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Radio-active Spider-Man
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About the Show
Minor Spoilers
We all remember a particular cartoon that we fondly remember when growing up. I mainly grew up with one cartoon, which would make me fall in love with a character that's stayed as my favourite superhero for life. It's the world's favourite friendly-neighbourhood Spiderman! Here are three reasons why I like this show so much:
Reason 1: Voice Acting
The voice acting in this show is brilliant. Some great voices are featured in the series such as Edward Asner as J. Jonah Jameson, Jennifer Hale as Black Cat/Felicia Hardy, Hank Azaria as Venom/Eddie Brock and Gregg Berger as Kraven the Hunter. They really bring life to the respective characters and fit the characters well, with the exception of Doc Ock's, voiced by Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Nothing wrong with his performance, but giving Doc Ock a German accent? I'm still not sure if that works.

But let's not get sidetracked, Christopher Daniel Barnes does an absolutely fantastic job of voicing Spidey. In this show, he IS Spiderman – that's how good he is. He makes you truly believe that Peter Parker is Spiderman and is the same person underneath that mask. Although sounding a little older, his success in this show made fans bring him back for the Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time video games, now that's popularity for ya! It's no wonder that I think that Christopher Daniel Barnes is the best voice actor of all time.
Reason 2: Range of Villains
To keep things fresh and exciting, loads of villains are introduced throughout the course of the show. Because Spider-Man has arguably the strongest and most varied villain catalogue, this works in the shows favour. Over 25 Villains appear on the show, including Venom (Probably Spiderman's deadliest Villain in this series), The Lizard, The Chameleon, Green Goblin, The Hobgoblin, Doctor Octopus, Shocker, The Vulture and many more of Spider-man's well-known foes. (The notable exclusion is Sandman)

Just like the original comics, all the villains have varying abilities and special powers, which Spiderman studies all their weaknesses, if he has a chance of stopping them. Some episodes also have more than one villain teaming up against Spidey, including the Sinister Six (called the Insidious Six) so Spiderman certainly has his work cut out for him.

That said, the main villain of the series is Kingpin. He was responsible for most of the problems that Spider-Man faced over the series, including creating most of the villains, being responsible for the majority of the major crime in New York, and frees the villains that Spiderman put in prison. He always operated in the background, and it would be a long time through the series until Spiderman learned Kingpin's identity, and a while until they actually meet each other in battle.

Reason 3: The Fights
One common misconception of the Spider-Man the Animated Series is the censorship issues at the time effecting how the series was made. This is not the case at all it turns out, the creators of the show choose to go down that route, so there would be more variety in the fights. Did it work? Yes.

The interesting thing about the fights, is that Spiderman very rarely used his fists to fight his foes. He always used his scientific mind and quick thinking to win against a lot of his enemies, most who were stronger and sometimes quicker than he was. This meant that the fights were always good to watch and are rarely the same. I also like Spiderman’s remarks and dialogue towards the villains he faces, which is always fun to listen too, which is exactly inline with the comics. It just shows that he rarely takes his foes seriously.

Closing Thoughts
Excellent Excellent
Does Spiderman save the day? Oh Yes. It features excellent stories, dialogue, villains, many great quotes and an awesome theme tune written by the guitarist of Aerosmith, its got everything. and on the whole, With it's story arcs and general style, on the whole it doesn't stray to far from its source material. I know, I've read the original comics!

My One Big Highlight
Spiderman My favourite part of the show without a shadow of a doubt is Venom. Venom is the reason why the character in this show clicked for me in the first place. Here is a character that has Spider-Man's powers, is stronger and faster. Yet, he still manages to beat him! It was that moment that I decided that Spider-Man is my favourite superhero of all time.
Elephant In the Room
elephantAs much as I love Spider-Man: The Animated Series, there is one glaring issue I (and many others) have with it – the animation. Overall the series has aged well, but the animation sadly hasn't. Although there are no major issues, recent series like Spectacular Spiderman have shown that this show does not look as good now as it did when it aired.