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Spots Fun with Friends jJeffe Kennedy has a new e serial romance coming out in January titled Master of the Opera with six acts installments Act I Passionate Overture isust the beginning and seems to set the tone for the rest of the series I have not read Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux nor have I watched the musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber so I won t be able to tell you much about whether Master of the Opera is similar but so far I am intrigued and a little creeped out in a good wayChristine Davis is an apprentice at the Sante Fe Opera House She is stuck doing a lot of inventory work in the lower levels of the Opera house when she meets the Opera Ghost for the first time She is uite freaked out about it as anyone would be since her predecessor went missing However Christine has an intense dream about the Ghost and he has only shown kindness to her She isn t sure what *to think of that After being introduced to Christine the Ghost and Ramon one of the the Opera House owners * think of that After being introduced to Christine the Ghost and Ramon one of the the Opera House owners start "to feel that love triangle that I anticipate will happenJeffe s description of "feel that love triangle that I anticipate will happenJeffe s description of Opera House provides you with the image of beauty and the lovely sound of music Jeffe also describes the lower levels in the Opera House in a way that makes the hair on your neck stand up along with Christine s at times There is especially one part that would cause me to have a panic attack if I were the Christine I love it when books can make me really experience those emotions Passionate Overture sets up the Master of the Opera series nicely and definitely ends in a way that makes you want to pick up the next Act rather uickly to find out what happens next Reviewed originally at Buterrfly o Meter Books on Dec 23rd 2014In a Flutter Effing awesomeFluttering ThoughtsWorldbuilding Santa Fe Opera house meets mystery intrigue and a whole lot of awesome in this first installment of the Master of the Opera serialCharacters Christy the female MC is daddy s girl trying to make something of herself on her own I loved her she s vibrant fun and down to earth with a flavor of incurable romantic one of Jeffe s trademarks if you ask me She comes up with these uber awesome characters that you can t help but loveI m in love with the phantom so far and I can t wait to find out about him and Charlie is also very interestingPlot Since this is a serial I think it s fair to say Act 1 gets you hooked Though we don t get a lot of story of course this bit stops exactly where it gets you screaming MORE Very promising start and I trust Jeffe to make it a fantastic A Kiss To Change Her Life journey she always doesWriting Third person narrative Christy s POV Jeffe Kennedy s writingust keeps getting better and better with gorgeous descriptions and amazing atmosphere buildingCurb Appeal Good cover great blurb irresistible author name for me instant buy materialAll in all though I don t like serials I adore Jeffe Kennedy s writing so I will roll with serial for her In the interest of full disclosure I m NOT into delayed gratification and loving this Act 1 has me itching for the full story right now It Ends In A ends in a so if you find that annoying wait for all the story to be out it s gonna all out by end of March 2014 I think Sucks to wait but Jeffe is so worth it Master of the Opera Act 1 Passionate Overture by Jeffe Kennedy is the first in a set of six serialized fantasy BDSM novels that take a modern and erotic twist to the Phantom of the Opera tale we all know in some way or anotherI m wavering between a 3 star and 4 star rating as there wasn t any erotic scenes contained in this first book and let s be honest that s what i m reading this for However I do declare this a page turner I MUST find out who the heck the Master is and who was responsible for Tara s disappearance I m going to rate 4 stars as I see this being a 4 or 5 star series by the time I m finishedSo I like spoilers I like to know what I m getting into and I m not great with surprises When I don t know what to expect I tend to get edgy and over think things This goes mostly for books and movies Once I realized that this story s world was one where strange things happen and from what I have inferred so far the Phantom of the Opera doesn t exist I was able to better immerse myself in the story If it was me knowing about the Phantom musical and working in an opera house with a supposed phantom you d get massive eye rolls at the ridiculousness But Christy having no idea of Gerard Butler s fabulousness as the Phantom is only aware that all opera houses have their share of ghosts and remains aloof until he leaves her a roseThe tale is set in Santa Fe New Mexico and the author has done a magnificent ob of bringing the beauty of the town and the scenery to life with her words My sister used to live in Santa Fe and I had the pleasure of visiting there a few times when I was younger and. In the first tantalizing installment of Jeffe Kennedy's ravishing serial novel Master of the Opera an innocent young woman is initiated into a sensual world of music mystery passion and one man's private obsessionFresh out of college Christine Davis is thrilled to begin a summer internship at the prestigious Sante Fe Opera House But on her firs. ,



