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The Ape Man
. I'll must be honest with you, I've never been a big Disney fan. I don't really deem the older style Disney films as “classics” (although I understand that other people do) and I haven't seen many of the modern ones either. (Yes, my watch list is pretty long at the moment!)

Of what I have seen, they are usually pretty entertaining. I quite enjoyed Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Mulan for example, and found The Lion King and A Goofy Movie to pretty god too. But throughout the years, one Disney film has always kept cropping up in my favourites. That film is the one and only Tarzan.

Just for fun, I complied a list of my favourite animation films, (not including CGI films, as it gets a little complicated then) and Tarzan always came on top. And you know why? I love it! So, here's my three reasons why I love the film.
Reason 1: Tarzan is a unique, interesting Character
Tarzan reminds me of films like Castaway and Groundhog Day, in the sense it's all about one character. Tarzan is the focus throughout the whole film, with the viewer following what he's doing, or what Tarzan is observing at the time.

Because the film is only focused on him, we get to know Tarzan extremely well by the end of the film. He's very intelligent (considering he was brought up by Gorillas), his agility and movement are second to none, and has a way with the animals like no normal human.

With time elapsing from a baby to a child to an adult, we see Tarzan develop more and more. Of course, its when Jane and company arrive on the scene that we see him develop further. His interactions with the humans and the strange world of humans makes for some quite fascinating viewing. How would you react if your world got invaded by strange creatures?
Reason 2: The Soundtrack is superb
Disney films are known for having great catchy songs. The Lion king, Hercules and Treasure Planet (those were picked from a big list) are just some films that have some great songs. So what about Tarzan? Tarzan is the first soundtrack I ever bought on CD, and remains my favourite to this day.

You know when a soundtrack is good, when you can't decide which song is your favourite? That is what happens with me with this particular soundtrack. Is Son of Man the best? Or Two Worlds? Or should I pick Strangers Like Me? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

But the one thing that I can decide on is Phil Collins was a great pick to do the soundtrack. Phil Collins is known for his great vocals and drum work, (he's known for his solo work and within the band called Genesis) and with the African theme of the film, his style reflects in his work here. It's well known the soundtrack adds to the magic of a film, and no one can do that like Disney. Here's proof: Tarzan does.

Reason 3: Great mix of genres
I'll come out and admit it that I’m not a fan of musicals or films with a lot of songs in them. But I do like Action films, and films with a good story. So it seems like Tarzan was made for me! I would say the balance is 1/3 each. So that's a 1/3 Action, 1/3 Story and 1/3 songs. This makes the film great for those who like different genre's.

Closing Thoughts
Classic Classic
Tarzan isn't your typical Disney film. It has lots of Disney-ique things in it, but comes off of having it's unique style. Widely considered as one of the last great Disney films, I would tend to agree. But I would go one step ahead. I would say it is one of Disney's very best.

My One Big Highlight
Spiderman I know it's a little cliché to say the last scene of the movie, but its one of my favourite moments from the film. The tree sliding by Tarzan, the reprise of Two Worlds (rounding up from the beginning of the movie with the same track) and that trademark Tarzan call, it just rounded up and ended the movie perfectly.
Elephant In the Room
elephantThe further you get to the top of the list, the harder it is to come up with anything bad… WAIT I HAVE FOUND THE ELEPHANT IN THE CORNER AT LAST, WHAT DO I WIN?
[Jungle]Look at that view! I wish I had a view like that outside my house...
Tarzan is one of the best soundtracks that Disney has ever produced, and it is my favourite movie soundtrack of all time. After seeing the movie for the hundredth time, I had a deeper appreciation for the soundtrack. Here's my favourite lines from the songs.
Two Worlds
Put your faith in what you most believe in
Disney films are known for uplifting messages, and the opening line from Two worlds is precisely that.
Every moment now the bond grows stronger, Two worlds, one family.
The sense that all the people and creatures in the jungle are one big family, does make more and more sense as the film progresses. These two lines come from the reprise version of the song, backing up this statement.
You'll be in my Heart
Come stop your crying, It will be alright.
Just take my hand, Hold it tight.
I will protect you, From all around you,
I will be here, Don't you cry.
There's a reason why children need there mothers. Or more accurately, people who act like mothers. Tarzan needs a mother figure in his life, hence why Kala fits the bill perfectly. Right from the beginning of the film, their relationship is strong. Very strong.
For one so small, You seem so strong.
This is a sign of things to come. Tarzan is very strong, considering his size compared to his fellow Gorillas. Yet, he can hold his own.
This bond between us, can't be broken.
No matter what happens in the film, Tarzan's bond with Kala cannot be broken.
Why can't they understand the way we feel?
They just don't trust, what they can't explain.
I know we're different but, deep inside us.
We're not that different at all.
This links back to the main message of the first song, Two worlds, one family. Tarzan maybe very different in terms of appearance to the Gorillas, but they have a lot in common too. Hence why they accepted Tarzan into the family.
When destiny calls you, You must be strong (you gotta be strong)
This foreshadowing later in the film, with things take a turn for the worse, with both Sabora and the presence of the humans.
[The crew]♫ I want to know about the Strangers Like Me... ♫
Son of Man
Oh, the power to be strong,
Similar the lyric from the previous song, For one so small, You seem so strong, it shows Tarzan puts in a lot of effort to be like his fellow Gorillas.
And the wisdom to be wise.
All these things will come to you in time.
On this journey that you're making.
There'll be answers that you'll seek.
And it's you who'll climb the mountain,
It's you who'll reach the peak.
This is referencing the next song, Strangers Like Me, in the sense that all the things that Tarzan is learning, he will eventually master it all. The king of the jungle. Or more accurately than that, the master of the jungle.
Strangers Like Me
Whatever you do, I'll do it too,
Show me everything and tell me how.
I can see there's so much to learn,
It's all so close and yet so far.
Tarzan has so much to learn, so anything and everything that Jane and the Professor can teach Tarzan about the another world is all new. Tarzan doesn't seem to be fazed by all the new things he learns, he embraces it. However, he knows there's much more he learns to learn.
Every gesture, every move that she makes,
Makes me feel like never before.
Why do I have, this growing need to be beside her.
Just when Tarzan starts learning out the real world, it's the feeling of love that makes him so confused. She is the most beautiful person he has ever seen, but he doesn't know why.
Ooo, these emotions I never knew,
Of some other world far beyond this place.
Beyond the trees, above the clouds,
I see before me a new horizon.
Tarzan has now got a lot of knowledge about the other world. But why is it so different to the world he knows? Does that mean there's two worlds?
Come with me now to see my world.
Where there's beauty beyond your dreams.
Can you feel the things I feel,
Right now, with you.
Take my hand, there's a world I need to know.
Jane has shown Tarzan her world, now it's Tarzan turn to return the favour. Tarzan knows all the secrets of the jungle, and is able to show Jane only a small portion of it, but she loves it.
Trashin' the Camp
Shooby doop dobby dop dobby doop dobby dah dah doo dap,
Do bop she doo whoo
Ooh, shooby doop dobby dop dobby doop dobby dah dah doo dap
Yep, just as I suspected – I have no idea what that means. Erm… analysis… its catchy? Yes, its catchy!