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I bought this book in January 2016 after hearing an interview with Dr Greger on a podcast At first I found it hard to read but not because it difficult or confusing but because it was changing everything I thought I knew about food I had lost 45 lbs already by eating healthierI stopped reading about 13 way through and then continued my healthy lifestyle This included lots of prepackaged health foods and shakes Lots of sugar and oil tooIn March of 2016 I started to et a rash on my face Psoriasis I ve never had it before but it uickly spread to other parts of my body By May 2016 I was miserable with my rash and still sitting at 204 lbs despite my healthy lifestyle and consuming 1500 calories a dayI decided something must be The Accursed going on in my body why was it attacking itself Why wouldn t my psoriasis clear up despite the creams my doctor prescribedI went back and started the book How Not to Die again in late May 2016 By Mid June I had fully adopted his diet and now in September 2016 I will never look back I m down 30 lbs my skin is finally clearing up and I have so much energyThis book has changed my life and my only wish is it cost less so I could buy a copy for all of my friendsUpdate 72017I ve been eating this way for a year now and I could nevero back I m 36 and feel better than I ever did in my 20 s I m down over 50lbs in a year see update pic below EVERYBODY SHOULD READ THIS BOOK It is an invaluable resource Dr Greger extolls the virtue of a plant based lifestyle but does so with an absolute raft of scientific evidence behind his claims and theories The nutrition facts team and the online resource is a fountain of knowledge mining data from lobal studies to pull together key factssummaries making our job easier This book is amazingThe book is divided into 2 sectionsFirst section tells you how to reverse major diseases and health problemsAnd second tells you the health benefits of various foodsNot only the book easy to understand and to imply in daily life but also hilariousThe author has also iven tips on how to eat theese foods in a tasty wayI had second thoughts about buying this bookbecause i thought i was indian and maybe the author talked about foreign food itemsbut notrust me uys it is filled with products from our day to day liveshands down awesomeAlso reat for medical students and practicing doctors and dentists This book details the connection between our food and many diseases I myself have prostrate cancer stage 4 with bone metastasises I was Swing Sideways given less than a year to live at diagnosis My conventional meds had stopped working my cancer markers had steadily increased for the last 4 months when I read this book I followed the recommended diet of no processed foods no animal products such as dairy eggs and meats This was a drastic change for me Within about twelve weeks my five metastatic areas became inactive my cancer markers returned to normal my blood values returned to normal my previous borderline high blood pressure became excellent I feelood I have no pain and I look healthy Personally I don t need any scientific proof to tell me I am on the right track Is it easy No But I have a five year old daughter and a wife and i need to be here a little longer I am not claiming I am cured I continue my conventional treatments but I am also changing my diet and I have started a one hour per day exercise program The way I understand things now I see that we are iving ourselves these terrible diseases by eating stuff we aren t supposed to In the process we are lining the pockets of eating stuff we aren t supposed to In the process we are lining the pockets of companies with billions of dollars We have to understand that these industries are etting rich off our backs I can only recommend reading this book following the advice and if not saving your own life at least you will make it a lot better I will start at the end in the hope that people will read some useful advice A huge amount of ill health is caused by today s indulgent western diets There is no doubt that eating sugar and unrefined carbohydrates takes a lot of the blame Eating lots of fat especially animal fat and other animal products probably shares the blame but the science is less certain A lot of confusion arises because people who stop eating animal products often switch to refined carbohydrates so they are swapping one bad diet for another one Dr Greger has much less to say about carbohydrates and it wouldn t be an exaggeration to say the book is Dancing with Mr. Darcy grossly biased That doesn t mean his advice is bad If you follow his recommendations you willet the best of all worlds except astronomical pleasure because he does not recommend switching to refined carbohydrates he recommends switching to healthy whole rains vegetables and fruit The challenge is that if you stop eating meat dairy and all the yummy foods he Sharpes Trafalgar goes on about and also stop eating all the refined carbohydrates like bread potatoes and pasta that he doesn t say so much about you areoing to have to eat an awful lot of those healthy fruits and vegetablesNow I o back to the beginning Once upon a time a man called Dr Joel Furhman wrote a book called Eat to Live which recommended in sensationalist prose that we should all eat a lot