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Ostly succeeds in its weird mashup f the elegiac and ludicrous This is a spectacular collection Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things of poems I re read this book every few monthsr so I liked a few f these poems a lot eg flamenco ghost gash but for the most part wasn t getting the vibe Too bad because it s the FIRST BOOK OF HIS I VE GOTTEN MY HANDS book f his I ve gotten my hands and though ne f his Rufus other books may be better I m kindf feeling I won t pursue it But hey wonderful whimsical cover smile I write and perform poetry People ask me ften what it is I dodid after hearing a reading This is because f the American notion You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series of poetry as an antiuated museum device that isnly seen in Through Reuired Reading In A High through reuired reading in a lit class and thus not something that is important and evolving Dean Young s book is ne f the first I have read in a very long time that proved my Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice own philosophy for poetry that it is alive andnly as important as the creativity we care to infuse the form with Most poetry does belong in a there are pieces I loved uotes bits f insight moments in a particular poem but I think dean young s style is just not for me the form is long jilted and scrambled done so purposefully but I still felt a bit let down by how noncommittal most f it seemed this says about my expectations as a reader The Cowboys of poetry than his wrtg because it s definitely good and I DO like how the style rly comes across asne Sins of Treachery of those sortf scary experimental jazz bloopy atonal piano pieces a bit eerie and not what you d expect and a little befuddled by the whole thing but it sure was a ride It has taken me a while to learn to love Dean Young but I m n the way This book helped to turn me around Here s a thing I wrote n it uite a while back at first I felt like I wasn t getting this book My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City of poems then I started trying a little bit harder to decipher the code and put together the different pieces that made things enjoyable Dean is weird for sure but I m glad I read this and will definitely Young Ry None feeling r idea takes precedence ver another and their simultaneity is freuently revealed; sadness may throw a suirrelly shadow joy can find itself dressed in mourning black As in the agitated Whirlpool Suite Pain and pleasure are two signals carr. Dean Young s style is seductive yet hard to imitate It s Funny Random Hip Ironic random hip ironic founded Whos Next? Guess Who! on a strong bedf sincere inuiry A poem says DNA is surreal because a fair amount f it is gibberish and as such purely artistic which is funny and authentic and somehow persuasiveThe typical poem is a longish single stanza f free verse lines a shape Young proves to be versatile One poem is a catalog Papi's Gift of recent deaths Two were in their 70s that s not sold another a percentage breakdown f how much the speaker likes his friends another a TrueFalse uiz probably the book s most famous creation I showed

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poem to my in a few classes had them read it ut loud and respond as honestly as possible to the uestions They found some completely insignificant 74 Zinc thers conventional if also intrusive 87 I believe in God and still thers TO BE SURPRISINGLY POINTED INUIRIES INTO THEIR ETHICAL BELIEFS be surprisingly pointed inuiries into their ethical beliefs Criminals should not be allowed to lift weights グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] or their ideasf truth 34 There are colors now than twenty years ago This poem TrueFalse is a good barometer for the whole book s range the various ways it engages the reader s mindI felt most disengaged from the book when it gets so fragmentary the pieces bear no relation to each ther which happens in predictable ways Here s a passage from I Saw My Life Go By in the Coyote s JawsBetween ueenDream disjointerFurry Dionysuswho you never knowwhich way heshe will goeveryone perfectly kaywith the vintage then boomyour head s knocked ffjade monkey crushedmoon fallen in a mess f kite stringWe re being told the sloppiness The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within of the lines iskay through appeals to dream and Dionysian madness but it s not really all that fun to read There s something stale about the boom the kind f thing we have come to associate with voice poets Also stale the image f the moon as a kite It s not terrible but it s not freshI suppose I rounded this down from like 44 stars It s a lovely funny charmingly weird book that In Elegy File Under: Arson on Toy Piano Dean Young's sixth bookf poems elegiac necessity finds itself next to goofy celebration Daffy Duck enters the Valley f the Eternals Faulkner and bell bottoms cling to beauty's evanescenceEven in single poems Young's tone and style va. ,
Gain So it s no secret that I m making my way through Young again I got all his books from the ASU library so if you re trying to get them I m sorry and they ll be back soon This ne is water damaged and in uite bad shape I miss being able to see the names f others who have checked ut the book they way you could when I was in college I was very who have checked ut the book they way you could when I was in college I was very as I was reading these poems about Young s process It feels like he may have written these differently than he did those in Turbulence Lessons which I just finished They are disjointed There were some moments when I was annoyed to not have enough glue connections between lines and images But there s a lot to love here too Some f my favorites My agony is no sillier than yours even if it s riding a tiny unicycleYou may think you re breaking a window but you re breaking the explanation f a window with the explanation f a rock The knife makes a smile in the melonAt least turn me ver so I can see the sky the ice breaks into pills the river swallows I really like his style as he is highly the ice breaks into pills the river swallows I really like his style as he is highly The poetry is complex and I m not sure with my understanding that a lot f what is Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training on the page isn tf inside knowledge that I m supposed to accept while reading I feel the style is pretentiousness without trying I had a hard time following the flow The Texan Meets His Match of the poem and left shaking my head at the endf most pieces Don t get me wrong I really like the choice f wording and lines presented throughout his creative process I will revisit him freuently to see if his creative direction becomes clear as I continue to branch ut f my comfort zone uite a bit f the material races The Heretic's Handbook (Kindle Single) over my comprehension but I thoroughly enjoyed being confused and there are some real gems in this cove We ve always been where we are We have no memoriesf escape climbing the steps with Blue Guide New York our collapsed mapsperating instructions dangling from ur necks Tide f ions never let us goan excerpt from What s Wrong with this Picture. Ied Monsieur de Saint-George: Virtuoso, Swordsman, Revolutionary: A Legendary Life Rediscovered overne phonelineIn taking up subjects as slight as the examination Garden of The Gods of a signaturer a truefalse test and as pressing as the death f friends Young's poems embrace the duplicity f feeling the malleability The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now of perception and the truth tellingf wordpla. ,

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Elegy On Toy Piano Pitt Poetry Series