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Minor Level Spoilers
At first glance you may think that TY doesn’t seem to do anything original: it has a hub, a bad guy, around fifteen levels, collectables which you must collect to unlock new areas. My favourite video game genre is the platformer, so I’ve played a lot of the likes of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank over the years.

Even after playing all of those games, I was still hungry for more. So after playing a little of TY the Tasmanian Tiger, how would it stack up against the platformer greats? You forgive TY quickly for platformer clichés, because it’s not what it does but how it implements them as a package. It does it well.
Quote Australia. Known for being hot and for people saying crickey a lot. It’s also known for having a hot climate, mind-blowing landscapes and lots of places to explore. The game mimics this aspect of the country very well – it's as close to the real thing as you can get without actually going there yourself.

The environments are numerous, which are all a great pleasure to explore. You have your rain forests. You have your oceans. You have your deserts. Due to the size and wide open spaces of these locations, you have time to admire the environments, as they look fantastic. Finding all the Opels, golden cogs, hidden picture frames and hidden caged mates in each level can be tricky at times.

You also have missions to complete, races to win, boss battles and puzzles to solve. And don't forget water sliding, bull riding, swimming, fighting and everything else! TY has a lot of things to collect, places to explore and things to do, so the game feels really big for a reason – because it is!

While the environments are fantastic, the soundtrack matches them perfectly. The composer seems to have had more thought put into this soundtrack, as it makes good use of Australian style instruments. This. With a great atmosphere and feel, it makes it pretty unique and quite interesting to listen inside and outside the game. It's like your actually there!
[TY 1]Let's play a game of tag. Your it - Rang for it before I catch you!
What about the characters and friends you meet? They are well fleshed out, (like Sly Raccoon) have great dialogue and brings them to life. It’s always a pleasure to listen to these characters as if there's one thing clear is the writers are Australian themselves, so expect Australian words and phrases. Special mention goes to Maurice, as characters like him are the reason why platformers are known for having some great characters.

Fast forward to 2017, and things have just got even better. Krome Studios, the original developer, is bringing all three TY games to Steam. The best thing? They have just released the first game in HD. Australia now looks even more incredible!

Heroes in platformers always need some sort of gadget or weapon to help them out defeat the bad guys. While boomerangs are nothing new (they have been used in Australia for thousands of years), I have never seen them being used in video game form… until now.

The boomerangs in TY the Tasmanian Tiger are certainly one of the stand out features. Like Ratchet's blaster, or Sly's Cane, the boomerang is TY's weapon of choice. Quick to use, powerful against enemies and never run out of ammo, they never let TY down. TY starts the game with the traditional wooden boomerangs, but that's just the start.

You see, as you progress through the game, you collect different types of rangs. These rangs steadily grow more powerful as you encounter tougher terrain and enemies. It's always a good moment when you discover what your next set of rangs can do: “I can have some fun with these!”. While most rangs help you battle enemies, some have interesting features to help you collect everything throughout your journey through Australia. And if your skilled enough to collect everything, you unlock a bonus level that is almost as good as the one in Spyro the Dragon…

Closing Thoughts
Excellent Excellent
TY the Tasmanian Tiger as a package - it always comes back to surprise you. It's got a unique atmosphere, fun gameplay and some gorgeous environments to explore. Platformer lovers will definitively enjoy this ripper of a game! With a HD remaster now available on Steam, it's never been a better time to jump into this great platformer, which stood the test of time.

My One Big Highlight
Spiderman While Rainbow Cliffs is a great level to visit, it wasn’t until I visited Snow Worries that I realised this game was going to be something special. Among the largest environments, it has you sliding down a snowy hill, with ice. You then have to make your way up the mountains, while exploring every nook and cranny – and avoid falling! Oh, and the soundtrack is awesome too!
Elephant In the Room
elephantWhile they did try to spice things up with some minor plot twists, the story follows the usual “the evil bad guy wants to take over the world and you have to stop them" plot. It didn't help that I wasn't too impressed with Boss Cass as the main villain. I've seen better in a platformer.
Minor Spoilers
[TY]That's TY the Tasmanian Tiger! He's a good mate he is.
Every console generation is known for something. The PS1 era was mainly platformers, Pokemon is really popular on Nintendo Handhelds, and we are now on the PS4 generation with it’s indie games. A new category of games has been getting more and more traction recently - remasters.

Remasters seem to becoming just as popular as original games. There’s nothing wrong with remasters. I like the idea of the chance of experiencing a new game for the first time with enhanced graphics and adding new features, or re-experiencing a game you already enjoy with a fresh lick of paint.

What is a remaster or a remake is a blurry line at best. The Sly Collection is a remaster, whereas the new Crash N.Sane Trilogy is leaning towards the remake side of things. Most remastered games bring the graphics to current-gen consoles, add trophy/achievements and fix bugs. Some “remasters” are more remakes as they improve a lot things way beyond what the original game offered.

This is where Krome Studios comes in. Fans have been clamouring for remasters of the TY games for years. The original hardware (the PS2 generation) are not easy accessible, and being two generations old, there is a lot of room for improvement. Krome Studios must of also thought this, as they have remastered, tweaked and added loads of new features to the original game.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger spent getting on for a year in Steam Early Access, allowing the fans to give feedback on what they wanted to see improved or tweaked. Now the game has been given a full release, let’s have a look at the things they have improved upon from the original release, way back in 2002.
[TY]Look how awesome TY looks! And he got his trusty Flamerang's. Ace!
The first lot of improvements are technical. HD Graphics are the order of the day, with HD textures, water reflections, increased draw distances, improved shadows, keyboard and controller support, better camera controls and tons more “geeky” improvements. Just check out the upgrade log on the steam page here. It really shows how much they care. This means no matter if you have a lower spec computer, or a £1000 gaming PC, TY will look and play fantastic.

