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T in this book Its about a man who loses his father and mother at a young age struggles for everything in life but never loses hope finds some excellent friends and loving wife who make his life and who are is life It is also about grief of losing wife and then going nder the tunnel of despair and depression Its about finding life again and managing to laugh and make people laugh again This book gave me both tears and joy Made me laugh at first then cry in the end One of the finest autobiographies I have read so far It was a For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde uick read and for a moment I was a little dissatisfied But then I thought the book must have been written with an intention may everyonenderstandenjoy this book regardless of Read. ुवाउन पनि सक्ने यी महान् ुवाउन पनि सक्ने यी महान् ुवाउन पनि सक्ने यी महान् आफ्नो वास्तविक जीवनमा कति हासेका छन् र कति रोएका छन् त यस्ता अनेक प्रसङ्गहरुको बेलिबिस्तार चिना हराएको मान्छे पुस्तकमा छन् । यो पुस्तक पढेपछि हामी उनलाई आफ्नो सबैभन्दा नजिकको आफन्तलाई

"झैँ चिन्नेछौँ ।.  "
चिन्नेछौँ ।. चिना हराएको मान्छेGs of life has been highlightedThe feelings of sentiments and reality of life while reading these book are nexplainable I Recommend it to everyone it was a nice journey with the author s own highs it to everyone it was a nice journey with the author s own highs lows of life Hari Bansa Acharya by far is my favorite actor and comedian in Nepal And after reading this book I felt that he is an excellent human being too His struggles in professional and family life his ability to rise from the grief and accept life as it is the way he has helped people from every background are very inspiring to read Moreover this book shows that how down to earth person he really is Books are the mirror of life and this really is Hari Bansa Acharya s mirror He has poured out his hear. बैले देखेका र चिनेका छन् । उनी असल र महान् कलाकार मात्र होइनन् बेलाबेलामा भएका महत्वपूर्ण राजनीतिक तथा सामाजिक परिवर्तनका अभियन्ता पनि हुन् । यस्ता बहुआयामिक व्यक्तित्वको जीवन कस्तो छ अभिनय गरेर अरुलाई पेट अभिनय गरेर अरुलाई पेट हसाउने र धरधरी र.