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Larry surely oes master I started out crying with the opening of the story connecting immediately the women Then I met Larry and thought story connecting immediately with the women Then I met Larry and thought is going to be H O T He is a Texas rancher and there s just something about those Texans Then I laughed because Tara has such a uniue style of writing the Irish way of speaking the funny little sayings the bit of history pours through the pages and I ve yet to meet a weak femal. Face Toffees night noises during a heated argument Maeve learns to her horror that Larry is than ready to haul her over his knee and back up his firm tone with a firm hand applied to her helpless bottom Larry might like to tell himself that he has chosen to move forward with the hotel investment only to avoid any legalifficulties stemming from the spanking incident but he knows full well that there is only one thing in Ireland he is interested in right now and that is a beautiful feisty sore bottomed young lady named Maeve As the ays pass Maeve uickly finds her anger at Larry fading to grudging respect and the memory of His Chastisem. chastisem. Well written story with great STORYLINE BUT I FOUND MYSELF A But I found myself frustrated with the two main characters when it came to their interaction with each other and their own self refection Also I wish the grandmother story and roll had been better fleshed out I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book before its releaseFirst the title It s a gorgeous title and it completely fits because Maeve is one tough Irish cookie but. Finished with college and unable to find a job in her chosen field twenty four year old Maeve O’Reilly saw little choice but to return to her hometown in Connemara and work in her grandmother’s hotel Maeve has barely walked in the oor however when she learns that the establishment is The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS deep inebt and an American visitor is considering an investment which could be the only chance to avoid foreclosure That visitor turns out to be a tall ruggedly handsome rancher by the name of Larry Williamson a man whose ominant personality immediately puts him in conflict with the willful Maeve When she slaps Larry across the.

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E character written by Tara Finnegan Then as I read on I was completely turned onThe story in Mastering Maeve is excellent realistic and sexy at once The spankings are plentiful and hot the sex excellent realistic and sexy at once The spankings are plentiful and hot the sex follows them even hotter No that s not right They re both eual in heat And when they would visit the school room oh myNice touch on the epilogue I won t spoil it but nice A hot sexy feisty fun read from a wonderfully talented author. Ent begins to kindle a powerful need within her a need only the arrogant bossy Texan can satisfy Maeve longs for Larry to strip her bare and claim her in a way no man has before and when at last he oes all she can Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, do is beg for But will the wide gulf of the Atlantic and the hard realities of a longistance romance tear the unlikely couple apart or will they find a way to Pages From Bee Journal defy the odds and forge their passion into a lasting bond Publisher’s Note Mastering Maeve is an erotic novel that includes spankings anal play sexual scenes elements of BDSM and If such material offends you pleaseon’t buy this book Show les. Mastering Maeve