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Under the Mountain

Maurice Gee ´ 7 CHARACTERS

Olvia have recommended me to read this book as part of Wide reading programme My tutor told me what the book is about and I felt interested with this book after she told me This book fits the category of a book is written by a New Zealander because this book is written by Maurice Gee who is the New Zealand author of the book Also the book cover tells me that the story is settled in AucklandNZL Zealand author of the book Also the book cover tells me that the story is settled in AucklandNZL One Tree Hill the area I lived in nowMy favourite character of this story is the twins which they are called Theo and Rachel because wanted to find out new things like the old Rachel because they to find out new things like the old called Mr Jones who have been look at them and looking somewhere then vanished into the sky This character is mysterious because he always vanished somewhere The twins don t know why he vanished Anyway also twins like to go on adventure For example for real at the start of the story the twins have disappeared from his parents house one night while his father was cutting the logs His father never notice the twins have disappeared ntil he feel in his heart that something is wrong So he looked and found out that twins have disappeared He went into the house tell his wife called the police and neighbours When they all there they started searching for them but by the end of the day they never find it This is described as adventure people in the story as they loved to wonder around going on the adventuresI found that the Christmas With A Hero uote called Make for Rangitoto Make for light is very interesting because as they are running away from Wilberforces who is the evil people in the story they will died because these Wilberforces could easily kill the humanssing their powers Theo and Rachel are trying to make a goal to get rid of them by running to the top of the mountain consistly This is what we are expected to learn from the test etc If you fail the test you have make the goal of how to get better in the test by doing what This ote is very important in the futuresI have learned from the story is if you are the parent you must fully supervised the children. E endowed with special powers to oppose mysterious giant creatures that are determined I decided to read Under the Mountian by Maurice Gee because i have heard good things about it before Th book that I had looked exiting and mysterious at the same time I love these types of books because i always get into story and pretend i m in the book watching it all This book has been made into a move twice Once a long time ago and once ite recently I watched the old one which was really good The movie and book are really similar except when i was reading the book i imagined that the characters looked different to what i thought I think this category was really interesting because the movie is sually different from the bookThe character I found most interesting was Mr Wilberforce He is a shape shifter from another planet His true form is a form of a slug which gives off a stench of rotten cabbages His main goal is TO RELEASE HIS GIANT WORMS THAT LIVE UNDER THE release his giant worms that live nder the and turn earth into a giant mud puddle It is really cool how he is an alien and is trying to destroy the human race It gives an almost believable twist is an alien and is trying to destroy the human race It gives an almost believable twist the book that makes me want to keep reading and see if the alien race will succeed in their missionMy favourite A Ta Place uote from the novel is something that Mr Jones The leader of the people trying to destroy the aliens says when the aliens finally disappear after trying to kill the main characters Theo and Rachel Mathersonyour world is safe now Theo This is the words that Theo and Rachel wanted to hear for so long and it finally came They could finally rest and not have to worry about alien creatures trying to kill themI Thought the book was brilliant over all and i would read it again if i could I thought that anyone could actually be an alien or a creaturenknown from man even though it is very Mortal Sin unlikely It helped that it was set in Auckland too because when they traveled around to all the beaches i knew exactly where they were There could be a giant wormnder Rangitoto or Mt Eden you never know I have chosen to read this book because I am very interested about Auckland in NZ Also my reading tutor. While vacationing with relatives in Auckland twins Theo and Rachel discover that they ar.
Otherwise if they ran away "you call the police neighbours etc to start searching around the area This will take "call the police neighbours etc to start searching around the area This will take long time Also I learned is to set the goal of every subject and try to achieve it so you will get good marks in the testThis story talks about the adventure of the twins called Theo and Rachel who loves to go on adventures in Auckland NZL During the story he met wisely man called Mr Jones He teaches the twins how to How to Win an Argument... Even When You Lose use the stones These stones aresed to attack and defend bad people This is very magical I wish I could have one Anyway during the story the bloody enemy called Wilberforces was trying to eat them so they ran off to Rangitoto which it is a mountain in Auckland to hide away from the ememy as they try to se their stones to fight againist them If you want to find out then I suggested you should read this bookAnother facts I learned is too think smart otherwise you might get tricked and attacked by someone like the twins think it carefully and they knew it was their person who has been looking for them as they are not the POLICE MAN This was one of my childhood favourites and this was the first time I d read it since I was 9 or so So great Action that keeps you on the edge of your seat and the sibling bond is lovely Flawless writing And I love that it s set in a place that I now know so well don t get that very often I have to say this is a bit of a niche book though an essential read for kiwi kids but I think if I was reading it for the first time As An Adult The Lack an adult the lack nostalgia for it would bump it down a bit and if you re not from NZ you might not get it so much but in saying down a bit and if you re not from NZ you might not get it so much but in saying it s only the places that are referenced otherwise it s not too specific to NZ A fun novelty middle grade classic from New Zealand I hadn t heard of it ntil my brother brought it back to me from the country It s a little dark for younger kids and has definitely got some plot holes But ite epic at the end Thrilling and evocative Under the Mountain can sometimes be slowly paced but overall it s a truly great nove. O destroy the worldLibrarian Note This is an alternate cover edition of ISBN 97801433184. ,