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The Antic Cartoon Art of T S SullivantNued “was the man that the atelier ainters looked to

They Sought Out Solidity 
sought out solidity drawing in and in the holy release of caricature” And Kelly The Art of Standing Still paid Sullivant the ultimate homageroducing a Sullivant like series in about 1967 in which a few of Kelly’s swampland critters found themselves in “Prehysteria” a A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, primitive landopulated by Sullivant animals and a well hatted human named NoahThis book marks the first comprehensive collection of this cartooning genius’s work a healthy sampling of his Life cartoons from his debut in the magazine in 1888 to his last cartoon in 1926 Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience publishedosthumously; a healthy helping of his 1905 1909 work for Judge; and a short biography and evaluation by compiler r c harvey and an appreciation by R C Harvey and an appreciation by Marschal. It’s about time that the best work by the ioneering cartoonist T S Sullivant was collected into a single volume Known as an artist’s artist revered by 20th century cartoonists ranging from Walt Kelly to Jim Woodring his work is notoriously difficult to find which may be why there hasn’t been an extensive collection of his drawings and cartoons ublished until nowT S Sullivant 1854 1926 didn’t start cartooning until he was 32 years old but before he was he had alter the face comedic art in America ushering it into the 20th century Until Sullivant’s drawings animals exaggerated facial and anatomical features to the oint of caricature most American cartoonists were illustrators than cartoonists *They Drew Realistically And Cross *drew realistically and cross co. Piously Sullivant and Eugene Zimmerman changed that inaugurating the typical caricatural methods of modern cartooning big heads big feet Sullivant famed for drawing animals cave men and women rummy Irishmen and Biblical characters with anachronistic abandon did most of his cartooning for the old Life and Biblical characters with anachronistic abandon did most of his cartooning for the old Life magazine 1883 1936 with a few years’ detour to a rival Judge During that The Naked Man period Sullivant received the accolade of the age he was employed briefly by William Randolph Hearst to doolitical cartoons for the New York Journal AmericanApart from his significance in the history of American cartooning Sullivant is widely admired for the sheer ictorial comedy of his cartoons Pogo’s Walt Kelly called him a “one and only genius Sullivant” Kelly conti.

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