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I remember the day well. One of my best mates years ago invited me round to his house and have a go of a game called Rock Band. Although I didn't know anything about it, I was intrigued by the concept. So I did go and play it - and was I in for a shock. It was a game unlike anything I had ever played in the past. Not surprisingly, not long afterwards I bought the game myself and I have been rocking ever since. Rock on Dude!
Quote Music games like Rock Band rely on a great soundtrack to make the game awesome. Since the very first Rock Band, all the way up to the latest Rock Band 4, each game has had awesome soundtracks. Each soundtrack does have a particular “feel”. The first game focuses more on core rock and classic rock. Rock Band 2 features the core rock genre with more focus on metal. Rock Band 3 features core rock, a bit of metal, but more focus on pop/rock. Finally Rock Band 4 features classic hits and lots of music from this decade. Which one of these soundtracks are your favourite all depends on what type of music you mostly like.

Harmonix are one of the pioneers of DLC. They have been releasing songs weekly for almost 10 years (ok there was a year and a half gap but still impressive) There is over 2,500 songs to add to your library. Singles and track packs range anywhere from 3 tracks to a whopping 18 tracks. These packs are usually artist packs, with best of collections and even whole albums. It's astonishing what Harmonix have achieved, and they are still releasing new songs!

Brace yourself, here's a brief history lesson. Harmonix in 2005 created Guitar Hero, which allowed you to play as guitar and bass. After releasing two more games in that series, the developer released Rock Band in 2007 and added drums and vocals, making four instruments to play in Rock Band – the first full band experience in a video game. So how do the instruments stack up?

Guitar and Bass feature your standard five lanes, five button formula that Guitar Hero fans will be familiar with. Most players play guitar, and it's not hard to see why. It's probably the easiest to get to grips with (that's if you can't sing!) and there is loads of classic songs with rockin’ riffs and solos. It's my favourite instrument to play too, especially when one of my favourite songs to play as guitar comes on the screen!

Drums is the next instrument. Either featuring four pads, or four pads and three cymbals for Pro Drums, it can be quite tricky at first to master the art of hitting the right notes and foot pedal in harmony. But when you do “master it”, you will really enjoy it. Just make sure you have plenty of room to set it out and play it!
[Rock the Band]This is what a band playing Rock Band looks like. Apart from all the fizzy drinks and snacks that is...
If you have ever played Singstar, then you will be right at home with vocals. Sing the best you can and in the right pitch, and those points will be yours! Vocal harmonies involves two or three singers singing along to the song. Lead, duet or backup, there's a lot of possibilities, and lots of fun to be had. Your enjoyment here all depends your natural singing “talent” and of course your familiarity with the songs.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of Rock Band. There’s nothing in the video game market which captures the feeling of being a rock star like Rock Band. You can rock it solo, play with a friend or play with a whole band. It’s a fantastic party experience, which the whole family can enjoy. Especially with kick-a$$ music!

Because Rock Band doesn't have a story, flashy cutscenes or anything like recent AAA blockbuster games, it relies on content, hardware and a well-thought interface for it to shine. Your band that you first create is central throughout the whole game.

It doesn’t matter if you play in career mode, quick play or play a show. This means you will spend more time customizing your band members into unique people or create copies of real-life musicians. With the great editing features available, it shouldn't be a problem. If you like me, you will get attached to the band you will create. Trust me!

Some players out there have thousands of songs in their music library, with a mixture of on-disc songs, exports and DLC. Good thing the music library is well designed. Like iTunes or similar music software, you can sort out songs in a few ways. It also shows the difficulty, basic song info and your previous score, all without going through loads of screens. It makes picking out your favourite songs really easy, quick and you can always find the song your looking for - especially since loading takes seconds.

Closing Thoughts
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So there you go. A brilliant series of games! Rock Band is simply the best rhythm game of all time. Grab all four games, export all the songs you can into Rock Band 4, buy loads of extra songs with DLC singles and packs, and you have the complete music gaming experience currently available!

My One Big Highlight
Spiderman The very first song I ever played on Rock Band, was Detroit Rock City by Kiss. It was quite a special moment when I picked up that guitar and didn't fail on easy! That song still remains one of my favourites to play in the whole series, and that's saying something considering I have over 700 songs in my collection!
Elephant In the Room
elephant Rock Band 4 is missing some features from Rock Band 3. Pro Guitar and Keyboards are gone forever, it does feel a little light in features compared to Rock Band 3. But Rock Band 4 is a platform, so they have been upgrading the game, with new features and modes. With Rock Band Rivals, more modes (including Online) and free songs make up for this.