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About the Game
Minor Spoilers
Battle Arena.
When it was clear that Naughty Dog were no longer making Crash Bandicoot games, the fanbase were unsure where Crash would go next. Crash Bash turned out to be Crash’s first venture into the party genre and quite different to what come before in the Crash universe. Crash Bash is a good party game and has enough of the Crash Bandicoot formula to make it be different enough from traditional party games. Here is three reasons why Crash Bash is very good:
Reason 1: Tell me who's in the character roaster… or else
Crash Bash was released a year before Wrath of Cortex was released, so it was quite early in the Crash series. Fans of the original Naughty Dog games will appreciate the choice of playable characters in Crash Bash. There are eight playable characters to play as, in any game mode and are all unlocked from start. (None of this unlocking malarkey)

These characters are split into four groups who have similar abilities, so who are the playable characters you may ask? They are: Crash and Coco, Cortex and N.Brio, Tiny and Koala Kong, Dingodile and newcomer Rilla Roo, his only appearance in the Crash series. Finding out which characters you prefer to play as will be a bit of trail and error to start with, as each of the characters have strengths and weaknesses, depending on the mini-game in question.
Reason 2: Let's play a mini-game. Pick that one, it's my favourite!
Keeping in the spirit of Crash Bandicoot lore, the mini-games in Crash Bash are all based on level environments from previous games. There are 7 types of mini-games categories, with 4 versions of these mini-games within each category, meaning a grand total of 28 mini-games to play. Each mini-game with each particular category has a different theme, and slightly different rules, to keep things fresh.

So what kind of things will you be doing in these mini-games may you ask? Well you will be throwing crates, blowing up tanks, squashing mushrooms, creating paint using pogo-sticks, polar bear fighting and more. Playing with up to 3 friends in multi-player makes things even more fun while it doesn't effect the fun factor for single players.

This is mainly down to the AI or the computer controlled characters in laymen’s terms. Unlike some games where the AI can be quite slow or quite stupid, there is no such problem here. How smart the characters are depends on the difficulty you choose. When you choose the hardest difficulty, the characters are pretty tough to beat, but how tough to beat depends on which mini-games you find naturally easier, I find the Crate mini-games the easiest for example.

Reason 3: Let's have an adventure… it's good vs evil all over again
Like Crash Team Racing, instead of just having a bunch of mini-games or using the board game approach of Mario Party, Crash Bash sticks to what Crash Bandicoot does best, and uses the warp room format with bosses to defeat along the way. Each warp room features a different design, and unlike the previous games, it adds one more mini-game to each subsequent warp room. So by the time you get to the forth warp room, you have 7 mini-games to play through!

Whereas in previous games you collected Crystals, Gems and Relics, Crash Bash does things differently. Trophies are awarded when you normally complete a mini-game. Gems are won by defeating all your opponents within a strict time limit, or by gaining enough points before anyone else. Crystals alter a rule or adds a new rule entirely to make things that little more difficult. Relics require you to play against super tough opponents for two or three rounds in succession.

The bosses have been vamped up in terms of length and difficulty. No longer you have to hit them 3 or 5 times, the number of hits are unique to each boss. Some familiar faces show up, which will please fans, and to make things varied, each boss is based on a different type of mini-game, so you won't be breezing through these bosses any time soon! So 3… 2… 1… GO!

Closing Thoughts
Very Good Very Good
Crash Bash is a very good party game, which is still faithful to the Crash name. It almost manages to answer the question of what would a Naughty Dog party game based on Crash Bandicoot would be like. Although not as polished as the original games or Crash Team Racing, it's still a worthy game in the Crash series.

My One Big Highlight
Spiderman Crash Bash has one of the strongest soundtracks of any Crash game. It has loads of catchy new tracks and remixes of previous Crash Bandicoot tracks too. It's an excellent soundtrack.
Elephant In the Room
elephantThe graphics. Ba. Considering Crash Bash was released quite late in the PS1's lifespan, it should of looked better than it did. It's not awful by any means, but the characters just don't look as good as they did in games that came before.
[The Warp Room]The classic Crash Bandicoot 2 warp room makes a comeback in Crash Bash, and each room looks a lot more distintive than before...
Those of you who like party games, particularly those with lots of mini-games, you always have your favourites and those you try not to play… unless the game forces you to complete the game. Crash Bash is one such game, and here is my thoughts on each mini-game tournament, and the individual mini-games.
#7 - Ballistix
[Ballistix] So here is my least favourite mini-game in Crash Bash. In Ballistix, you are playing a four way version of pong. With four players, and an extra kick move, the balls can go pretty fast. With each player having each side of the arena, it can get a bit chaotic if you don't have the fastest reflexes. This can get a little frustrating, considering at higher difficulties your opponents seem to know where the balls go before they go through their net… Hence why it's last on my list. Rating: 1/5

N. Ballism
– It gets even crazier when N.Gin appears. 1/5
Sky balls
– It's a little easier than N. Ballism. 2/5
Crash ball
– The no extra rules arena, which is fast paced. 2/5
Beach ball
– This is my favourite in this mini-game category, mainly because having the ability to hold the balls and shoot them makes it easier to knock them out of your goal. 4/5
#6 - Crash Dash
[Crash Dash] Judging from the name, which is confusingly taken from one of the boulder levels from Crash Bandicoot 2, this is actually a racing mini-game. Players control little karts which hover, around a circle. You collect wumpa fruit for a boost, and use rockets to slow down players. While the idea works on paper, it's a weird choice for Crash Bash, considering the fact that Crash Team Racing preceded it. I don't hate it like Ballistix, but the handling could have been improved. Rating: 2/5

