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What Was Lost lA return to the Gilded Age with this read It was a fascinating time I enjoyed this mystery and the central characters DEATH IN SARATOGA SPRINGSCharles O BrienKensingtonJune 2014Prescott and Associates counselors ataw are hired by a representative of the James Crawford family Mr Virgil Crawford their butler Fifteen year

Ruth Colt the daughter of Crawford s housekeeper Martha has been missing for a month Ruth had A Job As A Chambermaid job as a chambermaid her disappearance did not cause the police any concern It is suspected that Ruth was a victim of a man calling himself Mr Johnson but actually Captain Jed Crake a wealthy meatpacking executive and a distinguished officer under General Sherman Crake keeps all politicians and Go-Go-Go! law enforcement bribed very well so that he can pretty much do as he wishes without repercussions There is a very sad and horrendous history between the remainin An interesting mystery for its settingate 19th century Saratoga Springs and the basic story Captain Jed Crake a decorated Civil War veteran suspected of atrocities during the Civil War and violence to women thereafter is found dead in a room during the height of the racing season Mrs Pamela Thompson who serves as an investigator for Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook lawyer Jeremiah Prescott tries to figure out who of the many people who hate Crake might have killed him The description of Saratoga and its surroundings including an afternoon excursion to Grant s cottage are fascinating The writing is rather plebeian though In an author s note at the back O Brien says that James Joyce and Willa Cather have influenced his writing style Were they alive they would have nothing. From the slaughterhouses of Manhattan to the elite enclaves of Saratoga Springs private detective Pamela Thompson follows a trail of death and deceptioneft by a Civil War heroDeath In Saratoga SpringsNew York City 1894 Captain Jed Crake is a decorated veteran of the Union army and a successful mogul in the meatpacking industry But this powerful man also has a hidden private ife as a predator of young women Working for attorney Jeremiah Prescott private investigators Pamela Thompson and forme. .
Death in Saratoga SpringsRth a read if you are interested in New York s Gilded Age Entertaining and easy to read Usually I could anticipate the future happenings in the plot Enjoyed the historical background 1800 s atrocities during teh Civil War haunt ate 1800 s upstate NY resort town The second in a series of Gilded Age mysteries O Brien sets the tone atmosphere and hardships in the time period of the Animal Babies late nineteenth century Focusing on a meatpacking tycoon and storied Union army captain Jed Crake there are two separate mysteries One of the missing young women namely helpless chambermaids but specifically the newest victim whose disappearance hadn t garnered any attention until monthsater While Prescott and Associates joins the investigation their prime suspect Crake ends up dead himself Not only must the private investigators piece together the dead girls killer connection and how they were disastrously disposed of using the meatpacking plant itself but who among the elite in and around Saratoga Springs may have wanted Crake dead This undercurrent of dark family secrets political payoffs and adultery make for a strong historical mystery that s as much about the characters as the time period s awlessness The pacing of details character introductions And Uncovered History Keeps uncovered history keeps engaged as they sift through the in an authentic whodunit While the ate 1890s in upstate New York is a they sift through the clues in authentic whodunit While the qasas-ul-quran late 1890s in upstate New York is a feature of the story most young adults would not gravitate toward it unless they are fans of the genre or want to read about the history in their own backyard yet adults will appreciate its accurate portrayals and genuine mysteriousness 25 ME. A fate worse than death Praise for Death of a Robber BaronO'Brien captures the colorful details and varied characters of an opulent era deftly Publishers Weekly A pleasingly detailedook at the age of the robber barons along with enough strongly characterized suspects to keep readers guessing Kirkus ReviewsThe author skillfully weaves in fascinating details about American social history Pair with Stefanie Pintoff and also recommend for fans of Rhys Bowen's ‘Molly Murphy' series Library Journ. ,

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To fear Liked the setting not the characters I found this story contrived and unconvincing The characters were not developed so I didn t care about them And I do find Saratoga Springs in the ate 1880s a charming them And I do find Saratoga Springs in the Dead-End Road Mysteries late 1880s a charming setting year is 1894 On a freezing February Monday morning in New York City Pamela Thompson widow picks her way carefully across the ice to the office of her employers Prescott Associates on Irving Place After entering the premises nothing will be the same for her and her friends for aong Hear the Wolves long time Waiting in his office with her employer Mr Prescott is a tall distinguished gentleman who is introduced as Mr Virgil Crawford butler to the Crawford family now residing on Washington Suare On the basis of the names Pamela assumes that Mr Crawford must be a relative A closerook at his Valors Measure light skin golden brown eyes and thick curly grey hair tells her that this man was black and veryikely once a slave The Crawford s James and his sister Edith were originally from near Savannah Georgia Virgil This is the second in the Gilded Age Mystery series it s 1894 and we are in New York City Jeremiah Prescott a New York City attorney is approached by the wealthy Crawford family who want him to investigate the disappearance of a young black housemaid Enter scene eft Pamela Thompson who has been employed by Prescott to investigate wrong doings and misdeeds committed by the wealthy and maybe not so wealthy of American SocietyThe Gilded Age Mystery series is an easy historical suspense novel which entertains and educates its reader Set in one of the most fascinating periods of New York City s ong and varied ife well wo. R NYPD detective Harry Miller are engaged to search for a maid allegedly abducted by the captainBefore they can find the missing woman Crake's dark history catches up with him and he is murdered in a posh hotel in Saratoga Springs As fate would have it Pamela's ward Francesca Ricci working as a chambermaid in the hotel is accused of the crime Now in this pastoral playground of the idle rich it's up to Pamela and Miller to find Crake's killer as well as his victim and save an innocent girl from. .
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