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Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake off.
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About the Game Series
Minor Character Spoilers
It was a summer’s day. Well I think it was summer, I wasn’t feeling cold. I awoke suddenly with apple hitting my head. Where it came from is unknown, it must of fell from a tree, and then continued through the streets of… of… wait, I don’t know what city I’m in!

It’s a total mystery how I got here. I can’t remember my name! Who am I? Where am I here? And what kind of clothes am I wearing? I don’t remember putting on this outfit. There are so many questions, so many unanswered questions. It feels like I’m living through a mystery story – who exactly am I and what can I do? I’m I just a humble girl or have I got some mysterious power I don’t know about?
Quote Thankfully, this is partly answered pretty soon. I encountered a strange cat, who I name Dusty. Together we stumble across a dark storm, which I can only describe as a wormhole. At least I can remember what a wormhole is, my memory is improving already! Dusty and I find a boy and his house getting sucked in to this storm, so without thinking I jump into action, like it was instinct. Have I done this before?

Then something amazing happens – I somehow trigger something and discover I have gravity powers! This is going to be fun, when I learn to control them that is. After speaking with some of the locals, I would learn that I am called a gravity shifter. This is a person that can defile gravity and use it to the users advantage.

It’s quite easy to master. I simply aim at where I want to travel, and then I travel in a straight line (with some slight course-correcting if my aim is a little off). It's a great way to travel long distances quickly. Apparently I’m one of the very few who has this power, so it's a pretty unique system that works so well. Thankfully It didn’t take very long to master.

It isn’t just one Gravity Move I can perform, there are many others. Similar to Spider-Man, I can walk on walls and even walk underneath buildings while being upside down. Pretty cool hey? I like it! I also have a gravity slide which is useful and quick for travelling around on foot. Useful for races I sometimes find myself in.

Unfortunately, things aren’t always peaceful on my adventures. My adventure is part exploring and part action, so this is where the Nevi come in. These creatures are the evil enemies that I encounter from time to time. They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from smaller to myself to massive enemies nearly as tall as a small building! Thankfully I don’t encounter too many as a zoom around the different locations.
[Kat]This is my friend Raven, who like me, is a Gravity Shifter. We make an awesome team, well we do now. It wasn't like that at first :(
I do have a number of attacks to fend off these enemies. This include normal roundhouse kicks (do I know karate?) and the mega useful gravity kick. This, combined with my gravity powers, is pretty powerful and useful when attacking Nevi from the air. Later on, I unlocked special moves which are handy for taking down larger Nevi.

The main bulk of my story takes place in Hekseville (which I found out by the locals). A french town with a Japanese influence (so I don’t actually know where it is located). I’m not exactly sure what happened to the city, but I still can’t remember anything before I woke up by that apple. I woke up and found it’s lovely peaceful part of the city, which has a nice relaxing atmosphere. I didn’t know anyone, apart from my faithful pal Dusty, so I was free to explore the city at my leisure, and get used to my new (or have I had them a long time?) gravity powers.

Because am I my own free boss, I can choose what to do next. Do I complete in special challenge missions? Complete in a race? Or do I hunt those little purple crystals, which somehow can increase my gravity powers? But me being erm me, I like helping people.

This led me quickly to Syd, who I bumped into when I building a little home for myself (I still don’t know if I have a house). We quickly became friends, and it is Syd who I a have a debt of gratitude – he named me Kat, and give me my name, since I still don’t know my real name. It sounds quite cute, and I quite like it – so my name is Kat! Nice to meet you!

My adventure through Hekseville is only part of of the story. It’s an intriguing tale of expected and unexpected twists and turns, full of interesting people to meet and a city to help rebuild. Especially when I visited those weird worlds full of those purple crystals and Nevi. With 21 story chapters, my adventure is not too short or out-stays it’s welcome. I have named my story Gravity Rush, and I hope you enjoy exploring the story with me.

The cites and locations I have explored are pretty different in size and scale, but they are never too far For my gravity powers. Take Jirga Para Lhao for example. It has many islands, and also different layers with upper class literally higher up than the lower class. Those terms maybe named after this city. It's also the time I got a job as a paper girl. Good times...

My second adventure has just arrived! Gravity Rush 2 (I’m swell at naming things!) follows on from the first adventure, and I gain new powers and explore strange new worlds! (No those strange new worlds). I now use my powers to help people, to save people, and fight any Nevi that come my way. I hope I get closer to finding out why I have these powers and why I was sent here...

Your friendly-neighbourhood Gravity Shifter,
Kat and Dusty xx

Closing Thoughts
Excellent Excellent
Gravity Rush is a game that I shouldn't like: it's not a platformer as such, it's got subtitles and it does have a cel-shaded animé style. It turned out to be one of my favourite adventure games. It's got heart, story, action and a great central character that does something that is vital for an action game - making you play on because you want to find out what happens to her as a character.

My One Big Highlight
Spiderman With a video game like Gravity Rush that has a unique feature, it's first time you properly try it out that is a big thrill. Exploring the city for the first time using her gravity powers - what a moment that was! One of the best gaming moments I've ever experienced. The sense of freedom and scale – just wow!
Elephant In the Room
elephant This is only a little niggle: a few more attacks would of made the fights a little more interesting. Thankfully the second game has improved this little niggle, so the fights are a little better.