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Dear Crashb648,
I do receive quite a lot of mail now that my friend has started making a name for himself, so I do my utmost to reply to every letter. It quickly came to my attention after reading your letter that you knew very little about Sherlock, other than he is a detective. You also never read or seen any of our early adventures. That is about to change!

So going in like a blind man, and as a complete newcomer, here are my personal notes and observations about two biggest adventures: The case of Blackwood and the Game of Shadows, featuring Prof James Moriarty. I have always been a keen writer, so I’m glad that people can now watch our grand adventures on the big screen. You are in for a treat my mysterious friend!
Quote These stories are not for the faint of heart. You have to remember what has occurred in earlier scenes because these moments are key throughout the rest of the story. Shall I tell you something else? It will certainly take a few viewings to remember all the details that have been hidden within some scenes! And to think that Sherlock's mind, wherever he is, remembers and calculates all these little details to solve a bigger puzzle. It must drive him crazy, oh wait...

Both accounts are very clever, just like Sherlock I'm ashamed to admit. Sometimes it’s a little beyond my own understanding. But you will get a better grasp of the movie as a whole in repeat readings. Don't take that the wrong way, it's not over complicated like this Inception story I keep hearing about, and it's not jam-packed full of action sequences like Transformers, a story I keep hearing so much about.

You also mentioned that when you see this movie re-enactment, it will be the first time you will see Robert Downing Jr. other than this Iron Man (what a funny title). I can imagine playing an extremely clever detective is pretty different to playing a “superhero” (I haven’t the foggiest what a superhero is). I cannot praise him enough – he is fantastic in this film. He brought a lot of energy into the more action scenes, and his quick talking-witty side to others, something that captures the real Sherlock well.

I'm honoured to be played by Jude Law, is also great. Like myself, he brings a sense of order into the hectic ways of Holmes. He conveys the sense of trying to to keep up with Sherlock well, making the audience relate to him quite a lot. A great on-screen duo, both of these characters convey myself and Sherlock really well, with a lot of great acting, great accents.

Me and Holmes go back years, and our friendship, although sometimes strained, gets stronger. Ideas bounce off each other as we solve cases together, and it seems I seem to become more like Sherlock as time passes, even more so after I got a little too drunk. Perish the thought. Our brotherly relationship reflects well on screen.

So let’s talk about the Blackwood case. It has lots of interesting quotes, some quoting directly from my original writings. My original stories have been very well received, and a quick look through all my writings show that there are hundreds of quotes that could be picked to feature in these movie adaptations. The film does have some great quotes of it's own, bringing reused content and new content in equal measure, getting the balance just right.

Lord Blackwood is the main villain. A mysterious man who has a master plan to gain power and stop Sherlock, which Holmes must be one step ahead at all times. Irene Adler is the only woman ever to outsmart Sherlock, which I remind him of that fact often, and so when she turns up too, Sherlock has certainly got a few people to contend with. With Inspector Lestrade and Constable Clark allied with Sherlock, he isn't on his own to stop Blackwood and his plans.
[Sherlock]"You have the grand gift of silence, Watson; it makes you quite invaluable as a companion."
Our adventure together to stop Lord Blackwood is action packed at times. Sherlock and I may be more detective than fighters, but we do know how to handle ourselves against superior opponents if the situation arises. These fights are always high-paced and well-crafted in terms of editing.

One of the stand features that is found couple of times is when the scene slows down and shows us how Sherlock is going to defeat his opponent. This is apparently done by something called slow-motion cameras. These scenes have been done really well, as it shows Sherlock detailing all of his moves, how the opponent will respond, and then you get too see it in real time. It's an effective way to show how fast his mind works, while giving the audience (and myself!) a little breather throughout the action.

The second film adaptation is a book I called: A Game of Shadows. Sherlock, along the help of his brilliant crime-solving partner, Dr. Watson, must stop the evil plans of Professor Moriarty - who is just as smart as Sherlock. It’s the battle of the minds, as Moriarty is as smart as Sherlock in many ways. Holmes must out-smart his enemy - and stay one step ahead if he is going to win the game. It’s a clever story, as the whole tale feels like we are fighting against an invisible enemy. I was going to call it "The Grand Game", but a Game of Shadows just seemed to fit more with the story.

Is one difference between both of these cases. My relationship between myself and Mary have progressed even more forward, as she is now wife! I like how my wife is portrayed, especially how feisty she proves to be and good at adapting to whichever role she needs to be, even after what Sherlock did to her!

What can I say? She is my wife after all! She is perfect wife, and that's why I included that in the adaptation, rather than leaving out of the story. What else can I say about that? I was annoyed at what Sherlock did to her. She remained mad for a quite a while after that, but in time we both realised it was for the best.

I can't write about our adventures without mentioning Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft. Yes, I know what your thinking, there are two of them. He is almost as smart as his younger brother, good thing too since he works for the government. I may not be quite as smart as those two (My beloved wife a Mary begs to differ), but with my army background, I can stand toe to toe in combat.

If you thought Sherlock was at the top of his “game” (I couldn’t resist) then wait to you see him in the second story. We get greater insight into how his mind works, especially we see events go backwards then forwards, seeing just how Holmes worked it out. His mind really works unlike any other person I have made acquaintance with. That's why I put an emphasis on this throughout.

Thank you for the complements of both big adventures, and I hope you receive the third with just as much enthusiasm, when I finally get time to write it. Until next time my mysterious friend, codenamed Crashb648. I still don't know why you don't use your real name, but I guess some people don't like to reveal everything about themselves.

The End?

Dr. John Watson

Closing Thoughts
Excellent Excellent
Sherlock Holmes is one of the greatest detectives of all time. He can put together facts and figures like no other, and solves crimes that even the police and all it's man power can't manage. Hopefully I can inspire future generations with Sherlock’s amazing mind techniques and my great fighting skills with both of these tales.

With a great soundtrack, a very stylised look of the time period, some fantastic sequences, I hope you will enjoy my stories… of true events. Did I forgot to mention these actually happened to Sherlock and I? Now its your turn to be amazed.

My One Big Highlight
Spiderman Looking back, I thought the ending for my first adventure in particular worked marvellously. It's one of cleverest endings I have ever written. But fear not! I won't spoil it here, but you like the adventure even more if you see it right to the end.
Elephant In the Room
elephantThe big problem with these movies has nothing to do with the film itself. It's to do with this BBC version of my stories I have heard people talking about. A lot of people think that Benedict's portrayal of the character is a lot better than Downing's. While this may be the case, that doesn’t deter from Robert Downing Jr's role in the films.