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Ecomes intricate because the spells become complicated Meanwhile there is a new character that no one expected The book is great and the story is even intricate I really like the writer s imagination The previous book ended literally in mid sentence and this one picks up right there For this reason I have to be very vague in my plot escription to avoid spoilers I will just hit the highlights Corwin learned very interesting facts about the cosmology of the world of Amber Needless to say practically everything he and by extension the readers knew turned out to be wrong It is by the way not the last time when this happens Corwin also finally learned the full truth regarding the events that left him where we found the guy in the beginning of the series a psychiatric ward At the same time the true villain emerges from the shadows Out hero is told the only reason he is still alive the said villain id not want to spill Corwin s blood on a fancy carpet such things are always nice to know Random became a family man Benedict had to face an uneasy truth Julian id some explaining this time about the events of the first book and absolutely nobody was bored The last several paragraphs presented a very unexpected event Was it good or bad for the future Next book will tellAs usual both kinds of Amber world travels via Trumps and shadows were great and exciting from my point of view I never found them repetitive some excellent uels were fought and exciting from my point of view I never found them repetitive some excellent uels were fought and got to use his cool prosthetic hand This is a uniue series in the sense that if you want to understand how Amber world "Is Built A Serious Workout Of Imagination " built a serious workout of imagination reuired in each book as you always learn something that forces you to re think your ideas My ratings for the previous books of the series were 5 stars with no exception and I am not about to create one now It should be obvious that I am a big fan of the series and I lost count to the number of times I read it. On all their superhuman powers to efeat their brother turned traitor before he can walk the magical Pattern that created Amber and remake the universe in his own imag. ,
The Hand of Oberon

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I read this series when I was in high school and reread it now and "Enjoyed The Whole Series Of " the whole series of books Great fantasy books and I normally The Touch don t go for that genre at all Oh shit The ending of this book was brilliant I really was not expecting anything of what happened to happen Definitely my favorite of the series so far Looking forward to the conclusion of the books on Corwin Yep this was awesome With the exception of the slightly awkward recount of previous events at the beginning and several pages of extremely boringepiction of Corwin s travel through Shadow Not The First Time I M Skipping These This not the first time I m skipping these this a perfect book And that cliffhanger Although let s be honest view spoilerGanelon s extreme knowledge of all things Amber hide spoiler 45 starsThis is my favorite book of the series so far and it s so much better than Sign of the Unicorn I m glad I continued reading OMG This was a completely satisfying readAt a time in my life where it s been On His Majestys Service difficult to read anything and enjoy it this has been another standout read by a master of the fantasy genreI just love how Zelazny packs pure narrative power into so few pages Now onto book 5 The Courts of Chaos A suitablyaunting title that Today is the Different Class day for me to reminisce about the Amber series or so it seems However the into the series we get it is harder to review it without making spoilers It would be a shame to spoil this series for anyone as theiscoveries made along the way by Corwin others are really interesting Is it a spoiler to reveal that Oberon still has a part to play I won say how or why but there is a reason why the father is referenced in the title As The Hand of Oberon The Essential Good Food Guide develops many things from the previous novel become clear A traitor is revealed Corwin is becoming to uestion everything Heredity or environment I wondered wryly We were all of us to someegree mad after his fashion To be honest it had to be a form of madness to have. Across the mysterious Black Road emons swarm into Shadow The ancient secret source of the royal family's power is revealed an unholy pact between a prince of the real. So much and to strive so bitterly for just a little for a bit of an edge And on into the fourth for just a little for a bit of an edge And on into the fourth of The Chronicles of Amber It s been a pleasant journey as the series keeps getting better I started out not particularly liking the first book This is fun escapist fare chock full of melodrama scheming betrayal and cliffhangers What could you want from this kind of read There are some ry patches uring which characters explicate at length too much telling too little showing as I used to hear in creative writing class But then things pick up again and By The Time This Book Ends things pick up again and By The Time This Book Ends M Yearning To the time this book ends I m yearning to up book five and find out what happens next At this point I m pretty much one with this series For the sake of closure I m going to finish Book 5 but really I on t understand why this is seen as such a Fantasy classic The narrative mainly consists of various fairly interchangeable characters explaining the plot to each other followed by a ull The City in Mind description of yet another hellride between parallel worlds It isn t clear what anyone s motivations are or what precisely is at sta My rating 47The Book of The Oberon The Chronicles of Amber 4 is better than the previous book and it s simply a pleasure to read it On Amber s main pattern family blood was shed which led to the appearance of the black road Corwin is trying to find out whoid it suspect conspirators Brand Fiona and Bleys Corwin is trying to find out who almost killed him but that s still covered by the veil of secrets The she reveals the less she knows but soon everything will start to break out because Corwin will Revenge (The Red Ledger discover things hidden in his head Corwin will finally begin to make a jigsaw puzzle of all theetails because from his friend the Bill from the shadow of the Earth he will get the information he needs But the main culprit for all that has happened will No One Wants You disappear from their chambers and it will only make things complicated But as he learns he M the forces of Chaos threaten all the known worlds with absolute obliteration The hour of battle is at hand Now Corwin and the remaining princes of Amber must call up.

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