and I did you will discover that this Bothingwort Bothingwort isn t even a name If you Google it and I did you will discover that this novel is the nly place in the entire WWW where this preposterous name appears Anywhere At any time Mallory made it up It s an American s Texan s attempt to think f a name that sounds toff English and to English r Aussie ears it sounds Blackadder daft except that Blackadder was an utrageous comedy in which all this would have been for laughs In fact Bothingwort is insulting to English readers Mallory isn t trying to be funny if Highland Fling were done as a laugh riot it might have worked but the author is trying to be serious and what angers me is Dorchester actually published this adolescent drivel and in 2003 shipped it to commonwealth countries where gasp readers could be expected to know what they were reading Makes me mad enough to spit Can you tellThe way Mallory writes I seriously doubt she s ever even been to Scotland I doubt she s ever met an actual genuine Scotsman I know for a fact she s never met a physicist f any age genuine Scotsman I know for a fact she s never met a physicist Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of any ager gender no PhD physicist who ever lived is a dizzy feather head The way Mallory writes men I want to say that I doubt she s ever even been Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook out withne much less stayed in with ne if you know what I mean but she s married so go figure WhateverBook Abandoned The euivalent f turning Livin' de Life off a baaaad movieBetter luck next time AG and for gawdsake choose carefully Recommended for anyone who has a budgie cage they need to liner a combustion heater to light though save the cover It s pretty enough that it caught me too Great Boo. E the Scottish warrior's very life depended The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter on her thence shy Chelsea knew she would face any challenge to rescue the powerful clan leader For it was his desire that transformed her timidity to bravery his passion that convinced her their romance was no Highland fling but a timeless lov. Highland Fling

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