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Tribute List Crash Bandicoot
Keeping the spirit of the fansite alive
After reading so many blogs and fansites all over the world, I decided to create my own.

On The Tribute Pages, you will find many online tributes. I only write what I'm passionate about, so only my favourite Video Games, Movies and TV Shows are here.

With plenty of Articles and Lists to sink your teeth into, why wait? Go and explore! (Just like you used to as a child.)
The real heroes of The Tribute Pages are the characters that appear. So let’s check the roster. Bandicoots… Superheroes... Dragons... good Thieves... Turtles, Deaf Wolves... gravity shifters... talking cars and Jedi. That's quite a collection wouldn't you say? That's only scratching the surface and it’s only getting bigger as time goes on.

So who is the brains of the operation?
Michael (Jump in) It is I, Crashb648. You might of seen me on various websites, including the Crash Bandicoot forum, Youtube and the Rock Band forums, all using that nifty profile picture you see to the right. Trivia fans will like to know that is from the awesome Michael (Jump In) animated video from my favourite band, No More Kings. Check them out. They are cool.

Let’s have a brief history lesson...
Sherlock and Watson In a room many moons ago, snoozing on the sofa, I suddenly woke up one morning and had an idea to make a brilliant website that will be viewed by millions and hailed as one of the best on the internet.

Well that is what I dreamed, had you there for a second didn’t I? Or did I lose you at “viewed by millions” So why really did I start the site? Well when exploring the internet a few years ago, I noticed that fan sites were getting rarer and rarer. With sites very similar to Crash Mania (thankfully HP Zoner has improved the site since then. Go HP Go!) either closing or not getting any more updates.

So after a few revisions and a name change (Trivia fans: the site was originally called The 648 Network, named after myself. I am a lot more humble now) the site was born. Just as Michael Knight said: “One Man Can Make A Difference” and I still think am I doing just so… in the world of the interweb!

Here we are in 2017, the site is still growing with new tribute pages, articles, lists and more importantly: visitors! Thanks for the support all of those who have visited the site, checked out the Facebook and Twitter pages. Rock on!
So you wish to to contact me hey?
Batman If you wish to contact me with feedback, or doing your duty on spotting errors, you can do this in three ways:
Way #1: thetributepages [at] gmx.co.uk
Way #2: Facebook
Way #3: Twitter

Thanks for visiting! And remember The Tribute Pages - because some things are so good it just needs a tribute.

- Crashb648