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About the Site
After reading so many blogs and fansites all over the world, I decided to create my own.

On The Tribute Pages, you will find loads of articles about my favourite Video Games, Movies and TV Shows in a unique countdown format.

I only write what I'm passionate about, as it wouldn't be a fan site would it?

But the real heroes of the site are the characters that appear on the site. Here we have Bandicoot's, Superheroes, Dragons, good Thieves, Turtles, Deaf Wolves, talking cars and Jedi's? Yep, that's quite a collection wouldn't you say? That's only scratching the surface. The Tribute Pages If you wish to contact me with feedback, comments or just to say hello, you can do this in three ways:
Way #1: thetributepages [at] gmx.co.uk
Way #2: Facebook
Way #3: Twitter

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have enjoyed your stay. See you soon!