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The AbilityAlly these kids are selected because they have Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten potential but all kids age 12 have increased capacity At Myers Holt Academy they learn telekinesis distance viewing and mind readingcontrol This is both cool and terrifying because I would not want children to have that muchower which is also why Sir Bentley the head of the school gives them lectures about using their ower responsibly all the timeSpeaking of how terrifying kids With Powers Are The Kids They Are Fighting Are So powers are the kids they are fighting are so They re these twins who will stop at nothing to lease their crazy step mother Yet as evil as they are you sort of get how they got that way and it s just sad all around but they do need to be stopped Vaughan does a great job setting up the bad guys and not making them laughable like so many middle grade villains are because they don t run around spouting monologues about their evil A Star Is Born plansThe only drawback to The Ability is that the opening chapters are a bit confusing because you re immediately introduced to a whole bunch of characters and it takes a while to sort out who s who and how everything connects The first chapter takeslace 30 years before the rest of the book and is important set up and it s followed by a few chapters in which it s hard to tell which kid the narrative will CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition primarily be following This does get sorted out but the beginning was a bit rough Aside from that though the kids themselves did have nice individual arcs I would have liked a bit focus on the friendships between the kidsThe Ability is a great read for mature middle graders It s a great choice for those who enjoyed Trenton Lee Stewart s The Mysterious Benedict Society as well as Harry Potter I will be looking forward to the next installment Best book ever according to my son He got his copy a day before release and not only did he finish it but he s already started to read it again that s how much he loved itI can see how this will be a 5 star or 1 star book 1 star from adults who are uncomfortable with the dark content and boy is it dark at times and 5 stars from anybody who gets how much kids will like it for exactly that reason It s funny tooOn a side note from aarent oint of view it brought up some great issues for us to discuss It also had some interesting concepts with the whole mind thing that even got me thinking And now this is just a ersonal thing but I thing that even got me thinking And now this is just a ersonal thing but I liked that it wasn t all informal and slapstick think like Harry Potter than Diary of Wimpy KidOverall I have to say this author knew exactly what she was doing when she wrote this she got it just right S is already asking about when the next one will come out. Rkable feats as also evidenced by Chris’s eers Ernest and Mortimer Genver who at the direction of their vengeful and manipulative mother are testing the boundaries of the human mindBut all this experimentation has conseuences and Chris soon finds himself forced to face them or his new life will be over before it can begin. .

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I really enjoyed everything about this book First off the style reminded me of the kind of books I read in elementary school that were written in that magical Rant period of the 1950s 1970s Second I know a lot ofeople will want to compare this book to Harry Potter but for me it felt like Matilda meets X Men First Class by way of The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids seriesSo here s the remise6 twelve year olds are chosen to attend a special
#School Where They Can #
where they can to strengthen their Ability What exactly is their Ability you ask Well it s a combination of telekinesistelepathymind controland speed readingThe kids are set up as a kind of task force against a set of creepy twins and their adopted gothic mother a former student left for dead on a mission 30 years ago who is now back for revengethis is one of the best for revengeThis is one of the best books I ve read in a while It s well written smart and has the feel of a modern classic It was just everything that I ve been looking for in a book in this genre Don t and I M Saying This As m saying this as English teacher get all literary on this This is fast and full of detail the kind of book kids can read again and again It might not win any literary awards but that s fine by me not all books worth reading have to The kind of kids I teach boys mostly NEED books like thisMore serious and thought rovoking than Mysterious Benedict Society which I love too btw less of that Harry Potter magic that sometimes uts boys off I KNOW this is a book my class is going to go nuts over in the fall I work in a bookstore and a kid recommended this to me Usually it s the other way round Kid was right it s a GREAT read It s great fun and works on different levels for kids there s the action acked story a deliciously evil family and tons of i wish i could do that For teenagers and adults there s a whole other level to read this book on the desperate and complex situation of the Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons protagonist and the way he deals with that and what blew me away the concept of the uniue city of in the mind Seriously great book Having read to the end and seen how it s all been set up I have a feeling the second book is going to be incredible I am a total sucker for middle grade novels about special schools and kids withowers Perhaps it s because I grew up reading Harry Potter and am still on the hunt for that elusive book that will mean as much to me though I know that will likely not happen because I m an adult now and less able to appreciate the magic Still for all that I m not likely to find something as amazing as Harry Potter is my middle grade choices have yet to fail me The Ability is a darker than usual mid. Delve into the extraordinary abilities of the twelve year old mind in this thrilling start to a middle grade series that expands the ossibilities of owerNo one has any confidence in twelve year old Christopher Lane His teachers discount him as a liar and a thief and his mom doesn’t have the energy to deal with him But Dle grade novel with humor and action aplentyThe main hero of The Ability is young Christopher Lane just turning twelve years old and at wit s end for how to take care of himself and his mother ruined by and at wit s end for how to take care of himself and his mother ruined by death of his father Like so many scrappy heroes everything falls to Chris He struggles in school marked as a troublemaker and is finally expelled for a weird incident where he somehow beats up a bully without touching him But thankfully salvation comes in the form of a test to study at an elite strange Prep School Myers Holt school Myers Holt which Chris asses with flying colors After his test the Dusk (Rosales Saga, proctorresents him with a surprise birthday cakeNote Chris is not a wizardNow there are certainly a few shades of Harry Potter obviously like the cake but The Ability does not read like a retelling What s most similar is actually the tone than the story itself Harry Potter begins as a fairly light story for children but then becomes rogressively darker as the children age The Ability is not a kid s book and I would recommend it for the upper end of the middle grade age group There s some death and injury and some ethical lines that get crossed I really liked how dark this was and that there are shades of gray to the characters The bad guys aren t just evil they have backgrounds that explain how they became the way they are Similarly the children and their teachers are flawed and imperfectThere s a lot of humor in The Ability too Most of the funny moments center around Rex definitely the least likable of the six kids in this class at Myers Holt Academy However just like the other five students the readers can t help but be glad that Rex is there because he s so funny both accidentally and on urpose even if many of his jokes are rather mean spirited There are also some standard middle grade jokes like food fights and that sort of thing The funniest moment for me though was this scene where Chris is sent to a fancy department store to buy some new clothes and the salesman is all snooty telling him to get his grubby hands out of his department until a manager comes and tells him who Chris isI wanted him to storm out while saying thisAnyway the owers that the kids have are also really cool See Myers Holt Academy as one expects is totally not a normal school In fact they train kids to work for the government in the super secret branch MI18 In this world twelve year olds have uniue abilities where they can use a larger ortion of their brains What s really cool and uniue is that these The Caretaker powers only manifest for a single year though any information learned during thiseriod will be retained for life Basic. Mysterious visit from the Ministry of Education indicates that Chris might have some Clara After Dark - 01 potential after all He is invited to attend therestigious Myers Holt AcademyWhen Christopher begins at his new school he is astounded at what he can do It seems that age twelve is a special time for the human brain which is capable of rema.