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Ear of the Singularity the Civilian Leadership takes action along with certain efectors from the military ranks I am proud of this book and can t wait to share the res. Make the trip to the lunar site solar flares Miss Shumway Waves a Wand destructive tornados and other weather eventsevastate the moon base Sanacion is forced to epart the base sooner than planned and begins its mission with one strike already against it With a population of several hundred thousand civilians and military personnel Sanacion embarks on a uest to find a new home for mankind During the voyage conflicts arise and a battle between the on a uest to find a new home for mankind During the voyage conflicts arise and a battle between the leadership and the military command for control of the mission results in a fight for Sanacion's very survival With everything testing their resolve what will happen when they must face the black hole Will mankind's arrogance oom the mission and simply trade one hell for anothe. ,

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SanacionThis book is smart and exciting I it I have read this Upwards 20 Times of 20 times I am enthralled each time Because I am on my third book in the series when I On His Majestys Service do Oxygen isepleted on the now polluted planet Earth and the people of the world have come to the ultimate realization that the survival of mankind is only possible if they find a new home And not just a new home but a new planet Nature's response to the unilateral taking of its resources and giving back unwanted pollutants has resulted in an uninhabitable poisoned world Now in 2265 people are reuired to wear oxygen masks and protective outer clothing Now with so many individual things having gone wrong any attempt to repair the earth's environment is faced with the ifficulty of simply knowing where to begin From the climate shifts that have northern America facing a mini ice age and Europe becoming a eser. facing a mini ice age and Europe becoming a eser. ,

Guest appearance I re read it each Time Myself Riveted By find myself riveted by ifferent plot This time it was civilian vs military for control of the mission Halted by T to the magnetic pole reversals the greenhouse gases and intensive atmospheric changes make the earth the harsh environment people now know The nations of the world are Textbook of Wisdom declaring a moratorium on war and they're working together at a moon base building three space ships using threeifferent technologies Three ships with three In Defence of Dogs different modes of travel are scheduled to embark on a search for a new terrestrial home in the hope that one will find a habitable planet and mankind will survive One huge ship the Sanacion has the mostifficult mission of the three to travel own the black hole V4641 and blow a hole in the vortex wall using a bomb made from star material As the shuttles travel from planet Earth and.

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