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About the Show
Minor Spoilers
Tool Time.
Home Improvement is one of the most successful sit-coms in television history. With countless awards, consistently high viewer ratings, and with over 200 episodes under it's belt, it took the 90's by storm.

We are now nearly two decades after the series finished airing. Is the series just as good now as it was back in the day? With so many sit-coms now forming a large part of TV, Home Improvement stands out even more, with it’s quality and quantity. Since the show is about family, I thought I would ask my own family what they think of the show. Here goes!
Quote My Father: Home Improvement is one of those shows that you can watch at any time. No matter what season or episode you watch it's always going to be great, as the standard of the series is pretty high. I always thought the show stood out from other sit-coms (which I don’t really watch) mainly because of the main theme of the show: DIY and Home Improvement. Especially with Tim and his obsession with tools, cars and making things – something I do a lot of!

My Mother: I’d thought I would share one of my favourite episodes: Say Goodnight Gracie. This is the episode where Tim babysits one of Marty's daughters. It's great to see the way Tim interacts with her, considering that he hasn't got a daughter. The episode also has one of the best out takes, which Tim shows Gracie a very recognisable toy, which is no other than Buzz Lightyear!

My favourite characters are Tim and Randy. Tim because he's funny, he says all the wrong things and sometimes doesn't understand things, but is really smart at the same time. Randy is a chip of an old block, just like his father, and has lots of great one liners. Home Improvement is one of my favourite TV shows, which I would rate around 9 out of 10. The only thing I didn't like was Jill's friend Karen. I'm glad she wasn't in many episodes before she left.
[Home Improvement]Randy: "What is all this junk for Dad?"
Tim: "Now listen carefully boys - Woman are born without a face, and so they use Woman's stuff to reapply their face every morning"
My Brother: I may prefer Friends over Home Improvement, but I still really watching Tim and his family. The show has great chemistry between the family, both by the actors and the way characters bounce off each other. I would rate the show around 8.5 out of 10, mainly because some later episodes weren't as funny as some of the earlier ones.

If I had to pick my favourite character, and that’s a tough, I would probably choose Randy, because he has the best sense of humour. My favourite episode? Definitely the one that Tim gets the table stuck to his head. It’s really funny, it was one of the first classic moments from the series and is one of the best scenes on the entire show! By this time, the writers knew what they doing.

Me: So what do I think of it? It's my favourite comedy/sit-com of all time, and I love around 98% episodes of the 200+ series. I've never come across a series which aired for such a long time, yet still have quality episodes throughout the series. I've recently re-watched all the series from start to finish, it’s still as good now as it was all those years ago!

I love all the main characters, but strangely enough it isn’t Tim, or Randy that is my favourite character. That would go to AI, Tim’s fellow co-presenter at Tool Time. AI was only missing from 1 episode in the series, so he is just as part of the family as the Taylor’s. He may not be the brightest personality, and his obsession with wearing flannel always annoyed Tim. But with far superior DIY knowledge, and a good friend to Tim, he was always there for him.

One of the great aspects of the show as the boys. The show ran for 8 years, during that time the boys started when they around 10 years of age, and ended up as mini-adults. Seeing the boys grew up on screen is quite ironic in a way, as this show is all about family and how will grow with our family.

Closing Thoughts
Classic Classic
Home Improvement is just a fun show that everyone can enjoy. The gags are always funny, the cast are always brilliant and there is plenty of qwerky characters to go around. The show rarely puts a foot wrong, (unless Tim has put it in a tub of paint) and is incredibly strong throughout all eight seasons. If you want an alternative to Home Improvement in the modern era, try Last Man Standing, Time Allen's current sit-com about family.

My One Big Highlight
Spiderman With over eight seasons of episodes to choose just one highlight, that’s going to be impossible. But what I will say is Wilson is definitely the unsung hero (of the job side, wait, that's not right…) of the show. Being a modest character, he isn't too forthcoming with his appearance (!) and having the right advice, with an interesting quote or two, always knowing what to say.
Elephant In the Room
elephantEven I would admit that the show did loose a little quality when Randy left at the beginning of the eighth season. That last season still managed to have some good moments, but something didn't feel quite right that one of the family members wasn't on the show.