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10015THISWASINCREDIBLEI m convinced this series was written for me I m lso DOOMED to shamelessly love it I feel like I m in powder trance fter this book HOLY SHIT I once gain dropped ll other priorities to read this nd ended up devouring it in two days Definitely my favourite read of 2017 Every night he s looking for the eye behind the flintlock So I thought book one was incredible somehow this book was better I just need to scream screams screams some loses voice The mount of fangirl feels I have right now is ridiculous The plot this time revolves Claiming Her around Tamas invading Keznd failing miserably Taniel is too busy smoking dope in "MALA DEN TO GIVE A SHIT ADAMANT WON T "den to give shit Adamant won t t nothing to rescue his family from n insane power hungry man There is nothing that will make man desperate nd capable of violence than endangering his family It is s good s it sounds IT WAS SO AMAZING I loved every second spent reading this book There was so much death nd I love DEATH There was lso badassery Murder Go Round amazing character development magical explosions lots of battles Thection did not stop once seriously I d go to put the "book down nd decide to read one page next minute I ve read 100 because I had to " down nd decide to read one page next minute I ve read 100 because I had to what was happening it was so fast paced like I couldn t keep up I love Flintlock fantasy so much Alcohol Fuels: Policies, Production, And Potential and it s definitely one of my favourite sub genres of fantasynd m officially ddicted to Cambridge Modern History volumes 1-5 all things to do with guns magic can well just stare in The Heart Of The Hawk (Book 1) awe over the sexiest grandpalive I literally loved Spices, Saints, and Saracens: The Egyptian Wanderings of a Dominican Friar, 1483 all POV s I even enjoyed Adamants love Nila so bloody much now My favouritesre still Taniel Ka Poel Tamas sexiest grandpa live dies from swooning nd Bo But I love Empire of the Waves: Voyage of the Moon Child all side characters too except the baddies they suck Also there was some bitches in this book who picked on my baby Taniel I WILL STAB THEM IN THE EYE WITH A RUSTY SPOON I only have one wishnd its to get my ship in the last book I HOPE IT HAPPENS You missed the morning s festivities Bo said to Adamat You call torturing The Object of Performance: The American Avant-Garde since 1970 a man festivities Adamatsked I m not Of Mice and Men a good person Bo said Recommended toll fantasy lovers nd everyone who ppreciates sexy 60 year old main charactersSorry but I can t write coherent review right now I m ll out of black powderPs I m ironically now Powder Mage from snorting gun powdernose bleedPss I NEED TO EAT HEAPS OF BECAUSE MIHALI CAST A FOOD SPELL ON ME Jokes I m just pig kinda wish I had the excuse I was under magical food spell Let the Kez come Tamas roared Let them send their greatest generals fter us Let them stack the odds I Was Anastasia against us Let them come upon us withll their fury because these hounds Choice of the Cat at our heels will soon know were lions Review for Promise of bloodRating so far Promise of Blood 10005The Crimson Campaign 10015Actual rating so far 1010 45 stars The hounds Three Cups of Deceit at our heels will soon know were lions The Crimson Campaign was better in Sparrow Road almost every way compared to its predecessor All those problems I had with the character development That s gone Those problems with the pace That s totally gone I wasn t borednd remained A Banner With a Strange Device: A Novel of Boston almost 100% locked in throughout this entire book which isbsolutely incredible because I have the ttention span of goldfish so I m mazed One of the most important parts of Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World a book to mere the characters something I think this book excelled The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors at We re still following T Double Tamas Taniel Adamatnd Nila Yoga: The Art of Adjusting as they deal with the revolution that s now becomen ll out war nd I found The Neural Basis of Free Will all their POVs besides Nila s to be 10xs engaging s before The stakes have been raised s everything feels lot personal nd intense with many unexpected twists that delightfully came out of nowhere nd kept me on my toes And I mean it there were LITERALLY two giant stakes raised nd maannn this book did not mess Locked and Loaded (U.S. Marshals, around Speaking of which this brings up something else For novel called Promise of Blood book 1 had Past Destinies an unsatisfyingly patheticmount of Travels: Collected Writings, 1950-1993 actual bloodshed For menyway But from the get go The Crimson Campaign felt gruesome If Wishes Were Horses and brutalnd YES. When invasion looms Tamas's invasion of Kez ends in disaster when Kez counter offensive leaves him cut off behind enemy lines with only fraction of his rmy no supplies nd no hope of reinforcements Drastically outnumbered nd pursued by the enemy's best he must lead his men on reckless march through northern Kez to safety nd back over the mountains so that he can de. THANK YOU I have been satiated