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Blood Makes the Grass Grow: A Norwegian Volunteers War Against the Islamic State

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Y of war Even if I never been a SOLDIER MYSELF IT ISN T ALL ABOUT MAYHEM AND myself It isn t all about mayhem and like sci fi books Just a realityI followed his Instagram while back He did something that many of s doesn tmad respect for him Truly excellent book After following the author on Instagram I had to buy this book and read It Gripped From Start To Finish Can Not Recommend It Gripped from start to finish can not recommend it buy it After following Mike s story on Instagram over the last few years I couldn t wait to read this book as soon as I heard it was on the waySeeing what he and many other selfless warriors had put themselves through to fight for what is right is a real eye opener and dam I ve not been disappointed I m half way through the book and can honestly say it s an eye openerMike your a living hero and thank you for sharing your experience with s all Stunning story of the war against ISIS that only an whiteness account could give The thing I really appreciated we the fact that the author didn t shy away from his own shortcomings the grisly details or controversial commentary This books benefited greatly from not being punished by a mainstream publisher Overall it s raw jaw dropping and captivating 5 stars for sure I m not sure how I found Mike on IG but I 5 stars for sure I m not sure how I found Mike on IG but I his IG page exploded with followers around the time I started to follow him Through his IG account I knew about the details of the War against ISIS hours if not days before it hit the newsThis book is a behind the scenes look at the war I have the tmost respect for Mike and all the volunteers who were doing the dirty work against ISIS This book gives you a glimpse of politics on the local and international stage in addition to the limitations those politics put on the volunteer fightersYou get to see even with outdated euipment the Peshmerga push forward against ISIS who are Tempting Kate (Regency Quartet, using modern US euipment abandoned by the Irai Armed Force. Recounts how his Kurdish heritage liberal Norwegianpbringing and military training shaped his worldview and drew him into the fight against militant Islamism Armed only with gear he purchased himself and the name of a Kurdish contact Mike is thrust into a military culture completely foreign to Westerners; where soldiers work without pay adeuate food and even ammunition and their revered leader is a former hitman Here are dramatic firefights against the worlds most feared terrorist organization and insight into the mindset of a true warriorMike Peshmerganor is a pseudonym He escaped from Kurdistan as an in. Great read I followed Mike on Instagram whilst he was out fighting Fantastic to read about his time out there and scrolling through his photos on Instagram really visualising everything that happenedTo Mike Thank you for your courage and fighting this evil Really well written and gripping account of Mike s experience fighting ISIS I d been waiting for the translation to be released and i really wasn t let down Its not a gung ho glory seeking biography its a genuine self written recollection of his time there Cannot recommend this book enough I like many others have followed Mike for a long time He s always honest and conducts himself with integrity and this books shows that It s an extremely insightful look into the fight against ISIS and Mike has I ve been following Mike since the early days of his Instagram I have followed his journey on Instagram and when I found out that there was a book I couldn t wait to get my copy I am currently deployed in the Middle East and I am over halfway through the book It is a great read and I would love to hear from Mike I would recommend to anyone interested in what has been going on and I would also reccomend to anyone who will be deployed to relevant areas that the book mentions How could you not enjoy this to anyone who will be deployed to relevant areas that the book mentions How could you not enjoy this This man has done what many of Progress or Collapse us wish we could ve done but he actually went and did it I found myself disheartened when I came to the end of this book because I wish there was to read about this incredible story of one man s battle against the caliphateMy respect Peshmerganor you are a true warrior amongsDo yourself a favor and read this book you will not be disappointed This isn t the best or worst book but it is nothing but 100% authenticity The modern warfare is full of bureaucracy tribalism cultural clashes and boredomsameness This showed it all I nderstood the progress on the realit. The incredible true story of a young Norwegian who put his life on the line to fight the world's most brutal terrorist organizationAugust 2014 ISIS continues its reign of terror conuering new areas in Ira and Syria leaving tens of thousands of dead and millions displaced in their homelands International news shows gruesome images of massacres and ethnic cleansing A horrified Norwegian soldier at Camp Rena shocked by Norways nwillingness to commit troops to eradicate the terrorists decides to take matters into his own hands and travels to the Kurdish front line in IraIn this gripping memoir Mike Peshmerganor. ,