Improving graphics is a given for a remaster, but the developer have gone above and beyond to make this the best game they can. It’s this second group of improvements that are very intriguing. These improvements are features or options that weren't in the original game. Check them out:

> Replaying bosses was something that you couldn’t do before. A simple addition, but one the fans were pleased about.
> Picture frames. In the original, there was no in level totals just a grand total. So if you have spent ages collecting all the frames to find that only one remains - you had no choice but to search through all the levels! A painful endeavour is now just a slightly annoying endeavour, which the pause screen now displaying your current level total.
> The Doomerang. This doesn't effect gameplay too much, but a fun bonus when you defeat the final boss. The Doomerang before was only playable in final level. Now, you can use it in any level, which is quite cool seeing the levels through a Rang’s Point-of-View.
> An extra Level. Don’t be too excited, it isn’t a “new” level as such, it depends on which version of the game you grew up with. Between the PS2/Xbox and Gamecube, there were two unlockable bonus levels. But for this version, both are playable!
> Achievements. Trophies/Achievements are part of modern gaming, and here Krome has added a bunch of them. But it isn’t just simply for beating the story and collecting everything, there are some interesting ones to unlock. Like these beauties: Hot Dingo - Hit Shazza with the Flamerang or Not Your Proudest Moment - Die in Rainbow Cliffs.

Closing Thoughts
Upgrading graphics and adding achievements is the least you can get away with for a remaster of a 14 year old game. Krome studios has listened to fan feedback and added features and improvements well beyond most modern remasters. Listen Devs – this is how you do a remaster.

Hats off to you Krome Studios. You have brought an “old” game back for modern gaming, and it has renewed an interest in the series. With it being only £12, it’s an absolute bargain at that price. Help them out would you and buy it? We eagerly await TY 2!
Collecting Collectable
Minor Spoilers
[TY and his rangs]Here's a selection of rangs from all four TY games. Which to choose? Choices, choices, choices...
Since the game TY is set in Australia, is created by an Australian developer, TY specks Australian, wonder what one of the landmarks of the country is the amazing boomerang. An ancient weapon, which is an amazing tool which always comes back to it's user. Being a lethal weapon in the right hands, it's something that had been largely untapped in video games. That is until TY the Tasmanian Tiger came along...

TY starts off with standard rangs but as his adventure unfolds, many different types of rangs come into use. Some have special functions, whereas others are more powerful. So how cool are they? Let’s find out by visiting the rangs from the original game:

Boomerang –
the standard, no frills original. People say you can't beat the original, and in one point of view that's true. Unlike the others, this does actually exist in real life. Very cool in real life, but just ok within the game. Cool Rating: 2/5

Aqua rang –
with a more streamlined design, this works like a regular boomerang, but it only works underwater. Discounting water physics for a second, this is a good idea on paper – but its quite awkward to use within the game. Cool Rating: 2/5

Flame-rang -
the first rang you unlock after the first boss, it’s very powerful. continuously burns a flame, without hurting the user. This is useful to burn enemies, cobwebs and crates. It’s also handy as a makeshift torch for those dark places you visit. Count me in! Cool Rating: 5/5

Frostyrang -
The frostyrang at first doesn’t seem to be very useful. Yes, you can put out fires, which can be handy in certain situations like a forest fire. It can freeze enemies, which isn’t that useful if you think about it. But… here is the icing on the frozen cake - you can create little ice platforms on top of water. If your careful and quick, you can travel across the surface of the water. Handy! Cool Rating: 4/5

Zappyrang -
The Zappyrang is acquired quite late in the first game, so you probably didn’t use it much. I didn’t either, apart from kick starting that generator. But is electricity cooler than fire? Erm nope. Ask Tim Taylor, he'll tell you. Cool Rating: 3/5

Zoomerang -
The Zoomerang is the first rang you unlock via Julius’s golden cog machine. It’s got the same function as the regular boomerang, but it travels much further, and you zoom in on targets using the TY view function. There’s only a few times in the first game that this is useful, so it’s not that useful… or cool. Cool Rating: 1/5

Multi rang –
This is largely the same as the standard rangs, but you can throw around half a dozen rangs at once. Useful if you have lots of thrills surrounding you. You will definitely get a thrill by using the muti-rang… Cool Rating: 3/5

Infrarang -
here’s a rang with a clever feature. Equip these rangs while your exploring the many places you visit, sooner of later you will hear an alarm sound. Go into TY’s view mode and you can find hidden crates with TY pictures. Collecting all of these and you unlock something special, so it's worth collecting them. A cool function for an otherwise standard rang. Cool Rating: 3/5

Megarang -
this is a powerful rang all right. Throw one of these into a group of enemies and the rang will hit them all. Just sit back, relax, and let one of the most powerful rangs do it’s job. Cool Rating: 4/5

Chronorang -
Collecting all the golden cogs unlocks this buet. Using Julius` latest Invention, this rang can affect the time field around Cass` henchmen causing them to slow down, making it easy for you to run in there and teach those thugs a lesson. Cool Rating: 4/5

Doomerang -
now this is a cool rang. It has a remote control, which allows the rang to be steered for a long distance. If you think that's clever, look at the name, and you can probably see where this is going. Boom goes the Doomerang - making it very powerful and very functional. Useful if you need to bring down a large mech… Cool Rating: 5/5

Closing Thoughts
So TY has access to many different rangs in his first adventure. So which do I think the coolest rang in the game? The Flame-rang. It's looks cool, is quite powerful and can burn most enemies without breaking a sweat. At least TY doesn't think it's not too hot to handle...