of varied plant material little or no animal material cut back heavily on saturated fat and sugar and basically avoid just about everything really yummy like cake chocolate meat biscuits ice cream cheese crisps Dr Fuhrman became very rich selling books healthy foods health retreats and running a clinic20 years later a man called Dr Michael Greger repeated the trick by by writing a book offering the same advice Dr Greger s style is even sensationalist than snappy Dr Fuhrman s and at times he sounds like a salesman than a scientist or doctor His solution to everything is to stop eating animal products and eat a lot of plant products How not to die from suicide become a vegan How not to die from pollution don t worry about air uality just become a vegan Flatulence from beans Just cut out the dairy Heart condition become a vegan and whatever you do don t take those dreadful statins which in his world have no role to playThe Book Is Stronger In Places is stronger in places others The dietary advice in the second half is well balance. From the physician behind the wildly popular NutritionFacts website How Not to Die reveals the roundbreaking scientific evidence behind the only diet that can prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease related deathThe vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple changes in diet and lifestyle In How Not to Die Dr Michael Greger the internationally renowned nutrition expert physician and founder of NutritionFactsorg examines the fifteen top causes of premature death in America heart disease various cancers diabetes Parkinsons high blood pressure and and explains how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can sometimes trump prescription pills and other pharm.

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How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse DiseaseI and cabbage can aid liver and lung function while cutting the risk of lymphoma and prostate cancerEating five servings of veggies a day is the magic solution Out of these five two should be leafy His To Protect greens like kale arugula and chard One should be a cruciferous vegetable like broccoli cabbage or cauliflower And the other two should include carrots beets and mushrooms Cruciferous vegetables are essential as they produce sulforaphane a potentially powerful anti inflammatory cancer fighting molecule These vegetables are best eaten raw since the enzyme that activates sulforaphane is destroyed by heat Chopping them up before cooking is fine however since doing so activates the enzyme thereby forming sulforaphane After just 40 minutes the molecule is preserved and the vegetable can be safely cooked Dark leafyreens are important since they contain the most nutrition per calorie of any food on earth If you don t like them just try blending them into a fruit smoothieBeans and whole rains are reat for your healthThe American Institute for Cancer Research recommends eating a serving of beans or legumes with every meal since they offer an animal free protein with added benefits like fiberSoy is the most popular bean in America but processed versions of soybeans like tofu should be avoidedLentils are a Babys First Christmas (Christmas Is For Kids) (Christmas Is For Kids) (Harlequin American Romances, 754) good choice for legumes as they can cut a sugar spike even hours after a meal Beyond that they re loaded with prebiotics can relax the stomach and slow the rate of sugar absorptionYou should eat beans three times a day and the sameoes for whole Ups, Kita Sudah Menikah? grains which can deter debilitating diseasesWholerains can cut the risk of heart disease type 2 diabetes obesity and even strokesCheck nutritional labels and confirm that the ratio of carbohydrates to fiber is five to one or lower14 October 2017 1229 ShareNuts and seeds are super nutritiousA single daily serving of nuts or seeds can make all the difference in fighting diseaseThe phytates found in nuts and seeds detoxify excess iron from the body which can create free radicals linked to colorectal cancer While phytates used to be considered inhibitors of mineral absorption they ve since been found to increase bone densityThe most recommended seeds are chia hemp pumpkin sesame and sunflowerWalnuts are the most nutritious They re even among the most antioxidizing foods and boast high levels of omega 3sHerbs and spices make healthy foods even beneficialHerbs and spices can add flare to a dish but these fragrant flavorings are also powerful fighters of disease especially cancerSpices like cloves cinnamon oregano and nutmeg inhibit an enzyme known as monoamine oxidase which can spark depressionBut of all the herbs and spices turmeric is the best especially for cancerWhile turmeric is eliminated from the body uite uickly simple black pepper can suppress this processWhen it comes to beverages water reigns supremeAim for at least five 12 ounce beverages per day and there s nothing better than pure H2OCoffee which benefits the liver and the brain Those who drink than two cups of java per day experience half the risk of both chronic liver issues and suicideThe second is tea which can have powerful medicinal effectsMilk is a big no oWhile moderate drinking one drink a day for women and two for men has benefits for heart disease booze is also correlated with cancerExercise