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No Limits (Brutal Master rOnger Jon After hisanging mission gone wrong he hides out with Ygritte planning his next move While the Wildlings plot their attack on the wall The north is hard and cold and has no mercySamwell I was so pleased Sam got A POV In This Book I Love POV in this book I love He Liar, Liar remains with the Nights Watch and the Lord Commander Awaiting any further news concerning the Wildlings while fear of the Others grows and palpable Tyrion Still one of my faves Living in the nest of vipers that is Kings Landing Keeping his secrets and plots Jaime Another one who gets his own POV in this book Thrown together with Brienne of Tarth to cross the country with Kings Landing as the ultimate goal But of course things don t go according to plan Davos My other favourite I love Davos the underdog that he is Still loyal to Stannis Baratheon andecovering from the battle of the black water He helps Stannis plan his next move keeping his hatred of the Essays One red priestess Melisandre to himself Daenerys Last but absolutely not least Dany is growing in her power and becoming ueen like every day Her army is growing and she is asuthless as ever Still absolutely captivated by this world and it s characters Let s keep going Old stories are like old world and it s characters Let s keep going Old stories are like old have to visit them from time to time Night falls for all of us in the end and too soon for some Part 1 of A Storm of Swords was less exciting than it s companions I grew tired of most of the character s plot lines and couldn t get enough of others I especially love that we finally get introduced to the Tyrells and the Dornish people They definitely belong to my favourite characters and make all the events in King s Landing even excitingWhile I eally like Brienne I don t care much for yet another long journey with unexpected parts annoying turns through Westeros They stumble and #get dragged through places and by characters that I do not have any interest in same goes for Arya And I #dragged through places and by characters that I do not have any interest in same goes for Arya And I t like Jaime very much Catelyn s story is pretty much the same every time a lot of mourning and sorrow While I like her and Robb very much it s still unnerving Davos and Stannis would be extremely boring as well if it weren t for the Red LadySo here are the many POVs starting with the chapters I liked the most down to the ones I didn tDaenerysTyrionSansaJonBranSamwellAryaDavosCatelynJaimeFind of my books on Instagra. Rs in their powerThroughout Westeros the war for the Iron Throne ages fiercely than ever but if the Wall is breached no king will live to claim itAlternate cover for ISBN 97800064799.

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45 starsOld stories are like old friends she used to say You have to visit them from time to timeA Storm of Swords Steel and Snow A Song of Ice and Fire 3 Part 1 of #2 was a very enjoyable albeit not very eventful book Despite this it was very iveting and #was a very enjoyable albeit not very eventful book Despite this it was very iveting and the perfect stage for the events taking place in the next book It s so expertly written that it felt as though I was experiencing everything for the first time even after watching the show I was constantly on edge and cautious through out the whole time eading waiting for the next death or scheme to eveal itselfWhat I admire about Martin s writing skill is his ability to write in several POVs and yet keep the story going without confusing or upsetting the eader s hythm which makes it a comfortable easy ead I never wanted to stop eading I was surprised to find myself liking Sansa and enjoying her chapters as I didn t particularly like her in the show which I also believe is to the credit of George R R Martin s writing abilityAll men must die Jon Snow But first we ll liveWhilst this series is best known for its carnage and violence I felt that this one was surprisingly tame which is what made it feel like I felt that this one was surprisingly tame which is what made it feel like was somewhat lacking were the other books were notThe only other negative I have to say about the book is that the under age wedding and intercourse is uite off putting but is expected as they are present in the other books I understand that this is the norm for the setting of the story and doesn t hinder the eading experience very much That being said if such subjects are sensitive to you I wouldn t ecommend this series to you as it is present in many of the booksMy sister has mistaken me for a mushroom She keeps me in the dark and feeds me shitSomething I love very much about these books is that whilst there is a lot of much about these books is that whilst there is a lot of violence and gore there is also amazing humour Tyrion Lannister s wit is one of the most note worthy things to take away from this series His ability to use sarcasm as a weapon is amazing and inspiring His sass has no boundsSo whilst George R R Martin is busy killing scheming against maiming and planning evenge against our most beloved characters at least we ll have a laugh whilst enduring itSome battles are won with swords and spears others with uills and avensAll in all this is another brilliant masterp. The Seven Kingdoms are divided by evolt and blood feud In the northern wastes a horde of hungry savage people steeped in the dark magic of the wilderness is poised to invade the King. A Storm of SwordsIece beautifully written I cannot wait to continue the series which will no doubt emotionally uin me but I ll enjoy every second of it This series does contain sensitive subjects of a sexual natureabuse so you may wish not to ead it I enjoy this book What an awesome book Alhamdulillah I don t eally like the scenes especially sex scenes because I feel there are uite lots of sex scenes in this book I think I might be unexpected to see these scenes are happening in the first part of A Storm of SwordsThis book grabs my attention from the start to the end I am hooked in A Song of Ice and Fire series There is no way I would ever not love any of A Song of Ice and Fire s book Once I got obsessed with the first book and love the characters with all my heart it will goes the same for all its successor But I have to admit that Part 1 of A Storm of Swords is a bit of slow paced even for a High Fantasy There are a lot of unnecessary chapters in which the POV dragged in pointless story line and encounter all these bunch of insignificant characters Apart from that this book is fantastic those characters we love are going through great development and growth in their lives and the possibilities of twist and turn of this series drive me crazy I the second part will be fast paced and I expect it will be blood #Curling The World Grows #The grows little darker each dayStill plowing my way through A Song of Ice and Fire Book 3 part 1 completed The plots thicken and intermix a ising host of new characters to cause a stir are introduced and the battles between kings ages on Catelyn with Robb the King in the North fighting battle after battle Reeling from the knowledge concerning Winterfell and her two youngest sons she makes a eckless decision that she hopes will protect her two daughters It was different when there was a Stark in Winterfell But the old wolf s dead and young ones gone south to play the game of thrones and all that s left us is the ghostsSansa No longer betrothed to King Joffrey but imprisoned in Kings Landing all the same Another marriage is arranged for her that none are happy about Arya Still on the un with Hot Pie and Gendry they come across a band of outlaws following the Lord of Light who have sworn to eturn her to Robb Bran Heading North with Meera and Jojen his Warg powers growing ever str. Dom of the North where Robb Stark wears his new forged crown And Robb’s defences are anged against the South the land of the cunning and cruel Lannisters who have his younger siste.

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