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The Crocodile Hunter
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About the Movie
Minor Character Spoilers
The best thing about countries is all the different lifestyles and cultures it creates. Some are known for certain music, animals, traditions or just plain weird laws. It's the exact same with films. Some films represent a particular country, either by the where it's set or by a particular character. It’s this reason why some films do really well all over the world.

If I asked a hundred people to name me an Australian film, I'm pretty sure Crocodile Dundee would be the No 1 choice for many people. I remember watching Crocodile Dundee when I was little, and still think they are still good fun now. Let’s explore the outback and find out why.
Quote We pick up the action at an ordinary looking newspaper office in New York. Sue Charlton, a leading reporter at Newsday, travels to Australia to seek out a famous crocodile hunter for a story. And she does track him down, but he isn’t what she was expecting.

Meet Mick “Crocodile” Dundee. He was raised in a cave. By an Aborigine tribe. Who doesn't know his age. And he hunts, sorry, “fishes” for crocodiles. He lives at walk-about creek, in the middle of the Australian outback, close to his land which is many acres in size. Judging from that brief description of Mr Dundee, you can tell that he is an interesting fellow to say the least…

Paul Hogan plays the title character and is the man for the job. He nails the role and since become one of cinema’s most memorable and iconic characters. An Australian icon, no doubt about it. From the very first moment when we see barge into the bar, right until he returns home at the end of the last film, we go on quite a journey with the character. It’s not the destination but the journey itself with Crocodile Dundee.
[Crocodile Dundee]I'm here on this tree for a very important reason... as soon as I know you will be the first to know.
At this point your getting an idea on how the films are going to pan out. All three films show different aspects of the character, which continue to surprise us as the audience. Of course being a New Yorker, Sue finds it tough going out in the big wide bush when she travels with Mick, but this is where he’s at his best - own home turf. With his extraordinary animal, tracking and shooting skills, she and we are amazed by Mick's abilities and knowledge.

The film starts to come on it's own when Sue suggests for Mick to travel back to the U.S. with her. Mr Crocodile Dundee, famous crocodile hunter, amazing explorer who can survive in the harsh Australian outback without breaking a sweat. The problem is – he has never been a proper city, so things don't quite go to plan in this strange new world… Should I mention the city in question is New York?

As you have guessed, this is where the film really gets in it’s stride. The rest of the series follows Mick in New York, Australia and Los Angeles. The premise is quite basic on paper but it's the way of how the characters, humour and the characters are portrayed that makes these films instant classics. The films are quite simple in terms of structure and story, meaning these are great movies to chill back and watch.

Who am I kidding, the main reason why Crocodile Dundee are awesome films is down to having countless classic moments – crickey! I won't spell them out, but for people who have seen the films you will get these references – bull, ledge, Indian, watch, knife. The films are jam packed full of remember moments, lines, and scenes, making each film a pleasure to rewatch.

It isn’t just Mick and Sue in these films, there are plenty of secondary characters which bring more life into the films, and all work well with Mick, meaning it strengthens the series as a whole. What about Wally, Mick’s right hand man in Australia? Or Nev, Mick’s friend of different cultures? What about Leroy? The hip “dealer”? Let’s not forget the rest of the colourful characters like Nugget, Donk, Jacko and Mikey.

Closing Thoughts
Very Good Very Good
Crocodile Dundee are great films. Relatively, simple in nature, compared to some of the mega blockbusters I have here on the site, it never falls to bring a smile to your face, or make you laugh time and time again... Like, Star Wars, Back to the Future, and other great trilogies… This is not to be missed!

My One Big Highlight
Spiderman I quite liked the opening scene of the second film, where we see Mick fishing. That's not unusual in itself, until the camera pans out showing Mick is a mile off shore from New York! It gets even funnier when a police helicopter flies by, and the police officer knows him by name. This scene just summarises Crocodile Dundee perfectly.
Elephant In the Room
elephant While not as strong as the first films, Crocodile Dundee: In Los Angeles does have some good moments, just not as many as it's predecessors. Not a bad film, but not a great one either. I don’t understand the hate this gets from the interweb. Crocodile Dundee returns for another adventure, what is there not to like?