coupled with a healthy diet is the recipe for a long lifeWhile healthy eating is essential its benefits can only be increased by adding exercise to the mix The daily recommendation is 90 minutes of moderate or 40 minutes of intense exerciseFinal summaryThe key message in this book Switching to a plant based diet can help you live longer and healthily Many of the debilitating diseases we suffer from today are merely a result of eating animal based foods By changing your diet you can prevent or even reverse conditions as serious as heart disease or cancer PROS The advice in this book can prevent All Of And Reverse Most of and reverse most the following conditionsHeart DiseaseHigh Blood Pressurejust about every form of CancerHypertensionDiabetesAcneObesityGoutArthritisCluster MigrainesAlzheimer sParkinson sSuicidal Depressionand CONS There is a typo on page 272So ya know if you hate typos than you hate dying this book probably isn t for you This book saved me from crippling diverticulitis which at 32 had already robbed me of nearly 8 years of my life The weirdest thing about fully plant based eating is how about fully plant based eating is how extreme it seems before you attempt it and how OBVIOUS it is after you ve made the change Faced with horrible pain associated with recurrent intestinal infections I spent YEARS trying and failing on every fad uackpot miracle diet GAPS SCD Paleo AIP Paleo FODMAPS I tried every insanely expensive probiotic and tried every fiber supplement Despite spending thousands of dollars and every second of every day trying to heal myself I was lucky to et two days a month where I felt even remotely like a person Yet it wasn t until my weight declined to the point where I was faced with resection surgery and associated risk of a colostomy bag that I finally said enough This book found me just in time and I m Baby Legacy (So Many Babies grateful every single day It was definitely a processoing from barely tolerating 10 rams of fiber daily to eating upwards of 100 rams of unprocessed plant fiber but I Langlais correct pour les Nuls got there andot my life back in the process No pain No constipation No flares Of course my doctors and specialists mumble contemptuously when I present them this information as if it were obvious but never presented to me because a life without bacon is no life at all Sometimes I Constantly Craving get angry about losing a sizable chunk of the best years of my life to Western food and medicine Sometimes Iet angry that all my friends and family thing I m one of those crazy vegan hipsters I find the best remedy is just popping on one of Dr Greger s Youtube vids and enjoying his positivity and enthusiasm for plant based eating Thank you Dr Greger for all that you ve done and all that you continue to do I almost stopped reading when I reached the middle of the book but I am rateful I continued It could be boring sometimes but it is the boring stuff we don t know that kill us. Fighting off liver disease Drinking coffee can reduce liver inflammation Battling breast cancer Consuming soy is associated with prolonged survival Worried about heart disease the number 1 killer in the United States Switch to a whole food plant based diet which has been repeatedly shown not just to prevent the disease but often stop it in its tracksIn addition to showing what to eat to help treat the top fifteen causes of death How Not to Die includes Dr Gregers Daily Dozen a checklist of the twelve foods we should consume every dayFull of practical actionable advice and surprising cutting edge nutritional science these doctors orders are just what we need to live longer healthier liv. D and sensible The same can t be said about the dismissive remarks about statins scattered throughout the first half of the book in contradiction to the vast respectable medical orthodoxy In this his style is well into the conspiracy theory that characterises medical uackery and indeed his chapter on how not to die from iatrogenic causes ie doctors killing you treats the whole medical profession as a conspiracy to et rich without caring much about the health of their patientsA lot of his recommendations are properly backed up by science but I noticed that many of his assertions are carefully phrased using the word may as in X may help with Y This word may is littered through the book Probably most of his recommendations are sound but they reek of bias I will focus on the heart disease chapter as I spent several hours studying his references The problem is that he keeps talking about the damage caused by animal fats but the evidence mostly shows that heart disease is caused by fats in the blood It doesn t necssarily follow that high fat in the blood is caused by eating fat Indeed there is a strong body of opinion that says the opposite this is the low carb school strictly the low refined carb school He cites a book called The Low carb Fraud which has been convincingly discredited and some of his references o back 40 years and Four of his key references are from the same self confessed maverick He does not mention a single risk or dietary disadvantage from turning vegan although he does recommend B12 supplements He ignores the array of scientific literature that disagrees with him for example a huge meta study that showed only a very modest benefit from eating fruit