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As a Black Metropolis, Vol. 2 longtime martial artist I am always interested in gaining new perspectives from theife experiences of people who have encountered violence than I have Campfire Tales from Hell sets out to address this need by pulling together essays From A Broad Range Of Self Defense a broad range of self defense By Words Alone law enforcement officers medical practitioners ex military personnel former criminals and As with many anthologies it s a bit uneven in terms of the tone and uality of the writing but it is almost all interesting and useful stuff The contributions from Marc MacYoung Eric Gaden Wim Demeere Jael Don Roley and Rory Miller in particular are excellent but there are also a few misfires To my mind the chapter on how to navigate a psych ward was interesting but ofikely Constantinople and the West limited value for most people Another on one gaijin s experience in a Japanese prison was engaging but macho andess practical than I would have Enduring Truths liked And finally an essay in which Barry Eisler s fictional assassin John Rain sits down for a scotch with the very realife Marc MacYoung struck me as out of place Which pains me a bit to say as I m a huge fan MacYoung struck me as out of place Which pains me a bit to say as I m a huge fan both John Rain and Barry EislerNonetheless while Campfire Tales from Hell doesn t completely succeeed in its stated objective to be a primer for what you Myst ll need to know to make it out on the edge it is certainly worth reading for anyone interested in getting some straight dope on the physicalegal social and psychological issues surrounding violence and self defense For me it s a worthy companion to works ike Rory Miller s outstanding Meditations on Violence although not in my opinion as essential This is an anthology put together by Rory Miller the author of Meditations On Violence and Scaling ForceIt was a bit of a disappointment While some of the essays were outstanding some simply didn t mesh with my interests or expectations I d hoped for war stories and reflectio. Life out at the edges can be rough scary and at times dangerous Campfire Tales From Hell is a collection of essays from people who have been there done that some of whom had to fight for their title of ‘survivor’ Some are professionals calmly going to work knowing a bad day means someone dies and that ‘someone’ could be them Others came through by being smarter aware better trained or just having it together than the other 'team' So. Campfire Tales From Hell

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EislerAs I said this is an eclectic group of stories by an even eclectic group of individuals that come together once a year to destroy Marc MacYoung s awn It is not only an engaging and interesting read but one that Teaches A Lot Of Valuable Lessons For a ot of valuable Dolphin Confidential lessons for that pay attention to them Remember theseessons were Mairis Mermaid learned with much sweat tears and blood Read the book enjoy the book but most importantlyearn from the book I find MacYoung and Miller to be two of the best writers on real world violence and combat out there and had high expectations for this book Their pieces were good as were several others and there is much useful information in the collection but it generally is so heterogenous in content and such a mix of practical and non practical that I can t recommend it without some warning or ualification Read Miller s Meditations on Violence and Facing Violence or a few of MacYoung s many great books before this book if you have not done so already Employ your time in improving yourself by other men s writing so that you shall gain easily what others have abored hard for SocratesThat uote in a nutshell describes my perception of this book Each story offers some nuggets from the perspective of someone who s been down their particular road some many times Many of them are stories that directly relate to situations I might find myself in so it s very important to pay attention to what they have to offer from their experiences Others are obscure such as a stay in a
uk mental institution 
mental institution a Japanese prison but I found them no ess interesting The bottom The Shadow of Your Smile line is this book is packed with tidbits and helpful hints from people who ve been in theine of fire who ve put their The Three Worlds lives on theine who ve done things I not only have never done but in many cases hope I never have to So I m In the Belly listening and taking notes You never know what directionife might take you. At I wish someone had told me when I started' It's how Hollywood and fiction can and will get you killed or thrown into prison It's what you need to know to fill the holes in your self defense or defensive tactics training In a different direction writers can earn from the people who actually do what they're writing about But most of all Campfire Tales From Hell is a collection of stories and wisdom that tells you 'you too can get through'. Ns by guys ike Miller But They Really Weren T they really weren t here I m one of the authors that contributed to Campfire Tales From Hell Musings on Martial Arts Survival Bouncing and General Thug Stuff and I m honored to be along side all of the individuals that contributed to this collection of stories tales wisdom advice and practical experience from people who have been there and done that This book isn t full of techniues that will turn you into a killer commando or some super elite martial artist Rather Campfire Tales From Hell is a book full of personal experiences many of which are not nice or good and what you can earn from them to survive and make it through your own personal horrors no matter how Land large or small they may beThe book is hard to explain because there is just so much in it It comes from the history of a group of people all with wide experienced backgrounds getting together and telling stories over BB and alcohol after a hard day of training And the training was taught by these same people sharing the skills they ve spent years developing As a participant of many of these gatherings I ve heard some of these stories first hand heck I was there with one of Marc MacYoung s tales and I am glad they have been captured in print for others toearn from There are things about talking to cops aw enforcement thoughts on fighting the differences between stage fighting and real fighting how to read your opponent some history on European martial arts PTSD trauma winning and osing teaching training and conditioning how there are no secrets breaking various war stories and what WAS LEARNED ADVICE FOR BOUNCERS HOW TO STAY OUT learned advice for bouncers how to stay out trouble as a psych ward patient martial art cults how to The Armlet of the Gods leave abusive relationships being nice when working security gambling with yourife The Crystal Rose learning the old to understand the new how there is no magic and a new fiction storyinterview by Barry. Me of the authorsooked into the abyss and spit in its eye when it Paradise For Two looked back Still others were normal people thrown into extraordinary circumstancesCampfire Tales is not a collection of macho stories It's a primer for what you'll need to know to make it out on the edge It's what to remember when you're dealing with dangerous people and difficult situations It's what attitudes knowledge and perspectives you'll need to get through It's 'wh.