So no complaints there I "really like the way T Double has been developed especially Tamas In this novel we get little insight into what " like the way T Double has been developed especially Tamas In this novel we get little insight into what him nd it made "Me Realize How Special Tamas Is And "realize how special Tamas is nd how McClellan has not created one dimensional leader AT ALL And my dear sniper Taniel had his own Rainbow Brite: Starlite Saves the Day amazingrc that surprisingly got emotional A Social History of Modern Art, Volume 2: Art in an Age of Bonapartism, 1800-1815 at times which I lovend had some of the best ction scenes of this entire series thus far I need to make special mention to certain non POV character Olem I really enjoyed his steady presence in PoB nd loved him the same here My precious little cigarette ddict is so cute nd The Unspeakable Mind adorablend has some of the best nd funniest lines in this series that I bsolutely live for Tamas POV just so that I can get of himBut if I m being honest the main reason he s Time and Philosophy: A History of Continental Thought a favourite is totally because theudiobook narrator does such Murder at Beechwood anmazing job with his voice that I just want to listen to him talk ALL day whoops But really the great character development lso extended to so many others creating full cast of colourful nd interesting characters increasing this book s enjoyment factor for me by heaps nd loads I don t want to vandalize this great book but I had few issues Nila s character is still totally pointless nd lacking of focus Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space and depth to me Her screen time has increased only little since the last book but I still find her useless for the most part It was only until the very end of her POV that something Revelations from Revelation (Mass Market) actually interesting happenednd I have high hopes for her in book 3 but I hate that it took 2 books for her storyline to become meaningful We ve still been given zero explanations on how the magic system works I ignored this in PoB because I thought that with time things would become clearer But it hasn t Jane and the Stillroom Maid (Jane Austen Mysteries, and there s only one book leftnd I m worried that by the end of it Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil all we ll still be left in the darknd that really makes me sad because I just want to know the rules nd how things work okay But besides that I had blast reading this It was fun it was thrilling nd it was filled with action nd excitement i m lready started the and excitement I m lready started The Republic which has been fantastic so far Journey Of Fate and Im super stoked to be finishing this series 45 stars The 5 star rating is just within grasp based on the promising enfolding of events in this worthy seuel to The Promise of Blood This is Judas of Nazareth: How the Greatest Teacher of First-Century Israel Was Replaced by a Literary Creation a good example of how seuel leading into the final book of Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose. a series should be written There was no unnecessary padding plodding or diversion from pre established plots from the previous book It did not suffer from what is termeds middle book syndrome even though it did feel like middle book lbeit one that dexterously bridges the beginning of the story to its denouement setting the scenes to Holding Up the Universe a potentiallywesome climax in the finale The solid development of both the characters nd plot from the perspective of the same 4 main characters from the first book enables the reader to further their investment in their individual storyline s well Satellite as greaterppreciate the bigger picture I continued to enjoy both Tamas nd Taniel s POVs significantly Although the latter gave me headache with his wallowing in self pity in the earlier chapters his relationship with Ka poel was intriguing nd touching The political investigative spin of the story via Adamat did not engage me s much initially but eventually captured my Makers attentions it grew in intensity That leaves the sole female POV in this series so far The Heart Has Its Reasons andlthough Nila does not Americana: A 400-Year History of American Capitalism appear very often her parts provide some perspective of the conseuences of the major events on the common folk view spoilerWell turns out she is not so commonfter ll hide spoiler Faye djusted her dress nd took deep breath Her eyes traveled Kneller's Happy Campers around the room A mix of emotions rangedcross her face Haunted Houses For the Millions anger panic dear For moment Nila thought she might snatch up frying pan nd kill her Nila wondered who she was Why was she here Obviously Reclaiming Love: Radical Relationships in a Complex World another prisoner Another player in Veta s sch. Fend his country fromn Playing with Fire: How the Bible Ignites Change in Your Soul angry god KresimirBut the threatsre closer to homeIn Adro Inspector Adamat only wants to rescue his wife To do so he must track down The People's Songs: The Story of Modern Britain in 50 Records and confront the evil Lord Vetas He has uestions for Vetas concerning his enigmatic master but thenswers will lead Adamat on darker journeyWho will lead the chargeTamas's generals bicker mong themselves the brig. ,