Master of the Opera Act 1The serial I mean she had moments where she was very well dumb Which didn t shock me She was supposed to be innocent yet trying to assert her independence Christy is a bit unflushed out for me I hope this changes I mean one moment she is cowering to Carla and seeming about ready to cry not standing up for herself Then The Master shows up and she s all of a sudden a fighter Against the possibly murderer That might be the only real beef I have with her character Ramon a bit to perfect for me in this installment Although his original version raul was the pretty perfect one version Raul was the pretty perfect one the love "triangle of the original I think this is half a modern retelling of Phantom and "of the original I think this is half a modern retelling of Phantom and of also a murdermystery because I don t think The Master did it to be honest I could be deluding myself because I have always had a soft spot for The Phantom and him being a victim of his circumstances I think this was a great book one a great
introduction to the 
to the and I know it is going to be better from her The tension building was brilliant and I m biting my nails waiting for Christine to get over herself and test the waters with The Master I received a copy of this book from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Master of the Opera Act 1 Passionate Overture by Jeffe Kennedy is a e Kensington publication slated for an early January 2014 release I was provided a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewChristy has excited accepted an apprentice position in an Opera Theatre House owned by her father Her childhood friend Roman also works at the theatre his father being invested in the Opera House as well Christy had had a massive crush on Roman as teenager and her attraction is still very alive The downside is that the previous apprentice disappeared and her family insist she wouldn t ust run off which is what everyone else thinks happened Christy s ob is challenging that she expected as well Her first assignment is to do an inventory and nothing is computerized She must go down in the catacombs of the theatre where there are shadows cobwebs and oddly enough Christy thinks she is hearing music Are the rumors about a ghost ala The Phantom of the Opera ust something she was told to scare her or is there something to the stories Christy is about to find out whether she wants to or notThis first installment or chapter in a new e serial from Kensington is merely a stage setting We are introduced to the main characters and the mystery is set up for us Romantic entanglements and suspects are also hinted at however Neimhaim (Neimhaim, just to be honest with you this first chapter doesn t have any steam at all There are hints of the direction things will go and I think the reader will not be disappointed on that front in future chapters I was really engrossed in the story and I am really looking forward to reading the next books in the series I recommend this one to fans of contemporary paranormal and erotic romance even if the first chapter didn t have any steam I know the future chapters will than make up for it Over all a great start to a series and I give this one an A This review is for the entire Master of the Opera series which includes the following 6 instalmentsAct 1 Passionate OvertureAct 2 Ghost AriaAct 3 Phantom SerenadeAct 4 Dark InterludeAct 5 A Haunting DuetAct 6 CrescendoWhen I started this serialised novel I was expecting a dark and dirty retelling of Phantom of the Opera with added BDSM so I had high hopes and fully expected to love it Unfortunately that isn t what I got and it turned into a weird and confusing mystical realism that included a bizaire orgy with incorporeal beings in the spirit realm In all honesty itust got a little bit too weird for me and I came very close to not reading all 6 instalmentsIt seemed to start out well and Christy seemed to be the right mix of naive and innocent but it didn t take long before she started to get on my nerves There were so many times I ust wanted to shake some sense into her and I ended up not caring about whether she was going to survive or not The Master was deliciously creepy in the beginning but he remained too much of a mystery we never really got to know him well enough for me to connect with his character so I didn t feel invested in what happened to him either It didn t help that I hated the other main character Roman I know we weren t supposed to like him but his character was such a stereotypical controlling bordering on abusive boyfriend and I would have liked a bit depth I think that s my main issue with all of the characters really we never really got to see below the surface and that meant I never fully engaged with themThis isn t a bad story in fact it has a lot of fantastic reviews so I m in the minority for not loving it I guess it ust wasn t for S her there's nothing to fear until she hears the phantom's voice for herself Echoing in the labrynths Singing of a lost love Whispering her name ChristineAt first Christy thinks she's hearing things But when a tall masked man steps out of the shadows and into her arms she knows he's not a phantom of her imagination He is the master of her desi. .
