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This book will make you smile Absolute classic I loved the two main characters How this was originally banned is beyond belief I first came across a copy of The Tailor and Ansty in a house in Bath about 25 years ago discarded on the floor of the Tailor and Ansty in a house in Bath about 25 years ago discarded on the floor of the with some old magazines and other rubbish To be honest I was a bit surprised to find that particular Irish book there Over the years I d heard many references to it but never fully in context so although familiar with the title I actually had no idea what it was aboutThe first thing that struck me was the easy readability Eric Cross has a lovely nonchalant style that makes it a real pleasure to read from the very first page In the townland of Garrnapeaka in the district of Inchigeela in the parish of Iveleary in the barony of West Muskerry in the county of Cork in the province of Munster as he magnilouently styles his address lives the TailorHis small whitewashed cottage with its acre of ground stands at the brow of a hill at the side of a road which winds and climbs into a deep glen. Tailor and Ansty was banned soon after its first publication climbs into a deep glen. Tailor and Ansty was banned soon after its first publication 1942 and became the subject of much bitter controversy It has become a modern Irish classic. Of the mountains bordering Cork And Kerry If and Kerry If don t know much about the story it really is very simple and concerns Eric Cross record of his real life interactions with two elderly individuals Timothy Buckley the laid back and talkative Tailor and his ever nagging wife Anastasia Ansty in 1940 s Gougane Barra West CORKTHE BOOK IS GENTLY HUMOROUS VERY FUNNY AT TIMES book is gently humorous very funny at times gives a beautiful insight into the lives of people in rural Ireland at a time when there was no entertainment apart from shaggy stories and philosophical musings Mostly the book concerns the Tailor s amusingly erudite if nscholarly RAMBLINGS AND VARIOUS INTERACTIONS BETWEEN THE and various interactions between the and their friends and neighbours and their almost obsessive care of their single cow Because of their age the Tailor and Ansty were ite elderly and retired at the time Eric Cross knew them both were very much set in their ways and after over forty years of living together had a polished routine of abuse and affection that comes through in the book If you re looking for action and high Promising to make immortal the Tailor and his irrepressible wife Ansty The Tailor never travelled further than Scotland yet the breadth of the world could

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The Tailor and AnstyRama you won t find it here but you ll not find a better antidote to modern life eitherThirty years later I still have the original copy I found on the floor of that basement in Bath and it remains one of my favourite books to this day Amazing storytelling Can t figure out why it was banned in Ireland when it came out Absolutely loved this book two people near the end of their lives who had preserved the innocence the zest the wonder It transported me to a time and place in rural Ireland would loved to have sat in their cottage And Soaked In Their And Wisdom To Uote Eric soaked their wit and wisdom to ote Eric whose recording of their lives is exuisite in my opinion we are shown had we eyes to see that against a backdrop of poverty of severe physical handicap and pain that life could be and was lived with an enormous appetite gusto gaiety courage and a certainty which made hay of the various religions philosophical and political labels with which we buttress ourselves against the real in our individual lives page 219 these two together created a little magic for Ot contain the wealth of his humour and fantasy All human life is here marriages inuests matchmaking wakes and always the Tailor his wife and their black co. ,