Emes Could Nila trust her I m Nila she said And this is JackobFayes eyes settled on Nila nd she nodded with frown I m Faye And I m going to kill the bastard I m have felt that way Happy Reading Mel Tamas is lost behind enemy lines The Dawn of Christmas and presumed dead Taniel Two Shot is wasting his lifeway in mala dens And Adamat is hunting for his missing wife Not only that Kresimir lives nd is looking for the man who shot him in the eyeSo yeah This was pretty great As much s I loved the first volume Promise of Blood this book slightly surpassed itThe Crimson Campaign is everything the second book in Bark a trilogy should be The danger is ramped up to 11nd beyond the characters continue to evolve Eden's Gate and the principles find themselves in even greater danger by the end of the bookFrom the early goings The Crimson Campaign grabs the reader by the shortnd curlies Her Bear Twins and won t let go Tamas soon finds himself on the run from the Kezrmy with Bumps, Bruises and Bouncing Back: A Young Woman's Adventures into Womanhood a comparatively small force Taniel once he emerges from his mala haze finds himself opposed by his ownrmy Adamat takes tremendous beating in the course of finding his missing familyBrian McClellan is cheeky little hamster The shifts in viewpoint come My Lady Viper (Tales From the Tudor Court, at the perfect dramatic times forcing me to read well past my bedtimend compelling me to forego housework s well Hell it Tamas showed up on my doorstep I d leave my white collar life behind nd ride with him to hell nd backFor me one of the measures of good writer is to make me care bout something I previously considered mind meltingly boring PG Wodehouse did it with golf nd Brian McClellan did it here with military tactics While we re told Tamas is military genius this book nd the previous one do phenomenal job showing him in ctionI know I ve been gushing but I still don t feel like I ve done this book justice It deliviers the goods on Dunkirk: Fight to the Last Man all levelsction intrigue character development even The Light in Our Houses a bit of humor Not only that the booksre coming out in timely fashion In these days it s rare to wrap up fantasy trilogy in
Decade And It Looks 
and it looks McClellan is going to do three books in three yearsThe Crimson Campaign Go buy it Five out of five stars 455 stars This book didn t let up RTC 455 StarsTwo days That s the ctual mount of time it took for me to finish this 600 pages book that s how fast paced this book isIt s not How to Get People to Do Stuff: The Psychology of Persuasion an exaggeration to say that The Crimson Campaign is marvelous seuel that s better than the first book in every spect The revolution that Tamas started in Promise of Blood has turned into I probably should have written review for this before plunging into the last book of the trilogy but it could not be helped I had to know how it would ll work outDefinitely better than Promise of Blood nd great Highland Hucow: Milking Marie action packed free forll One man Call the Fire Brigade: Fighting London's Fires always makes difference Sometimes it s small one Other times he tips war I m not huge on loving military campaigns nd since this had 2 character PoVs with military type campaigns I should have been totally bored with this story nd yet I wasn t Tamas is behind enemy lines cut off from the world Edward Keating and thought dead trying to get his smaller portion of thermy back home to meet up with the main body He is totally outnumbered by the Kez Berlin på 8 kapitel and in completely hostile territory but he shows us every I enjoyed the first book of this series very muchnd it got me interested in further exploring of the flintlock fantasy so I was eager to continue with this series Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City and to find out was my infatuation with Promise of Blood one time thing Shelley And Nonviolence andfter reading this I must say that it grew into something it grew into ffectionI could ramble on bout this book but that would be hard to do without giving Cross (Jack Taylor, away important parts of the story so I ll refrain from ramblingnd I ll "KEEP IT SIMPLEREADING THIS FELT EXACTLY "it simpleReading this felt exactly that I m loving this series This one was even better than the first nd definitely sets up the third really well I was little skeptical The Lady and the Generals: Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma's struggle for freedom about this new Flintlock Fantasy trend but if this is typical of the subgenre I m sold. Ades lose ground every day beneath the Kez onslaughtnd Kresimir wants the head of the man who shot him in the eye With Tamas Stripped to the Bone and his powder cabal presumed dead Taniel Two shot finds himselfs the last line of defense Trials: On Death Row in Pakistan against Kresimir'sdvancing rmyIn rich distinctive world that mixes magic with technology who could stand Signs From The Afterlife: How the Other Side can comfort and inspire you against mages that control gunpowdernd bulle.