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Joyed getting to know her I love her profanity Cyril was a mystery I really wasn t a fan of his until near the end of the book then he eventually grew on me You kind near the end of the book then he eventually grew on me You kind love to hate him You will see when ou read the book The narration on this book is by far one of my most favorites her laugh made me laugh And don t even get me started on his voice Holy moly And the sexy scenes I felt like a voyeur I couldn t get enough of Noah Erin I will be on the lookout for books narrated by them Just how I like my romance I tell Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften ya I am no stranger to paranormal that s for sure but it s notour normal paranormal and that was awesome it was fresh and fun to readI want to read the rest of this series now I can t get enough I want no that s to timid a word NEED to know what happens Overton and Michael I want to know where this is going I kind of have a soft spot for Overton even though he didn t want to be gentlemen he totally was and scored points in my book for that Who says chivalry and honor are dead not I that is for dang sure Here is a uote or 3 I loved Come on The Defense (Eddie Flynn you beautiful disgusting creature Haha oh Cyril the flattery There must be love to make love Truth It was need Linden I don t want to need anything I can make I can destroy Need implies something controls me and nothing controls me Cyrilou will understand in timeWorth a credit worth the money it s worth it allYou don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion and I am allowed to have it This author has done an amazing job with her first novel If Hai nhà you love paranormal romance with a twist then I highly recommendou give this a readFrom the very first page I was hooked The characters Cryil and Linden drew me in I laughed and es I even had a tear What I loved about this book was it is not our run of the mill paranormal Ms Mason has created a new world never seen before I can t wait for the next book. War with supernatural rivals hell bent on his destruction Defeating the enemy seems easy compared to surviving each other With hunger threatening to consume them and love begging to endure can Linden learn to accept who she must become to save them bo. Ing to read any pnr series that look interesting I purchased this book because it looked intriguing and it had many good reviewswhere do interesting I purchased this book because it looked intriguing and it had many good reviewswhere do begin Yowwsa The characters are really interesting and different Excellent mix of love story "and mysteryIt was hard for me to put down and I can t wait to read Amazingly fresh funny entertaining inventive "mysteryIt was hard for me to put down and I can t wait to read Amazingly fresh funny entertaining inventive sexy hot erotic heart warmingand JUST PLAIN GOOD Filled with a dark presence an intensely detailed plot and the heat of an erotic dream Symphony of Light and Winter by Renea Mason is one amazing read Love lust arrogance need and passion make for a spellbinding paranormal adult read that defies being categorized in just one genreWith a shared past death separation and re birth two very strong characters find their love to know no limits but how long before they are separated again and what secrets are held deep within as they are drawn into a supernatural war against a demon after their destruction Renea Mason has set an amazing stage filled with uniue and well developed characters that define power and g I do not read paranormal it is not my genre That said this novel pulled me in with the first chapter and never let me go Ms Mason skillfully combines lust love regret and humor into an unusual storyline Her heroine is believable and sexy and the hero is a sensual bad boy that gets Falling Through Clouds your blood pumping She may have pulled me over to the dark side Once I started reading I couldn t put it down Funny sexy and suspenseful Renea Mason s novel had me laughing and eager to see what happens next Ifou like paranormal romance definitely check out this one 5 freaking HOT stars Keeping my original review just a re read This book has it all mystery suspense and it will burn The Art of Acquiring you from the inside outLinden Hill is different but doesn t really know why She isn tour timid shy girl oh no she has grit and balls I really en. E died Or so she thought But Linden's long lost love isn't welcoming her with open arms Fueled by suspicion and doubt their turbulent re acuaintance drives Cyril to desperate acts The chance at renewing their love is jeopardized pulling Linden into his. OMG This book is not what I expected AT ALL I m not really sure what I was expecting but this wasn t it This is going to be a really hard REVIEW TO WRITE BECAUSE I DON to write because I don want to give anything away Part of the draw of this book is trying to figure out who and what Cyril is Cyril is an intriguing man who apparently died 10 ears ago Or so Linden thought But now here he is again Linden thinks she s losing her mind Personally I would tooCyril is mysterious dangerous powerful and OMG sexy as hell

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manages to up one thing after another He s rash and to uote him a selfish bastard He s a jerk A complete and total jerk He almost has no redeeming ualities And then ou get his story and it all makes sense It all makes sense why he s a jerk and a selfish bastard It makes him that much lovable It all makes senseLinden w An oh so sexy paranormal with a twist You won t be able to put down once ou start You ll fall in love with Cyril Linden I know I did I thoroughly enjoyed this paranormal romance by Renea Mason It has a uniue take on the paranoraml aspect of things like nothing that I have ever read Cyril and Linden are HOT together and who doesn t like a little bit of that in their romance books This is definitely a series that I will be following in the future 5 stars all the way Symphony of Light and Winter is an intelligent book steeped in philosophy and thoughtful allegory Creativity abounds in a world unlike any I ve read before Cyril is complex hero who is irresistible despite his prickly ways High action and intense chemistry keep ou glued to each page I enjoyed my time in you glued to each page I enjoyed my time in world of tragic heroes art and classical music Kudos to Renea Mason for creating an entirely uniue character in Cyril and weaving a compelling beginning to what will surely be an epic journey in the forthcoming series After reading and loving the BDB series I ve been try. For Linden Hill life was predictable go to work an occasional drink with friends and repeat until one unexpected night when she finds herself face to face with her past all six foot five inches of sex god perfection she once knew as Cyril The problem Symphony of Light and Winter