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Imes Their warm and sexy attraction heats these pages up from the get go The whole world melted away when Declan stepped

him with a smile on lipsCalled to Mate is an asy no angst read that moves fast A story that left me feeling so warm and toasty safe Warm blankets soft fur crackling fires Declan and uinn are so adorable and playful when "They Shift Rolling Around Nuzzling And Playing The Story Has "shift Rolling around nuzzling and playing The story has a warm feel and setting A home filled with food friends and cheesy 80s flicks I loved the little touches and dashes of humor too There is just something fun and perfect about a wolf reading The Three Little Pigs HahaThis whole story is so soft and cuddly I wanted to curl up and snuggle with it Curl up with Declan and uinnI would have liked suspense or detail here and there but no major complaints really I don t feel the need to read Student Research Projects in Calculus every book in the series but I wouldn t mind fun with the betas Adam and Cullen Recommended for shifter fanschokengtitiktitikchokengs Shifter recommendations would be appreciated Please 35 starsLots of hurtcomfort here Just how I like itDeclan comes home because it is time for him to take his father s place as pack Alpha He is not prepared to meet uinn a very scared and obviously abused young wolfThese two were very sweet together Declan was always patient and tender with uinn I loved how their relationship developed Yes the mating happensarly on in the book but for such a short novella it didn t feel too rushed for meThe one thing I didn t like was the last 25% with the bad guy It wasn t fleshed out #enough for me to care about the villain or the fact that he was a treathBut #for me to care about the villain or the fact that he was a treathBut you re looking for a simple book about shifters with some xcellent hurtcomfort this is your book This is a cute strong werewolf finds formerly abused mate story Based on this first volume the Pack Mates series set in Smooth Rock Falls promises to be fun and ntertaining with just the right level of suspense and action thrown in to keep it interesting There weren t any difficult new paranormal rules to learn and I suspect that like me you will find much that is familiar about werewolves and their packs in this book A werewolf comfort read if you want and that could be just what you re looking forDeclan is the physically strong alpha to be and in this world he needs to mate before becoming the alpha of his pack It s all very civilized his father has been promoted to the Council of Elders and is stepping aside for Declan s benefit The mate Declan finds is male and that is a bit of a surprise but Love for Imperfect Things everyone takes it in stride including Declan The way he manages to introduce uinn to a very different life from what the newly liberated wolf has known so far had me smiling Declan is a really good guy and thankfully he is also strong and determinednough to deal with anyone opposing his ideasuinn is said mate he was horribly abused since in his old pack they didn t think very highly of submissive male wolves uinn is staying with Declan s parents and is shocked when he notices his own interest in Declan He used to be scared of alphas but all is about to change In fact uinn s A Heart of Stone entire world view is thoroughly rattled when he learns that there is a different way of running a pack than he is used to His surprise is significant And I reallynjoyed following his journey into freedomIf you like werewolf stories of the civilized kind if you prefer a straightforward plot without too much drama angst or complications and if you re looking for a hot strong man saves weaker one read then you will probably like this novella. Ty he’s never known before and a whole new world of passion and lustJust as their love begins to blossom a wolf from uinn’s past threatens the happiness he’s found in Declan’s ar. ,
35 StarsAfter years spent living away from home Declan returns to his pack in order to take over his father s role as alpha Declan has been waiting for this moment for years but there is one thing he needs to do first before he can officially take over he must find and claim a mate Having a mate provides an alpha with the balance and stability they need in order to run a successful and happy pack Luckily for Declan the decision is an Taking Instruction (Taboo, easy one On returning home Declan finds that his parents have taken in a submissive male wolf from a recently disbanded pack The moment Declan sets hisyes on the beautiful yet skittish uinn he is immediately drawn to the younger wolf It is obvious that uinn has been through hell and back at the sadistic hands of his previous alpha As a dominant wolf Declan immediately feels the need to provide uinn with a sense of protection and safety He goes about doing so in a gentle and caring manner which uinn responds to slowly but surely This shifter tale was short and sweet Although the premise suggests angst is in the midst the story is romantically anticipative and mindfully blissful with the initial mating occurring fairly arly in the story uinn finds safety and warmth in the arms of his new alpha and although there is one mini drama that threatens to kill their happy vibes buzz for the most part this story is complication free and asy to read No ground breaking storytelling occurs here but it did its job as the fluff piece I needed to cleanse my reading palate Recommended for fans of MM shifter tales who appreciate a dash of delicious hurtcomfort feels This one just didn t do it for me MC dominate wolf was highly inappropriate with MC submissive wolf far too "Early For My Comfort " for my comfort Submissive s abuse history was already known too It was kinda creepy Read on 12 18 13I liked this I really did BUT I had a few problems with itDeclan is called home because his