Toxic dash
– The idea of a giant monster ruining your race with his minions is a pain, along with the barrels. But the monster also blocks your view too! 1/5
Dot dash
– The original. The only saving grace is there is no distractions and the music is awesome. 2/5
Dante’s dash
– This is a lot easier than Toxic Dash, even through it comes after it in adventure mode. The music doesn't fit the arena, which is a bit weird. 2/5
Splash dash
– Now riding a dolphin, this is actually quite fun to play compared to the others. Just avoid the push rods in the centre! 4/5
#5 - Medieval Mayhem
[Medieval Mayhem] This was quite hard to rank, since all of these mini games are totally different, unlike the other categories. Here's what I think of each mini game:

Keg Kaboon
- This is my least favourite in the entire game. You have gun power leaking out your keg, then it's up to you to light the power using the walking (?) flames and earn points. It's hard to learn, quite difficult to play and can quite tricky to work out where you need to light. 1/5
Ring Ding
- This mini game involves you popping balloons of your own colour. Popping other people's balloons hurts you, and there are certain power ups which spice up the action for you or your opponents. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just quite boring to play. 2/5
Dragon Drop
- Dragon drop involves you using dragons to pick up gems, and throwing them at a moving target. Where you throw the gem from is worth different points. It's quite fun, but can be tricky to get a gem to score because there is limited gems on screen, and getting it off the opponents can be frustrating at times. 3/5
Mallet Mash
- One of favourites from the entire game. As the name suggests, you use little mallets to crush mushrooms. Points are awarded depending on the age of the mushroom, and you get loads for squashing a rare golden mushroom. Quite easy to get a decent score, and not frustrating too. I quite like the medieval Crash Bandicoot 3 style setting as well. 5/5
#4 - Tank Wars
[Tank Wars] The most destructive category on this list. Although no tanks have been featured in the Crash series before (or after now that I mention it), it feels right at home in Crash Bash. Each player controls a small tank, and has to blast the other players to be the last character standing. Each character has a different weapon, making it a strategy of which character you pick. Each level is also very different from each other, making it fun to play regardless which one you pick. Rating: 4/5

Swamp Fox
– To mix things up a bit, this has swamp buggies instead of tanks. Apart from controlling a little worse, it's largely the same as Jungle Fox. 2/5
Desert Fox
– The original and has a submarine in the centre which fires bombs on occasion. 2/5
Jungle Fox
– The lanes are now gone and it's now an open arena. This takes a little while to get used too, but I actually prefer this than the lanes gameplay in some ways. 3/5
Metal Fox
– My favourite tank game. With lanes that change configuration and an awesome remix of the famous war theme, but it's very memorable. 4/5
#3 - Pogo Pandemonium
[Pogo Pandemonium] Pogo Pandemonium holds a special place in my video game memories. It was this type of mini-game (Pogo Painter specifically) I ever played in Crash Bash. (Playing around a friends house!) It's a score based mini game like Medieval Mayhem, and it involves painting squares and banking them to your total using ! Crates. Each level has multiple power ups and rules to contend with, making it really fun. 4/5

– This stage has a totally different rule, which involves you creating large squares of colour and everything in the square adds to your points total. Yes, it is that complicated. The music is a great remix from N.Gin from past games, which is cool. 2/5
El Pogo Loco
– Featuring Ripper Roo placing TNT's over the arena (which is nice callback to Crash Bandicoot 2's boss fight), it is otherwise similar to Pogo Padlock, which is fine by me. 3/5
Pogo Padlock
– Having a funky soundtrack, and quite a nice environment is a pretty good start. Landing on your own colour cancels out your squares, isn't a good finish. But with padlocks and your usual powerups, it's pretty cool. 5/5
Pogo Painter
– The original and the best! Pogo Painter introduces you to the points style mini-game in Crash Bash, and does it with a remix of the Crash them plus some fun power-ups. 5/5
#2 - Polar Push
[Polar Push] Polar Push uses little polar bears, which is lifted straight from Crash Bandicoot 2, and it's a great addition. The mini-game involves charging your opponent off the ice. The last character standing wins. It's relatively simple compared to some of the other categories on this list, but it's very fun because of it. Rating: 5/5

Melt Panic
- this version has an Uka Uka beam, which always gives you bad power ups. Plus, it sometimes follows you making it hard to avoid and slightly annoying. 2/5
Polar Panic
- the original arena, which has little ice shards surrounding the sides of the arena, which can save you from falling... or your opponent. 4/5
Tilt Panic
- this is a fun arena to play. The whole place tilts depending on where the players are. Then, to make things more interesting, a giant walrus leaps from the water and puts the arena on a massive tilt! 4/5
Manic Panic
- this is the forth arena, which is quite similar to the first one except with the inclusion of bombs. When fired at an opponent, they lose their polar bear and start skating on the ice. This means you have a second chance to win and two ways to defeat your opponent. My second favourite mini game overall. 5/5
#1 - Crate Crush
[Crate Crush] My favourite mini-game category by far. Crate crush is classic Crash all over. Crash is known for his crates, and this involves you throwing them at your opponent to lower your opponents health. With some great arenas, catchy music, fun and non-frustrating gameplay, it's excellent! Rating: 5/5

Snow Bash
- with ice and a spinning penguin to contend with, this can get hectic, but quite easy in a way, as the penguin lowers your opponent's health for you. 3/5
Jungle Bash
- the standard mini game, but since the basic crate crush mini-game gameplay is good regardless, its still a good arena. 4/5
Drain Bash
- Drain Bash has special mystery crates which hold power ups which spice up the action, along with the usual crate smashing. 5/5
Space Bash
- last but not least, my favourite mini game in Crash Bash. With an excellent remix of future levels from Crash Bandicoot 3, great power ups, exploding floors to keep you on your toes, this is an absolute blast to play - every time! 5/5