It truly is the Land of Enchantment ARC provided by "Publisher Through NetGalley For An Honest Review I M Sorry "through NetGalley for an honest review I m sorry ust couldn t get through it It wasn t interesting I know nothing about any of these characters I don t even care about any of these characters I hate giving bad reviews but in this case I have to There is no way I can read the rest of the series I fear it would be a waste of my time 35 SLIGHTLY CREEPY STARSI liked it The heroine s slightly naive but that s nothing knew The phantom s mildly creepy Yeah I like himI have to wait until January 16th for episode 2 I read Master of the Opera Act 2 Ghost Aria first so I already knew what was going to happen However there is so much other stuff that will eventually be relevant in the later Acts so it really is important to read them in order Shame that will eventually be relevant in the later Acts so it really is important to read them in order Shame me Christy I like her I think its funny and completely believable that she chastising herself about being a dumb chick in the slasher movies when she went into creepy dark spots We ve all had those thoughts when we re taking out the trash late at night or we re walking home in the dark So I thought it was refreshing to hear her be a normal human being I m also intrigued by something Christy said to herself about her counselors and her mind Hmm whats up there Roman I ve got mixed feelings about him and I don t completely trust him Maybe its because I read the 2nd Act first but even in the 2nd Act he did nothing that would make me suspect him Or maybe because Charlie gave Christy a warning about Roman s man whoring I ust don t know I think everyone is a suspect at this point Whats got me Amish Sweethearts jumping up and down in my chair and trying to read as fast as I can is the emblem with a set of links dangling from it like a collar and chain crossed by a whip that Christy found in the bowels of the opera house Great character development and I suspect everyone I m hooked to this fascinating retelling of Phantom of the Opera One very creeptastic and scary meeting doesn t change anything I amend that This makes two creeptastic and scary meetings Christine Davis is the new apprentice at the Sante Fe Opera House after the last one mysteriously went missing Reunited with childhood friend Roman her father s business partner s son and going out on dates with him it s almost enough for her to forget how creepy the Opera House is Relegated to doing inventory work in the extremely creepy lower levels she finally meets the mysterious Opera ghost Christine has an intense dream about the Ghost and starts to suspect he may not be an actual ghost But he s only ever been kind to her so farso who murdered her predecessor Who is the Opera Ghost So I haven t read the original Phantom of the Opera book but I have seen the movie and the stage show and I have the book in my to read stack and I have the soundtrack AND the cover by Nightwishcos ya knowyeah I m anticipating Roman being Raoul and obviously Christine is Christine A few aspects so far are similar to the stage show her hearing the music and the roses and so on This is the first in a new e serial that s going to be coming out fairy regularly by the looks of it So fat the prose has been very atmospheric you can imagine the Opera House and practically hear the music You can feel the creepiness of the lower levels My only problem with the book is that Christy is really irritating and probably the stupidest protagonist I have ever read She whines plenty About everything Her favourite topic being how inadeuate she feels To be honest if I where her i d be uestioning the fact my predecessor went missing instead of accepting that flimsy excuse given This installment isust setting the scene and setting up the love triangle and the story it draws you in straight away and it leaves you wanting Especially as there s no steamy parts to this first installment I can hear the groans of disappointment sounding in the distance So the first installment of the Master of the Opera Serial series didn t disappointment I am a fan of Jeffe Kennedy since I read Five Golden Rings I thought her attention to detail and easy yet detailed way of writing BDSM was something to be admired How she took a very independent and strong minded female that could own her sexuality in the bedroom was very telling on the smart clever writer that she is This first installment didn t lack any details The easy flow and voice of Kennedy made getting to know these characters and the world building very easy Kennedy wrote each character uniue and yet keeping to the original style of Phantom of the Opera Christine as a character has always been uestionable to me She was docile yet strong yet kind of pathetic all at the same time She was very much the same in this re telling which worked for me even if I didn t totally know how to feel about Christy at the point in. T day she discovers that her dream ob has a dark side Beneath the theater a sprawling maze of passageways are rud to be haunted Ghostly music echoes through the halls at night And Christy's predecessor has mysteriously disappeared Luckily Christy finds a friend and admirer in Roman Sanclaro the theater's wealthy and handsome patron He convince. ,
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