and vegetables and no significant benefit from eating than 5 a day If you are interested look for the BMJ meta analysis of prospective cohort studies by Wang I sent this to Fuhrman s Institute and they did not seem to have heard of it either although they did at least make an attempt to respond thoughnot a very convincing oneIn the heart chapter which I studied in detail I was concerned to see that some of his evidence is presented erroneously I have to o into some detail to explain this He says on page 22 that two papers prove that a fish oil supplements don t work b eating fish doesn t work and c fish oil doesn t help even if you have already had a heart attack The paper which he says proves c actually proves a The one he says proves a and b is actually positive about fish oil Neither of them support his assertions b or cOverall it is difficult to rate the book The advice is probably worth following if you can and probably will make a big difference to your health There is a lot of excellent discussion based on science but the salesmanship and the bias is a serious concern For a balanced honest discussion it is worth reading Graham Lawton s This Book Could Save Your Life However it is so broad and so balanced it doesn t o as far as it could safely o in making recommendations and its discussion only skims the surface compared with the detail in Dr Greger s book It is also worth reading The Diabetes Code by Dr Jason Fung a brilliant book with the same faults as Dr Greger s For Dr Fung the solution to everything is to reduce sugar and his interpretation of the evidence is biased in the opposite direction to Dr Greger s In Dr Fung s view there isn direction to Dr Greger s In Dr Fung s view there isn a shred of evidence that a high fat diet is bad for you I would love to et Dr Greger and Dr Fung in the same room together About the book How Not to Die explains how a plant based diet can extend your life while transforming your uality of living It offers a wealth of health boosting nutritional information and hands on dietary advice that you won t et from your doctorAbout the author Michael Greger MD is won t et from your doctorAbout the author Michael Greger MD is internationally renowned doctor author and speaker Additionally he serves as director of public health and animal agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States and runs the website NutritionFactsorg Gene Stone is the author of several books on plant based nutrition including the bestseller Forks Over KnivesMy highlightsPoor diet is the number one cause of premature death and it s often ignored by the medical industryMeat dairy eggs and processed foods that dominate the typical American diet are bad news The study found that people who ate diets rich in these food roups were at reater risk of heart disease diabetes and a number of other chronic ailments Not just that but excessive animal fat and processed meat also resulted in high cholesterol and an elevated chance of heart diseaseA plant based diet can provide better treatment than pharmaceuticalsVegetarians of 12 years who began eating meat one day per week saw a drop in life expectancy of 36 yearsSo are vegetarians healthier Well cultures that eat plant based diets certainly experience much less disease than we do in modern American societyPlant based diets can even help reverse diseaseDoctors find it easier to prescribe drugs than to change a diet even though medication poses potential threatsPlant based diets have been shown to be just as effective and come with none of the risksFruits especially berries help deter cancer and boost the immune systemA healthy diet should contain four servings of fruit a day one of which should be berries Keep in mind that means whole fruit and not fruit juiceEating fruit has been found to improve lung functionThis is due to fruit s rich antioxidant content which limits cellular damage and reduces inflammation And don t worry about the natural sugar in fruits causing weight ain Only the fructose in added sugars is associated with health problems The fiber antioxidants and phytonutrients in fruit itself can combat the adverse effects of fructoseThis incredible antioxidizing power is believed to come from their pigmentation and berries are second only to herbs and spices as the most antioxidant rich foods with an average of ten times antioxidants than other fruitsVegetables are vital to a healthy dietWhole vegetables as opposed to processed ones have been found to protect cellular telomeres nucleotide caps that keep DNA healthy as cells divide and age Not just that but vegetables like broccol. Aceutical and SURGICAL APPROACHES FREEING US TO LIVE approaches freeing us to live livesThe simple truth is that most doctors are Contacts Desired good at treating acute illnesses but bad at preventing chronic disease The fifteen leading causes of death claim the lives of 16 million Americans annually This doesnt have to be the case By following Dr Gregers advice all of it backed up by strong scientific evidence you will learn which foods to eat and which lifestyle changes to make to live longerHistory of prostate cancer in your family Put down thatlass of milk and add flaxseed to your diet whenever you can Have high blood pressure Hibiscus tea can work better than a leading hypertensive drug and without the side effects.