father is going to step down from his Alpha status to become an Elder So Declan is next in line for the Alpha role and has trained his whole life to be one When he gets home he finds a young man on his parents couch sleeping He can see the man is troubled ven in his sleep but he can t stop himself from covering him up When the man "WAKES UP HIS FIRST WORDS ARE "up his first words are don t hurt me Now Declan knows something is definitely wrong and sees how skinny the man isHe asks his father about him and tells him his name is uinn and goes into some of uinn s history Which is HORRIFIC I can t ven begin to describe what went on with uinn My heart hurt for him He still suffers from nightmares and that very night he has one and Declan rushes in to comfort him This was probably my biggest issue view spoileruinn sports a hard *on for Declan and immediately Declan decides to give him a hand job Seriously The guy just *for Declan and immediately Declan decides to give him a hand job Seriously The guy just a nightmare and was abused almost his Love Is a Fairy Tale entire life Now you re going to get him off and call it a day NO UGH It made me sick how he did that and thought it all right I can see being tender and loving with him but to make the comfort sexual NO hide spoiler DNF 51%Just wasn t working for me I couldn t get past the fact uinn was horribly abused butveryone didn t think twice about him being mated to Declan None of it really worked for me in the mate department I like uinn kept thinking that it was all just so Declan could be alpha and not really that he wanted to be with uinn ven though we get his POV and he s drawn to uinn Plus I didn t like how the parents chose who Declan was to be mated too It was all just so blas And there was so much. Declan’s chance to be the alpha of his pack has finally come but in order to take over he needs to find a mate Finding the gorgeous and fragile uinn living in his parents’ home his Potential for a good story I love hurt comfort stories but it was all just so rushed like the mating No one batted an ye at them mating after verything uinn had been throughOh well Looknot once in the history of cliched love stories has it ver been beneficial in the Bangkok Wakes to Rain end to keep a secret from the dude you love Especially when that secret is that someone is actively trying to kill him Ignorance is not safetyNow that doesn txcuse uinn from acting like a child and crawling out of the bathroom windowfor reasons I never uite understand but at least he didn t purposefully run off into danger He ran off into danger but because Declan insisted on treating uinn
a little kid I at can forgive uinn for not knowing what is going onBasically this is pornjust porn I can t get into because the MCs are so bloody stupid At least uinn has a decade of systematic abuse and torture to xplain his issues Declan is just an assAnd if Josh really wanted to get away with killing uinn I don t think he would have repeatedly sent up what can only be considered I am coming to kill you smoke signals Yeah he might have wanted to psyche them out but what was his plan for after uinn "Was Dead Saying Oops "dead Saying Oops hope the Elders had shit for brainsBut then again it seems like almost veryone Darkmere else in this book has an I in the single digits so maybe he was on to something This book had a lot of potential but I found it to shallow for true satisfaction I loved the fact that insta love a common theme in shifter romances wasn tmployed that the characters spent time together before declaring Twu Lurv to make this book great possible spoiler s aheadI would have loved to read about uinn s time in his birth packwhy was uinn s mother killedwhy was the alpha s behaviour so aberantwhy did Joseph leave the mobile phone for uinnThen I d want to have the happy normal life of Declan juxtaposed against uinn sI wouldn t have minded a bit time spent fleshing out the council s role in the werewolf society too There was a lot of good ideas in this book that I felt were not Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? exploited which lessened mynjoyment It s a uick fluffy read where it could have been Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den extraordinary Additional notepet names are a real ick factor for me despite me calling hubby Sweety Popples I loathed Sexy as a pet name gagspecially when used by a stranger who doesn t Scraps Of The Untainted Sky even know if Sexy isven gay 35 StarsGood start to an intriguing series I loved Declan and I grew to love uinn The pack and pack politics were interesting as well My one gripe view spoilerDec got off too The Eric Carle Gift Set easy with uinn I understood his rationale for doing what he did It was wrong but I understood it But if I were uinn I d had been pissed hide spoiler Cravings pretty much rule my world I had a Pringle craving that monopolized my taste buds for weeks once My food cravings can be all consuming Nothing tastes good until I get what I want The same can be said for my book cravingsI m lusting after shifter tales like you wouldn t believe right now Which brings me to Lynn Tyler s Called to Mate with Declan and uinnDeclan has been living away from home and his pack for years Waiting for the call to return and take over as alpha But to lead Declan also has to find a mate Declan knew the call would come one day but what he didn txpect was to find a beautiful young submissive wolf in his home when he returned A wolf so hurt and lost it will make your heart whimper uinn is so curled up with fear and pain after years of abuse that Declan s need to protect and keep him safe is instantaneous and powerful and downright adorable at Ody heats for no otheruinn is a submissive male wolf who has spent most of his life abused by his former alpha But being mated to his new pack’s alpha provides him with a level of safe.

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