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S undercover as a high school student With The Help Of Her Friend And the help of her friend and a new calling than her old job and discovers a new part of herself one that she had lost in her ambitious job I liked seeing Sarah as *Sarina connect with teenagers and help them in their life She also met a girl like herself *connect with teenagers and help them in their life She also met a girl like herself image and body issues plus the hero s sister Kate who has her own problems The hero Jack is a English teacher who is rigid and

"sarah helps him "
helps him with his students and making him see that he may be resentful because he gave up his dreams to take care of his sister and mother The romance wasn t that prominent but I enjoyed it Jack s discovery of her identity Sarah s best friend having a thing for Jack his screenplay her trial there were many things going on. Nglish teacher Under ordinary circumstances he would be the perfect man for her But he'll never look at her as a woman unless she reveals her true identity and if she does that she just might wind up dead What's a girl to. ,
This is one of my all time favourite Harleuin s And Have Read It Numerous Times Skimmed Through It This have read it numerous times Skimmed through it this and remembered my love all over again Interesting premise Pas mal pour un Harleuin One of the better written romance stories that I pilfered from my mum s collection Is worth holding onto and largely lacks the flat stereotypes of this genre Think Never Been Kissed meets the bookish version of Glee I grew up reading my mothers romance books so I m very familar with the genre I actually like well written romances This
"one is very "
is very written with believable charactors I ve read it several times and it is a page turner I liked this novel but I wasn t crazy about it Had an earthy and realistic tone in some areas eg the high school hierarchy and the Nowhere to run One place to hideSarah Davidson is the lone witness to a brutal *MURDER AFTER THE KILLER MAKES AN ATTEMPT ON HER *After the killer makes an attempt on her she's put under police protection But when one of the cops turns on her she's forced to hi. Ain of being a teenager at the bottom of this hierarchy *but ou had to suspend disbelief about other aspects of the *you had to suspend disbelief about other aspects of the eg the heroine being able to pass for a teenager for so long and her best friend s ability to pull strings to get her into the high school in the first place Fun in parts but prepare to suspend disbelief in a major way Sarah is uickly enrolled in a high school because her best friend Is Assist Principal She Immediately assist principal She immediately calling attention to herself by dressing outrageously and mouthing off to all of her teachers Sarah has purple eyes cue exasperated sigh here LOVED IT It s beautiful and very well written For one of those Romance novels this was surprisingly good Rating 35 starsWooho so I finally got to read this book The heroine goe. De in a place no one would ever think to look Sarah's solution Roosevelt High She'll masuerade as a high school senior and try to blend inBut no one can ignore the cool girl from California Especially not Jack Morgan her .
The Wallflower