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When you're super as me you get your own Lego Movie
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About the Bat-Movie
Minor Bat Spoilers
I'm Batman.
Every article begins with epic words to start you off on your journey through paragraphs and then comes… the ending. I’m Batman. I bet you said that in my epic voice? Of course you did. Everyone knows I was the best part of the Lego Movie, so those people called directors decided to direct me in my own film: The Lego Batman Movie. Superior, because it has more of me…
Quote Go and watch the movie because it’s awesome. Like everything is awesome about it. Hehe see what I did there? I was just going to call it a day and eat some Lobster, but I’ve been yelled at by this person that calls himself “Crashb648”, that I need to write something about the movie. What a weird name? I don’t have a weird name do I? Batman is a perfectly normal name. I’m sure many people around the world are called Batman.

After my heroics of saving the whole Lego Muti-verse in The Lego Movie (Apparently, that isn’t how it happened. What do other people know? I was there!), and after my ferocious 3-hour battle with Superman, I decided to chill for a bit… until the Joker and his cronies decided to place a bomb underwater to try and blow up Gotham City. Of course, always been one step ahead of everyone, I quickly stopped him and sent everyone back to Arkham Asylum for the 1,135 time. I know, I counted it on my Bat-calculator. Patent Pending.

The rest of the movie follows my awesome adventure of single-handedly saving Gotham without any assistance from anyone else. What? I’m getting yelled at again. Ok! That isn’t how it happened. I might have had some help, but how much help do I need? I’m Batman. Your argument is invalid.

After my trusty Police friend Commissioner Gordon retired, his daughter Barbara has taken control of the police. I didn’t like her, since I have a Bat style sixth-sense for things like that, and I’m never change my mind. Then I changed my mind and quite liked her. Then there’s Dick Grayson, who called himself Robin. What a stupid nice name. He might become nearly as good as me… in about 10 years time.
[Lego Batman]The Justice League! The only superhero team that matters... ooo yes I went there.
Last but not least there’s Alfred, my trusty butler, which I definitely did not karate chop him into the family’s piano. He’s always been there for me, and always kind to me. That is until he locked me out of the Batcave’s computer...

Speaking of which, have you seen my Bat collection? It’s very Batty indeed! Hehe, Bat humour there. My Bat-space shuttle, Bat-train, and Bat-dune buggy are swell. But it’s my legendary Bat-Shark Repellent that is the prize of my collection. All of these are housed in my Bat-Cave, which is absolutely enormous! Like my Bat-Mobile, which I never leave home without. Unless I’m fighting crime on foot.

Which does happen in my new feature-length film: The Lego Batman Movie. Did I say that already? Well that’s because it’s nearly just as awesome as I am. Here’s a massive spoiler, so massive you may have to sit down. Have you sat down? I can’t tell. I asked my computer and she says yes. So here goes: I kick bad guys butts in this film, with my world famous karate moves. Ha-ya! Oooops, I’ve broken the screen. Is it supposed to have three reflections of me?

Moving on, I’ve retained my super-human reflexes from my amazing building skills from The Lego Movie, meaning I can build vehicles and other stuff with only black or very dark Gray Lego bricks I encounter. Coupled with trying to stop the main bad guy in this film from TAKING OVER THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! Wait, sorry that’s Lego Dimensions I’m thinking about there. Which, for reasons I haven’t worked out yet, has two of me. Because one Batman is not enough to save the universe...

Batman's Closing Thoughts
Excellent Excellent
The Lego Batman Movie is the best movie ever, because Batman is the best superhero. Forget that Superman dude, I’m the only hero that matters. Ok, the other heroes did a good job, and so did the script writers who wrote epic lines to say in my awesome voice. Hopefully when the movie makes a billion dollars, I can go on another adventure. To the Bat-Cave! De-de-de-de-de… Batman!

Batman's One Big Highlight
Spiderman Me of course. What other highlight is there? Seeing your favourite superhero using his Bat grapple hook around the city, looking good, kicking butt and building vehicles in mid-air. Boo-ya!
Elephant In the Room
elephantWhat the heck does that phrase mean? There is no elephants in The Lego Batman Movie as far as I am aware. COMPUTER locate elephant in the room. Dang it, she can’t find it. Although, I know those editors can be crafty. Next you will be telling me they snuck in a Marvel reference into the film...